The humble sink isn’t really just a sink. It’s the most used kitchen appliance, whether you have a dishwasher or not! The good news is, you can make your kitchen sink a feature that is a delight to look at and to use. Consider functionality as well as style to save yourself frustration down the track.

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“There are heaps of colours, materials and designs to choose from. We’ve got everything from the bold and beautiful matte black and gunmetal grey through to the timeless stainless-steel look. We’ll help you find the perfect match for your kitchen.”

[green-block-author] Terri Morris | Tradelink Marketing
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[first-block-title] Plunge into kitchen sinks
We’ve all heard it said: kitchens sell homes. In that case, the kitchen sink is an investment. It’s not a decision to take lightly. Good thing we take sinks seriously. (Say that three times quickly!)
We hate to say it, but first up: size does matter. What sort of cooking do you do? A small and sleek kitchen sink will look amazing but will actually drive you crazy if you have to wash large pots. Next up: how much bench space do you have? You could save room by not having a drainer.
First function, then style. Kitchen sinks can be a real statement piece. Sinks and kitchen taps always used to look the same, but not now. Now, you can create a beautiful look that’s unique to your home.
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[first-block-image3] Black double bowl kitchen sink with tap and cover in an outdoor setting
[second-block-title] Our kitchen product range
Our showroom consultants say it always comes down to size, style and price for sinks and tapware. They love to help you find the right sink and tapware pairing for a perfectly balanced look that’s sure to impress. We have everything from small round stainless-steel bowls to large granite double bowls. Our sinks are complemented by an even larger range of tapware and accessories with many options to suit all budgets.
One of the latest trends we’ve noticed about all products is a push towards Australian made. Our consultants love when people ask for this because they love to support local too. We proudly stock many Australian brands, including Oliveri, which is the only commercial pressed bowl sink manufacturer in Australia.
Raymor also has a selection of kitchen sinks which are made in Australia. Caroma, Decina, Dorf and Marquis are designed with Australian conditions and requirements in mind too.
Materials and finishes
Most sinks are stainless steel. This is a budget-friendly, easy-to-clean for a timeless choice. You’re also likely to get more size and shape options because it’s so common. They can be manufactured in different thicknesses. The thicker the stainless steel, the more durable and costly. Stainless steel can also be polished, brushed or coloured. Brushed stainless steel is a growing trend in home kitchens. Its dull, non-reflective look is more sophisticated than shiny polishes.
Granite sinks and black sinks are also right on point. Granite is a great choice because it’s scratch- resistant and easy to clean.
Other options include porcelain, enamel and cast iron.
Our suppliers are always coming up with clever new accessories for kitchen sinks. Things like chopping boards, utility trays and colanders made to perfectly fit in or over your sink. Sometimes they come with the sink and sometimes you have to buy them separately. These can be great space- savers for smaller kitchens and can really expand your sink into a food preparation station.
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[section_1_heading] Kitchen sinks
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Topmount sinks icon
Easy to install and therefore the most popular style. Topmount sinks are installed on top of the bench with the rim sitting on the benchtop to hold it in place. If you’re choosing a laminate benchtop, this is your only sink installation option.


Undermount sinks icon
These are installed directly under the counter, which creates a more streamlined look. Undermount sinks can only be used with a stone benchtop. The stone needs to be cut out to the exact size and clips are used under the sink to hold it in place. This is a contemporary style and is great for maximising bench space.
Topmount sinks icon
This is a compromise between topmount and undermount. The sink is installed from the top and slots into a precise cavity so a rim is not required. Like the undermount, it has a more streamlined look but can only be achieved with a stone benchtop


Farmhouse sink icon
Farmhouse or Butler’s Sink
This style is set into the benchtop at the front so there is no bench space separating it from the user. This is more comfortable to use for longer periods. This style of sink is typically a lot deeper, making it perfect for washing large pots or trays.


[section_3_heading] Kitchen tapware
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Kitchen sink mixers icon
Whilst kitchen tapware still comes in the traditional three-piece style, mixers are by far the more favoured design for kitchens. Single-handle mixers can be turned on without using hands – just push with your arm if your hands are full - and they don’t require as much force to turn on and off.


Kitchen sink pull out mixers icon
Pull-out/pull-down spray
Perfect for the master chef in the home, pull-out/pull-down sprays are an extendable hose that you can pull out from the spout to increase the tap’s reach. This allows you to angle the spray, making it perfect for cleaning pots and pans and cleaning veggies.


Kitchen sink goose neck spout icon
Goose-neck spout
If you’re after a more classic, elegant look, the goose-neck spout with its long, curved design exudes sophistication.


Kitchen sink right angle spout
Right angle spout
For kitchens with a contemporary, edgy design, right-angle spouts are the perfect fit. They create a bold statement.


What is the warranty period?

Warranties depend on the brand and the product.
All Oliveri sinks are provided with a Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Does it come with accessories?

Some high-end products come with accessories like chopping boards and strainers. Others have optional extras – great if you want them down the track, but don’t have the budget right now. Plan ahead before making your choice.

What does 304 grade mean?

This is a grading that reflects the percentage of different metals used to make the stainless steel. 304 is a good quality stainless-steel sink.

Can I replace my sink with a different size sink, and can I move it?

If you’re simply swapping out an old sink, you might be very restricted by your existing kitchen setup and plumbing. It might be possible to cut out a bigger bench space to install a larger sink, but check first whether your tapware will still fit, or whether the cupboard space underneath allows it. Moving plumbing can get costly. If you want a smaller sink, you will most likely need to replace your benchtop. The cost to do so will depend on many variables. Talk to your plumber and cabinet maker.

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