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[category-introduction] Transform your bathroom into a stunning oasis with our vast selection of bathroom vanities. From space-saving wall-mounted bathroom vanities to expansive double bathroom vanities, our range of vanities and complementing bathroom tapware are designed to cater to every need!
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[section-a-heading] How bathroom vanities can change your space
[section-a-content] Here at Tradelink, we treat the bathroom as more than just a functional area. It is a sanctuary where you begin and end your day — and bathroom vanities play a part in transforming this vital space into something extraordinary.
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With our expansive range of bathroom vanity units, you can improve the following aspects of your bathroom:

  • Functionality - A vanity is a versatile and functional hub within your bathroom, catering to various personal grooming and hygiene needs. At Tradelink, we have bathroom vanities with cabinets for storing your essentials, from your makeup to spare wash towels. Our basins, wide countertop spaces and integrated mirrors further enhance the practicality of your bathroom vanity unit, offering a convenient and organised space for your bathroom rituals.
  • Aesthetics - The right vanity can serve as the centrepiece of your bathroom, setting the tone for the entire space. You can also use bathroom vanities to create a contrast with different textures and colours, reflect more light into your space or elevate the sense of luxury by incorporating premium materials. Whether you opt for the rustic appeal of Hampton style bathroom vanities or the minimalist feel of marble bathroom vanities, your choice of vanity can impact the overall look of your bathroom.
  • Efficient storage - Clutter is a hurdle to achieving maximum relaxation. When it comes to organising bathroom spaces, bathroom vanities with cabinets and expansive countertops can provide ample storage to manage your essentials. Keep your daily necessities in an accessible area and store items that are not visually appealing in concealed cabinets. With Tradelink, you have the option to select storage configurations for your bathroom vanity units based on your needs. Choose different drawer, cabinet and shelving options that will help you maintain a clutter-free and serene space.
  • Space optimisation - In smaller bathrooms, space is at a premium. A wall-hung or floating bathroom vanity can visually open up the room, making it appear larger and more inviting. And if you want to fill up an awkward area, a corner bathroom vanity can be an ingenious solution.
  • Flexibility - At Tradelink, we offer freestanding vanity units for bathrooms that require more flexibility, such as for homeowners who frequently redesign their bathrooms and renters who cannot install permanent fixtures in their space. Freestanding or floor-standing bathroom vanity units can give your bathroom the adaptability it needs without major structural changes.

Find the ideal vanity type for every bathroom 
Every bathroom is unique. That’s why, at Tradelink, we offer a diverse range of bathroom vanity options to cater to your specific needs, preferences and space availability. Whether you’re looking for a small bathroom vanity to maximise limited space or luxurious designer bathroom vanities to serve as centrepieces for your bathroom, we have the ideal solution. 

  • Freestanding bathroom vanities - Freestanding vanities serve as practical storage solutions and aesthetic focal points in any bathroom. Think of them as bathroom vanities on legs, requiring no alterations to the existing layout or structure of your bathroom. Our collection of free standing bathroom vanity units allows you to introduce functional storage and focal points without the hassle of extensive renovations.
  • Floor-standing bathroom vanities - When it comes to combining storage capacity with seamless aesthetics, our floor-standing bathroom vanity units are a great choice. With a combination of cabinets, drawers and shelves, they provide ample storage space, all while maintaining a streamlined appearance.
  • Wall-hung bathroom vanities - For those seeking to maximise space without compromising on style, our wall-hung or floating bathroom vanities present an elegant solution. They can free up precious floor space, contributing to an open and airy atmosphere. Make the most of a small bathroom’s vertical space with wall-hung bathroom vanity units that provide a practical storage option while maintaining a contemporary appearance.

Choose from leading brands of bathroom vanities in Australia 
For over sixty years, Raymor has been a trusted name in Australia's bathroom industry. Their extensive range of bathroom vanities combines timeless designs with modern functionality, offering great value. Raymor's commitment to meticulous engineering and affordability has made them the preferred brand for many Australians seeking stylish, low-maintenance bathroom vanities and other bathroom, kitchen and laundry accessories. 

