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[category-introduction] There’s almost nothing better than the feeling of hot water against your skin. And there’s almost nothing worse than when that hot water runs cold! Whether you’re installing a brand-new hot water system, upgrading as part of a reno, or replacing a hot water system that’s underperforming, the first thing to do is to understand what’s available. Shopping the Tradelink hot water system range in store or online is a great place to start. There are gas hot water systems that offer you tank storage options in a huge range of sizes, and electric hot water systems with a continuous flow function for an endless hot water supply. Then there are solar hot water systems that take things to a whole new level in terms of environmental benefits, while lowering your ongoing costs. Don’t let your hot water system decision leave you feeling hot under the collar. Ask for help. At Tradelink, we’re hot water systems experts – so take advantage of our experience and advice.
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[section-a-heading] About our Hot Water Systems

Where would we be without hot water? Cold, and in winter, very cold! When it comes to hot water systems, at Tradelink we understand that when you’re buying a hot water system, you’re making a considerable investment in a future filled with warm showers, warm baths, and warm dishwashing water.  So, we know you want a hot water system that will offer you a long life. One that delivers enough hot water for all your needs, and one that reliably delivers that hot water right when you need it.

There are electric hot water systems that are perfect for small spaces and small needs, and others that will suit bigger families. Electric hot water systems are amongst the most affordable to buy. There are also solar hot water systems with the option for a gas or electric booster to ensure the hot water continues to flow, even on overcast days. Then there are continuous flow hot water systems that are long lasting and high performing.

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As hot water systems specialists, you can count on Tradelink to help you with a replacement system and on your renovation or design journey. Shop our heating and cooling range in store or online, and explore the hot water buying guide.

Hot Water System Buying Guide
No one wants the hot water to turn cold when you’re head to toe in suds. But knowing how to select the right hot water system for your home and family isn’t as easy as it sounds. How big is big enough? What heating method is right for us? Which model should you choose? Our hot water buying guide can help you with this, and more.

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[seo-section-b-title] Frequently Asked Questions
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[accordion-item-title-1] How long do hot water systems last?
[accordion-item-content-1] Hot water systems generally have a lifespan expectancy of 8-20 years, depending on the system you buy. For gas hot water systems with tank storage, it’s 8-12 years. While for electric hot water systems with tank storage, it’s 10-15 years. Solar hot water systems generally give you up to 10 years of piping hot water. For continuous hot water systems, it’s up to 20 years. Understanding how long hot water systems last is an important part of your buying decision.
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[accordion-item-title-2] How much are hot water systems?

Electric hot water systems generally have a low up-front cost of between $500 and $1200, they’re easy to install, but they can be a little more costly than other systems to run. Electric hot water systems can make use of off-peak tariff times.

Gas hot water systems (also called LPG hot water systems) typically cost between $750 and $1900 to buy. They can operate with a natural gas connection or with bottled gas. Off-peak tariffs don’t apply.

Solar hot water systems are the most expensive to buy at between $4000 and $10,000, but they are the cheapest to run. Depending on where you live, you may be eligible for rebates and government incentives at the time of purchase. On overcast days, you can switch your solar hot water system to its gas or electric fuel back-up so there will be higher running costs on these days but the hot water will still continue to flow.

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[accordion-item-title-3] How do hot water systems work?

With electric hot water systems and gas hot water systems with tank storage, when you turn on the hot tap cold water flows through a copper pipe within a heat exchanger, and that pipe and the cold water inside it are heated either by an electric or gas element. The heated water is then sent to your tap.

With solar hot water systems, a solar heater absorbs energy from the sun to heat water which passes through the solar collector. The heated water then moves out of the collector into a tank where it is stored for later use. These systems are fitted with a gas or electric fuel back-up for overcast days.

Continuous hot water systems (sometimes called gas or electrical instant hot water systems) don’t have storage tanks. Water is heated by a gas burner as it flows through the heat exchanger. The gas burner in the heat exchanger starts heating the water when the hot water tap in your home is turned on.

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