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[category-introduction] Upgrade your kitchen experience with kitchen water filters at Tradelink. We have an extensive range of water filters for your kitchen and your whole house, allowing you to use clean water straight from the tap. From your kitchen faucet to your utility room and garden, our water tap filters give you clean water that you can use for drinking, cooking, cleaning and more. Discover the difference that water filter systems can make in your daily life at Tradelink.
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[section-a-heading] Whole house and on tap water filter systems for your home

Investing in a water filter system is not just about addressing concerns but a proactive step in enhancing the overall quality of water throughout your home. At Tradelink, we have various kinds of water filters, from whole house to countertop tap filters, that give you peace of mind.

Whatever the system you invest in, water filters can contribute to the health of your household. They act as a shield against contaminants, ensuring that the water you use daily is free from impurities that could affect your well-being. Whether it’s sediment, chlorine or other undesirable elements, we have water filters that provide a reliable barrier for you and your family.

Make the smart choice for your household’s health and well-being — explore our comprehensive range and install water filters that suit your needs.

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Explore the depths of filtration
In order to filter water until it’s clear of unwanted particles or chemicals, precision must come from the filtration level. When you browse our kitchen tap water filters, you’ll notice different micron ratings for each product — these correspond to the size of the particles the water filter can remove. A higher micron rating means the water filter is capable of removing larger particles, while a lower micron rating indicates that the product can get rid of really fine particles. 

At Tradelink, our range of tap filters in various filtration capabilities, including the following: 

  • 0.1 microns - 0.1 micron water filters remove the tiniest impurities, including bacteria such as E.coli. Your water will be crystal clear and free from microscopic threats that could compromise your health.
  • 1 micron - Enjoy everyday clarity with our 1-micron water filters, which are adept at eliminating a spectrum of impurities. From sediment to smaller particles, these tap filters ensure your water is consistently safe for daily consumption.
  • 5 microns - Choose our 5-micron filters for comprehensive protection against larger particles. Whether it’s sediment, rust or other contaminants, these water filters prepare your water for various household purposes, such as cooking and cleaning.
  • 10 microns - At Tradelink, we carry 10-micron filters that serve as a pre-filter for other systems, as they remove large particles such as sediment. From drinking to general household chores, these water filters for taps provide reliable and versatile protection.
  • 20 microns - Opt for 20-micron water filters for robust defence against larger particles that may harm your plumbing and appliances, such as insects or leaves. These filters are suitable for initial filtration stages or outdoor water filters, contributing to the overall well-being of your water system.

Choose from various water filter types
Now that you’ve explored the micron ratings available in our water tap filters, it’s time to choose the filter type that suits your needs. At Tradelink, we carry several types, including:

  • Countertop water filter system - Upgrade your kitchen with countertop water tap filters, a user-friendly solution that brings clean water directly out of your faucets. Simply attach these to your kitchen tap and enjoy the luxury of clean water for drinking, cooking and more. 
  • Rainwater whole house water filter system - Embrace sustainable water consumption by harnessing rainwater for your entire household. We have water filter cartridges compatible with rainwater whole-house filtration systems that provide a reliable and eco-friendly source of clean water. 
  • Mains water under sink filter system - Maximise space and efficiency in your kitchen with under sink filtration systems. This compact yet powerful system fits seamlessly under your sink, providing a dedicated kitchen tap water filter. Enjoy the benefits of clean water without sacrificing counter space.
  • Filter cartridges - Keep your filtration system running at its best with our range of replacement filter cartridges. They are easy to install and designed for efficiency, ensuring a continuous flow of clean water. Regularly replacing them helps your system run smoothly. We carry water filter cartridges from different trusted brands, including Puretec and Raymor.

Discover additional water filter features
Looking for specific features in your kitchen water filters? Consider these: 
Carbon filtration anti-bacterial technology — Beyond filtering sediments and chemicals, we carry water filters equipped with carbon filtration anti-bacterial technology. Carbon makes cartridges resistant to bacterial growth, making the filters suitable for rainwater tanks, bores and infrastructure where the growth of bacteria such as E.coli is a concern.

  • Anti-scaling protection - Extend the life of your appliances and safeguard your plumbing using water filters with anti-scaling protection. Scaling can wreak havoc on your systems, cause damage and reduce overall efficiency. Our water filters can combat this by preventing the buildup of mineral deposits that could compromise the performance of your appliances. 
  • Graded depth filtration - Benefit from multi-layered filtration that captures the impurities at different levels. These contribute to a more thorough and effective cleansing from larger particles to microscopic contaminants.  
  • ISO 9001:2030 standard verified filters - Your peace of mind is our concern. That’s why we carry kitchen water filters that meet the highest benchmarks for quality and reliability. Choose products with the Gold Seal of approval or ISO 9001: 2030 verification and get the assurance you need from your home’s kitchen water filters.

Upgrade your water and upgrade your life with Tradelink’s water filters
Ready to enhance the quality of your water at home? Invest in the right kitchen tap filters at Tradelink! No need to leave home when you can order anything from replacement cartridges to countertop tap filters on our site. We provide prompt delivery anywhere in Australia. 

Have questions or need assistance? Get in touch with us, and our knowledgeable team will guide you in making the best choices for your water filtration needs. 

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[seo-section-b-title] Kitchen Water Filters Frequently Asked Questions
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[accordion-item-title-1] Can I find residential and commercial water filters at Tradelink?
[accordion-item-content-1] Yes, we cater to both commercial and residential needs. We offer a variety of water filters suitable for homes, kitchens, as well as heavy-duty commercial environments. Whether you need a compact system for your countertop or a robust filter for a commercial setting, we have you covered! Please contact us for more information on filters that suit your specific needs.
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[accordion-item-title-2] Do you sell filter cartridges and filter housing separately?
[accordion-item-content-2] Yes, you can buy filter cartridges and filter housing separately on our site. We understand the importance of maintaining and replacing individual components, so we provide these essential parts to ensure the ongoing efficiency of your water filter system.
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[accordion-item-title-3] What brands of water filters do you offer?
[accordion-item-content-3] We have a selection of water filters from reputable brands all over the world. On our site, you can find filters from Puretec, Raymor, Oliveri and Peppy. Use our filter feature to narrow down your search to the filter components you need!
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[accordion-item-title-4] Do these filters match your other kitchen products? 
[accordion-item-content-4] Water filters are accessories that enhance the functionality of your kitchen and the quality of your water. It’s not necessary to purchase filters from the same brand as your, say, sink — but you can certainly do so! Explore our kitchen products, including tapware and sinks, and select the brand you prefer.
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