Our Values

Our values guide how we show up and the choices we make every day. They help shape the kind of culture we want at Tradelink and build a foundation for our purpose and vision.

protect icon | our values


  • We believe all injuries are preventable
  • We never walk past - we speak up and take action
  • We celebrate the good stuff
  • We care for each other

There is nothing more important at Tradelink than making sure that every single one of us goes home free from harm, every single day. And that will never change.

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Be Bold

  • We are curious
  • We have go
  • We strive for growth
  • We find a better way

Courage, creativity, and innovation is highly encouraged at Tradelink, and we work hard to create an environment where everyone can share their ideas.

customer leading icon | our values

Customer Leading

  • We put ourselves in the customer's shoes
  • We anticipate and create solutions
  • We make it easy
  • We bring the wow

Our focus on customer is legendary, and we take so much pride in delivering great services and solutions with a flare that is uniquely Tradelink.

Better Together

  • We enable diversity, include others and their ideas
  • We play fair
  • We are honest and transparent
  • We team up, learn from each other, and achieve more together

We know in our hearts that we are better together, as one Tradelink, and show this every day in the way we grow our team, back each other, and stand shoulder to shoulder.

Our Culture

Our culture is what we care about. It’s the people and projects we all make time for, the support programs we invest in, celebrating the wins, and the way we experience our workplace.

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Whether it’s championing women in our industry through Tradelink Women in Plumbing, or supporting our rainbow family, friends, and customers through Tradelink Pride, we believe that uniqueness equals strength. We care about and work to make everyone feel welcome at Tradelink. 

Learning icon


Every single person, no matter your position or time with us, can find the right learning support here. Through our Learners Central Hub our people can access product and technical knowledge, pursue leadership and career development programs, or complete nationally recognised qualifications. In fact, we invest so much into helping our people grow, we’ve been awarded the national prize for Best Leadership Development Program in 2022.

Community icon


With a national reach but local focus, we are an active member in over 220 communities across our beautiful country. We show up when the going gets tough, in fire and floods, and in good times too. Nationally, we work to bring dignity and support to young people living with high-care needs through our partnership with Youngcare. Find out more here.

Celebration icon


With so much to be proud of, we don’t miss opportunities to celebrate, appreciate, and reward. With initiatives like Employee and Branch of the Month, Service Anniversaries, Great Work at Tradelink, and our sensational annual True-Blue awards, just to name a few, there are lots of ways to get noticed for doing a top job.

Sustainability icon


The air we breathe, the water we drink, the land that supports us cannot be replaced. So we work hard to make sure Tradelink actively cares for our environment. We’ve already reduced our carbon emissions by 30%, through investment in solar, hybrid vehicles, and other smart technologies. But we're aiming higher, working towards further carbon reductions to achieve our ultimate goal of being carbon neutral.

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Our physical locations are where our teams and customers meet every day. We make time for continuous upgrades and development of our facilities to make our spaces comfortable for our people and inspirational for our customers.

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We are part of Fletcher Building, with an unparalleled opportunity to collaborate and learn from our partner companies like Laminex, Stramit, and others. By working better together, we enjoy the best of both worlds; the support of a corporate community, with the freedom to set our own path.  

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