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[category-introduction] When it comes to kitchen tapware, there’s a world of choice to tap into. The incredibly popular kitchen mixer tap, the very practical pull-out spray tap, and the bold and striking gooseneck tap are just the beginning. The friendly Tradelink team of kitchen specialists has the expertise to help you choose the right kitchen tapware, and to perfectly pair it with the right kitchen sink and kitchen accessories. If you’re looking for brands you know and trust, including Raymor, Caroma and Fienza – we can help. All our kitchen tapware brands have quality and value in common, so you can buy from us knowing you’re making a solid choice. Got a kitchen tapware question? Just ask. We’re here to help with everything – even with how to install a kitchen mixer tap and how to fix a leaking kitchen tap!
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[section-a-heading] Kitchen Sink Mixer Taps

Mixer taps are winning favour with more Australians every year. These are the taps that allow hot and cold water to flow from the same spout, and they have one lever to regulate the water temperature. They make it quick and easy to get the water temperature right and are friendlier on your bills as you don’t use as much hot water when the temperature is set in one flow.

The kitchen mixer tap comes in a huge range of styles. There’s the gooseneck kitchen tap with its high clearance that makes it easier to clean larger items and to fill pots and large water bottles. The pull-out mixer tap  is perfect for filling and washing pots, washing veggies and makes it easy to rinse the sink when the work is done.

We have a huge range of kitchen tapware at Tradelink that allows you to match the styles of your other kitchen products, for a cohesive look and feel. Discover it all in store or online and ask a Tradelink kitchen expert for advice to help with your decisions. Explore the kitchen sinks and tapware buying guide for inspiration and shop the look for more ideas. 

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Copper, Brass, Black, White & Stainless Steel Mixers 
Once upon a time, chrome was your only choice in kitchen tapware, including kitchen mixer taps. Thankfully, the world has turned and with that has come a huge range of kitchen tapware colours and finishes. What to choose? There’s a lot to consider, but what’s most important is that you choose something you love.

White kitchen tapware is clean looking and has a fresh sense of style about it. It blends nicely with similarly toned tiles, benchtops, and splashbacks. 

Just like white, black kitchen tapware adds a modern edge. It looks sleek and sophisticated and uplifts a space. It’s good at hiding water marks, dust, and stains. Neutral colour schemes tend to work well with black tapware as do natural materials like stone, marble, and timber. For contrast, black tapware can be paired with almost any other metal finish, including brushed nickel, brass, and gold. 

Choose brass tapware to add an air of elegance to your kitchen. Brass is always a striking addition and can warm a cool-toned space. Brass tapware is easy to clean and very durable. Use brushed brass tapware in combination with matte black accessories for a striking look.

Gold kitchen tapware brings even more sophistication and warmth to your kitchen. Gold tapware doesn’t rust or easily tarnish. Combine brushed gold tapware with matte black accessories for an even bolder look.

Copper kitchen tapware complements any kitchen – it’s sturdy and stylish and can be paired with chrome if you like to mix your finishes. 

While a stainless-steel kitchen mixer tap is regarded as one of the most durable and hardwearing kitchen taps available. 

It’s also possible to pair your tapware with a water filter to create a filter tap kitchen.

The Best Tapware Brands
Not all kitchen sink tapware is equal. And we’re not just talking about brass kitchen tapware being different from black kitchen tapware, or a gooseneck kitchen mixer being different from a filter water tap kitchen. We’re talking about quality. At Tradelink, quality sits at the top of our list, and it should sit at the top of yours too. But quality kitchen tapware doesn’t necessarily mean expensive kitchen tapware, and we stock the brands that prove it.

Raymor is one of Australia’s most long-standing and trusted homeware brands, and has kitchen taps we’re proud to stock. From their stunning black mixer tap kitchen range to their very practical pull-out kitchen mixer choices, Raymor is hard to go past.

Caroma is another well-known Australian kitchen tapware brand. They have over 80 years of experience designing beautiful kitchens, and their tapware is no exception. Brushed brass kitchen tapware, kitchen tap mixer pull-out taps and more all feature in the Caroma range.

Puretec is a brand that has perfected water and offers a functional and beautiful kitchen filter tap range. This includes great-looking gooseneck kitchen faucet style filters and commercial kitchen tapware. Find these brands and more when you browse our kitchen tapware range.

Speak to an expert
As kitchen tapware specialists, you can count on Tradelink to help you on your kitchen renovation or design journey. Contact us for further advice on selecting the right products. Explore the kitchen sinks and tapware buying guide for inspiration and shop the look for more ideas. 

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[seo-section-b-title] Kitchen Tapware Frequently Asked Questions
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[accordion-item-title-1] How to replace/install a kitchen mixer tap?

How to replace a kitchen tap – it’s not something you need to do every day, but it is something you can do when you follow these tips. As always, before you put on your overalls and pick up your wrench, check the manufacturer’s instructions to insure DIY installation doesn’t impact your warranty. If it does, find yourself a plumber. While kitchen tapware comes in all shapes and sizes, the following installation steps will help you to know how to install a kitchen mixer tap (or a kitchen sink mixer tap). This includes a kitchen mixer tap with pull-out spray.

  • Step 1: turn off the water supply at the water main, or if your taps have isolating valves shut the water off at the valve.
  • Step 2: remove your old tap by using a wrench to loosen the nut where the tap joins the supply pipe, then unscrew and completely remove the tap and all associated washers and sealant remnants.
  • Step 3: clean the surface where your new tap will sit – you want it looking as good as new and watertight.
  • Step 4: attach the kitchen mixer tap to the hot and cold hoses and pass the hoses down through the hole in the sink.
  • Step 5: place the kitchen mixer so that the watertight seal at the base of the tap is in contact with the sink. Hold the mixer in place from above (you might need a helper), and from underneath, slide the stabilisation ring, seal and tightening nut over the hoses and up to the underside of the sink. Hand-tighten the nut then look above the sink to check the mixer is in the right place. Adjust as needed.
  • Step 6: hold the mixer in position (again, you might need a helper) and tighten the nut with a wrench. Reconnect the water supply and turn on your kitchen sink mixer tap to make sure it is operating correctly.

That’s it! That’s how to install mixer tap kitchen! Some important final points – don’t forget to turn the water off before you start, and don’t be tempted to reuse old parts – start afresh with everything new. Check the size of your new tap (you want it to match your existing sink hole), equip yourself with the right tools and give yourself plenty of time to get the job done.

Need to know how to fix a leaking kitchen tap? If it’s just a leaking tap you’re dealing with, it might not need replacement. It might just need the washer changed. Get your hands on a tap washer repair kit to suit your tap and follow the instructions that come with the kit. Once again, before you do anything, turn off the water at the mains!

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