The proud Australian brand boasts wooden bathroom vanity designs as well as freestanding and wall-mounted installations, different storage configurations and other options for customisation. 

Innovate your bathroom with Fienza’s expansive range of vanities. From tallboy to corner bathroom vanity designs and classic stonetop to sleek satin black finishes, we carry a vast collection of Fienza vanities that cater to your design needs and preferences.   

Elevate your bathroom with high-quality vanities from Tradelink
Whether you’re looking to design a double vanity bathroom, install a vintage bathroom vanity or benefit from the flexibility of freestanding vanities, you’ve come to the right place. At Tradelink, we carry a diverse range of freestanding, floor-standing and wall-hung bathroom vanities with cutting-edge designs from brands like Raymor, Timberline, Fienza and more. 

Shop our expansive collection of bathroom vanities from trusted suppliers in Australia and beyond. We aim to be your one-stop shop for bathroom products. That’s why, aside from bathroom vanities, we also offer basins, baths, taps, mirrors and cabinets as well as plug and wastes.

Not sure how a bathroom vanity unit will fit into your space? Contact us for a free consultation or visit any of our showrooms in Australia. 

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[seo-section-b-title] Bathroom Vanity Frequently Asked Questions
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[accordion-item-title-1] What style of bathroom vanity is best suited for my space?

The best style of vanity for your bathroom mainly depends on your personal taste and preference. For instance, if you want to have a modern, streamlined look, floor-standing bathroom vanities with a sleek black finish and ceramic countertops can help achieve that. Meanwhile, stone top bathroom vanities add a timeless touch to your bathroom. 

However, also consider the size and the layout of your bathroom, as well as the number of users and their storage needs. A corner or a wall-mounted bathroom vanity can be a clever way to add more functionality without taking away from limited space. Conversely, consider installing double bathroom vanities to make a large space feel more inviting and less empty.

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[accordion-item-title-2] How do I care for and maintain my bathroom vanity?
[accordion-item-content-2] Regular cleaning and proper usage are crucial to maintaining your bathroom vanity units. 
As a general rule of thumb, use mild, non-abrasive cleaners to wipe down surfaces and avoid harsh chemicals as they might damage delicate finishes. Wipe up spills promptly to prevent staining. For wooden bathroom vanities, occasionally polish the surface to enhance the lustre. It’s also important to ensure proper ventilation to prevent moisture-related issues, especially when dealing with wood. 
Additionally, we recommend following each manufacturer’s care instructions to extend the life and appeal of your bathroom vanity.
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[accordion-item-title-3] How can I maximise storage with a bathroom vanity?
[accordion-item-content-3] Efficient storage is one of the main functions of a well-designed bathroom vanity. To maximise the storage space of your unit, add dividers to each drawer, utilise the unit’s under-sink space and incorporate bins or baskets to organise open shelves.
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[accordion-item-title-4] Can I purchase a bathroom vanity without a countertop or sink?
[accordion-item-content-4] It depends on the model. When shopping at Tradelink, some bathroom vanities allow the option to customise the unit, including the countertop and basin. If your preferred vanity does not come with your preferred basin, you can check our basin buying guide and available basins at our site for ideas. 
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[accordion-item-title-5] Do I need a plumber to replace my bathroom vanity?
[accordion-item-content-5] In most cases, yes. Bathroom vanities are connected to plumbing systems for water supply and drainage. It’s best to seek a professional’s help to ensure a seamless installation and prevent potential leaks or damage to your bathroom.
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[accordion-item-title-6] How often should I replace or upgrade my bathroom vanity?

The lifespan of a bathroom vanity unit depends on factors such as quality, usage and maintenance. Here at Tradelink, we only offer vanities of the highest quality, ensuring they require minimal maintenance and last for many years. However, we recommend replacing your vanity with a new, high-quality unit if you are dealing with the following issues: 

  • Peeling paint, chipped edges and discoloured finishes
  • Sticky drawers and loose hardware
  • Drainage issues, leaks and water damage
  • Outdated design
  • Insufficient storage for essentials
  • Lifestyle changes

The bottom line: if your bathroom vanity is no longer meeting your aesthetic and functional needs, it may be time to upgrade it.

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