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[category-introduction] Phoenix’s tapware, showers and accessories have been elevating homes since 1989. Their expansive range of fittings showcases their commitment to stylish, innovative and sustainable solutions for bathrooms and kitchens in Australian homes. Now, you can shop Phoenix kitchen and bathroom products conveniently at Tradelink. Whether you’re building these spaces in your home or replacing old fittings with premium quality products, you’re sure to find what you need from our wide selection of Phoenix taps, showers and more. 
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[section-a-heading] Elevate your bathroom and kitchen with Phoenix’s range of fittings

Phoenix mixers and taps
Elevate the heart of your home with Phoenix’s kitchen taps and mixers, where form meets function in perfect harmony. We are proud to carry a diverse array of styles, with each designed to cater to the unique needs of your kitchen, bathroom and even laundry spaces.

Not sure which one best suits your space? Consider Phoenix mixers with gooseneck spouts. The elegant curve of the spout adds a contemporary flair to your kitchen and provides ample space for convenient dishwashing and food preparation. Another option is a Phoenix wall mixer with a pull-out spray. The ergonomic design ensures ease of use, making everyday tasks like washing produce and cleaning the sink easier. If you prefer not to drill into your wall, opt for a Phoneix basin mixer that seamlessly integrates into your bathroom basin, kitchen sink and utility tub.

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For various design needs, we have several finishes for Phoenix tapware. Brushed nickel is popular for modern kitchens, while chrome is a classic choice. Also available are gunmetal, brushed gold and matte black. Consider getting a Vivid Slimline Sink Mixer (220mm Gooseneck Spout) 4 Star in Brushed Nickel or a Mekko Hob Basin Mixer 5 Star in Gunmetal. You may also want to purchase water filters to enhance the functionality of your mixers.

Phoenix showers
Unwind in luxury with Phoenix bathroom fittings, particularly their showers. From arm and rose sets to comprehensive shower systems, we have the collection to cater to all your bathing preferences. 

Turn your bathroom into a private sanctuary with Phoenix’s arm and rose sets. Shower arms come in various lengths and support a beautifully crafted shower rose that turns a simple shower into a trip to the spa. You cannot go wrong with a Phoenix Cromford High-Rise Shower Arm & Rose 4 Star in brushed gold, especially if you have an eclectic or modern design for your bathroom.

For something simpler, opt for a Phoenix Pina shower mixer, which turns into a flexible hand shower. The ergonomic handles and adjustable settings ensure a personalised shower experience. 

Also available are dual showers with multiple outlets and complete shower systems for an all-in-one solution to your bathroom needs. Explore a variety of designs and finishes, including Phoenix brushed nickel hand showers and twin rail showers. 

Phoenix bathroom accessories
Complete your bathroom ensemble with Phoenix’s thoughtfully designed accessories, ranging from robe hooks to soap holders. These pair perfectly with other Phoenix bathroom fittings, as they come in various finishes that contribute to a unified aesthetic.

For starters, purchase robe hooks and towel rails to keep your linens within easy reach. Add Phoenix shelves into the mix to enhance your bathroom storage. Perfect for displaying decorative items or everyday essentials, these shelves add touches of organisation and sophistication to your space. 

At Tradelink, our range of Phoenix bathroom accessories also includes toilet brush holders. Replace plastic ones with sophisticated products that ensure even the least enticing bathroom essentials, such as toilet brush holders, blend seamlessly into your space. Also available are tumbler holders, soap holders, towel holders, toilet roll holders and more.

Why Phoenix is the right choice for your bathroom and kitchen needs

  • Unmatched craftsmanship
    Phoenix is a leader when it comes to high-quality craftsmanship in bathroom and kitchen fittings. Each product in their expansive range shows the brand’s dedication to precision and detail. This quality originates from their background in hardware and construction in the 1980s, which they have translated into engineering the Phoenix tapware, showers and accessories we depend on today. The brand and their designs have been deservedly recognised by many awards, not just in Australia but internationally. 
  • Contemporary designs
    At the core of Phoenix’s identity is a commitment to contemporary designs that transcend time. From Phoenix brushed nickel mixers to frosted glass toilet roll holders, each design is a product of collaborating with leading designers of kitchen and bathroom products. Whether you’re looking for sleek lines or bold statements, Phoenix’s kitchen and bathroom products have your aesthetics covered.
  • Sustainable and quality products
    As a sustainable brand, Phoenix continually strives to bring you products that not only last long but also save you costs in the long run. For instance, Phoenix mixers and showers incorporate water-saving technologies that contribute to sustainability. Moreover, they use quality materials in their products. That’s why each Phoenix tap, mixer shower and accessory is guaranteed to stand the test of time. When you choose Phoenix, you’re investing in functional and durable products for your bathrooms and kitchens.

Shop Phoenix bathroom and kitchen fittings at Tradelink
Elevate your home with our available selection of Phoenix bathroom and kitchen fittings, available for seamless shopping online at Tradelink! From stylish mixers to luxurious showers and spare parts, you can find the perfect additions to transform some of the most essential spaces in your home. 

Browse our user-friendly online platform to discover the Phoenix kitchen and bathroom product you need. With just a few clicks, you can filter products based on installation type, colour, accessory type and availability. Shop preferred Phoenix products to your cart and enjoy the convenience of doorstep delivery. We also offer pick-up — simply choose the “Click & Collect” option at checkout. Even better, we have physical stores and showrooms where you can buy Phoenix tapware from Balcatta to Bathhurst — find a store near you and check out the products in person! 

Bring elegance, functionality, and lasting beauty to your bathroom and kitchen by shopping for Phoenix products at Tradelink. With Tradelink, you can elevate your living spaces through our online shop or our physical store.

Need inspiration on designing your kitchen and bathrooms? Check out our buying guides on basins, sinks, water filters, laundry taps and more

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[seo-section-b-title] Phoenix Frequently Asked Question
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[accordion-item-title-1] What products are available under the Phoenix brand at Tradelink?
[accordion-item-content-1] At Tradelink, we offer Phoenix’s expansive range of tapware, showers and bathroom accessories. We have a wide array of Phoenix mixers for bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms, as well as overhead showers, soap holders, towel racks and other accessories. 
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[accordion-item-title-2] What distinguishes Phoenix from other brands? 
[accordion-item-content-2] We stand behind Phoenix bathroom and kitchen products for excellent craftsmanship, contemporary designs and high-quality products. If you want home fittings that last long, offer sustainable solutions and come in various design choices, we recommend choosing Phoenix.
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Are there any warranties offered with Phoenix products?
[accordion-item-content-3] Certainly! Phoenix kitchen and bathroom products typically come with warranties that reflect the brand’s confidence in the quality of their offerings. Warranty details may vary by product, so we recommend checking specific warranty information under each product’s information on our site.
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[accordion-item-title-4] What materials does Phoenix use in their products? 
[accordion-item-content-4] Phoenix crafts products using high-quality materials such as brass, stainless steel and premium finishes. These not only ensure the durability of each item but also add a contemporary appeal and luxurious feel.
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[accordion-item-title-5] How do I install or set up my Phoenix kitchen and bathroom fitting?
[accordion-item-content-5] It depends on each product, and each comes with specific installation instructions. For a hassle-free experience, we recommend seeking professional help to install them, whether it’s Phoenix tapware, showers or more.
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