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[category-introduction] Bathroom basins  have come a long way from their origins in Neanderthal times when it was thought that a large rock eroded into a concave shape from centuries of rain represented the bathroom basin in its earliest form! Today, bathroom renovators, builders and DIYers are spoilt for choice with stunning vanity basins that boldly sit atop designer cabinetry, slick wall-mounted basin designs that save space without compromising on looks and inset and semi-inset basins that bring a modern touch and a whole lot of practicality. And this is just the beginning! Tradelink has everything you need to create the bathroom of your dreams – bathroom basins, hand basins and wash basins included!
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[section-a-heading] About our Bathroom Basins

A life lived without a bathroom basin would be a life half lived. The humble bathroom basin’s role extends well beyond washing faces and hands to improving the aesthetics of the bathroom and making a statement of style. Browse our bathroom buying guide  to inspire your bathroom basin choices. These days, there’s so much to consider. One basin or two? Above-counter or under counter? Semi-inset or semi-recessed? Then there’s sizes, shapes, colours, and materials to contemplate.
At Tradelink, we know you want the best in quality and performance from the products you buy, and we do too. That’s why we’ve partnered with bathroom basin brands you know, love and trust, including Raymor, Caroma, Clark, Oliveri, Johnson Suisse and many more. Reliability and a long life are yours when you make your bathroom basin selections from the Tradelink range. We have styles that are on trend and on budget, and a huge number of bathroom basins in stock and ready for pick up or shipping now. Plus, if you find a better price somewhere else, we’ll match it.

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Our Favourite Bathroom Basins

  1. Vanity Basins
    Vanity basins take a range of different forms. Essentially, they are any basin that is either built into or sits atop a vanity countertop. This includes the counter-top basins inspired by the latest European trends, featuring clean, straight lines and square styling to create a strong statement in any bathroom. We have semi-inset vanity basins that offer the same minimalist look and square styling, but sit deeper into the vanity. We also have under-counter vanity basins which are even more discrete and make the tapware and countertop the feature.
    Which one is right for you? Counter-top or above-counter basins are a stylish and modern option, semi-inset basins offer great space saving while under-counter basins are perfect for kids and in family bathrooms. Get the advice and information you need from the friendly Tradelink team. Find a store here.
  2. Wall Mounted Basins
    Wall-mounted basins (sometimes called wall-hung basins) hang off the wall in your bathroom. They don’t require cabinetry, so this makes them ideal for small bathrooms, ensuites and as a toilet basin. The lack of cabinetry means you can get much closer to the basin and mirror, which is better for washing, shaving, and putting on makeup. This improved accessibility also suits people living with disability, especially wheelchair users.
  3. Bathroom Vanity With Basin
    As the name suggests, this option includes a vanity unit (so a bathroom cabinet or cupboard) with a basin on its countertop. The bathroom vanity with basin is an option that many people choose.  Feel inspired as you browse our range of vanities with basin options. Storage is a must-have in every bathroom, and a vanity provides the perfect solution. From towels to beauty products, you’ll find a vanity with the right combination of shelves, cupboards, and drawers to suit your needs. It means you’ll end up with less bathroom clutter.
  4. Inset & Semi-Inset Basins
    Both inset basins and semi-inset basins sit within a countertop or vanity. Inset basins sit into the countertop and have a small amount of the basin on display above and add a modern touch to any bathroom. Semi-inset basins are partially mounted into the counter and have the majority visible at the top. They also offer the added advantage of extra storage under the counter or vanity.

As bathroom basin specialists, you can count on Tradelink to help you on your bathroom renovation or design journey. Shop our bathroom range in store or online, including bathroom basins, bathroom vanities and tapware too. With so many styles and features to choose from in basins, it can be hard to know which one is right for you. Our basin buying guide can help you to make the right choice. It’s a quick 2-minute read that can save you from many years of pain!

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[seo-section-b-title] Bathroom Basins Frequently Asked Questions
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[accordion-item-title-1] What is a basin?
[accordion-item-content-1] Basins are typically installed in a bathroom or powder room. They are usually small to medium-sized and can be made of ceramic, concrete, acrylic, marble, stainless steel, brass, glass, composite stone and even timber. They can be round, square, rectangular, oval or a custom shape and design. Basins are deep enough to allow you to wash your hands and face but not as deep as a kitchen sink or laundry tub. They come with a drain that is usually in the centre and always at the basin’s deepest point.
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[accordion-item-title-2] How to clean your bathroom basin?
[accordion-item-content-2] Your bathroom basin is the workhorse of your bathroom. So, it isn’t any wonder that it can look generally messy and experience a build-up of limescale and soap scum in no time at all. Keep it sparkling with these top cleaning tips. However, before you do anything, check the manufacturer’s care instructions, and never use cleaning products that the manufacturer doesn’t recommend.
  • Step 1: take a clean, wet cloth and wipe down the basin to remove as much of the surface mess as you can.
  • Step 2: turn on the tap and run hot water into the basin, splashing the water around the sides to remove the grime. Wipe the basin again.
  • Step 3: if the grime remains, spray the basin liberally with your choice of cleaner and dab some cleaning paste around tapware and the drain. Leave for 10 minutes and scrub with a mini cleaning brush if needed before rinsing with hot water and wiping with a cloth.
  • Step 4: if possible, remove the drain cover and soak it with the plug in your cleaner of choice for 5 minutes. While you wait, spray the drain with cleaner and dab some cleaning paste onto your mini cleaning brush and scrub inside the top of the drain. Place the drain cover back, rinse with hot water and wipe with a cloth.
  • Step 5: polish the basin and tapware with a dry cleaning-cloth. A mild dish detergent distilled with white vinegar mixed with water will cut through grime. Make your own bathroom paste by combining ½ cup of bicarb soda with 2 tablespoons of lemon juice (or more if needed to achieve a paste-like consistency).
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[accordion-item-title-3] How to install a bathroom basin?
[accordion-item-content-3] You can install a bathroom basin yourself. Follow these eight general steps but remember you will need to adjust your basin install to suit your basin type, as different basins have slightly different installation needs. Ask the friendly Tradelink team for advice. Or if DIY is not your thing, we recommend using a licensed plumber. 
  • Step 1: turn off the water at the water main.
  • Step 2: put your basin in position and mark around it. For example, mark the vanity for your semi-inset basin, the wall for your wall-mounted basin, and the floor for your pedestal basin. Then set the basin aside.
  • Step 3: complete any work required by the manufacturer – for example, construct any framing, drill any holes in the wall (being careful not to drill through pipes!) – then put the basin in place.
  • Step 4: install the taps by following the installation guide supplied with the taps. This typically involves fitting the threaded post to the tap and then inserting the tap into the basin hole. Use the washer to make sure the tap fits snuggly, then screw the nut onto the post to ensure a tight connection.
  • Step 5: install the waste and trap. Insert the waste into the plughole and silicone and seal the thread for a tighter fit. Connect the waste to the trap and make sure it’s tight.
  • Step 6: secure the basin permanently in position with the fixings provided with the basin by the manufacturer.
  • Step 7: connect the water pipes.
  • Step 8: turn on the water supply.
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