To filter or not to filter… that is the question. In fact, it’s the most common question people ask when considering whether to install a water filter as part of their reno or build. If your aim is to improve your water quality and minimise the need to purchase bottled water (and whose isn’t!), then the answer is unequivocally yes!

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“Filtered water tastes great, but whole-house filters are becoming more popular. They can make your towels fluffier, sheets softer, and your shower and bath water much less drying on your skin. It shouldn’t just be your tastebuds that benefit from your water filter!”

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[first-block-title] Let’s clear the water on water filters

Everyone likes an added extra, but not necessarily in their water. So, if you’re weighing up the benefits of removing heavy metals from yours, or floating the idea of going chlorine free, then talk to your local Tradelink showroom consultant about our kitchen tap water filter range.

As locals, they’ll know the potential contaminants you’re filtering for, and will help you to narrow your options.

Is it the kitchen tap you want to filter? Or do you want filtered water in your laundry and bathrooms too, and possibly even your fridge?

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[second-block-title] Water filter range

While the water quality in this lucky land down under is generally very high, more of us are seeking to filter out the additives and contaminates that are finding their way into our water supply. Others are just wanting water that tastes better and is better for us – and for some, it is the luxury of sparkling water on tap that appeals.

The water filter market is literally flooded with options. Our water filter range is suited to under- counter and whole-house installations. And, as with all our products, we’ve partnered with leading brands that produce products that won’t leave you high and dry.

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[section_1_heading] Tips to get you going
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It is rains or mains?
If it’s rainwater you’re filtering, you’ll need a different water filter system to that which you’d use to filter mains water.

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Knock knock… who’s there?
Got pipes that knock? Ask your plumber for advice and to install a pressure limiting valve. It will protect your house from water hammer as the pressure fluctuates during the day, and protect your water filter from potential cracking and damage.

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Check your warranty
Is it three months, three years or longer than that? Don’t presume all water filters come with the same warranty.


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Don’t dare to be different
Does your filter take standard-size cartridges? Some systems have a low up-front cost but cost the earth to maintain because their cartridges are non-standard size.

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If it’s thirsty work…
Undercounter and whole-house filter systems are designed to filter large volumes of water. If your water use is high, choose one of these options over gravity-fed dispensers (water jugs and free-
standing systems) every time.

[section_3_heading] Product Variations
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In line water filter icon

In-line water filter system
This style of high-flow water filter system connects to your existing mixer tap and mounts underneath your sink. It will filter all the water from your kitchen mixer. It is a simple and popular choice for achieving filtered water with your current kitchen setup. And no, it doesn’t affect your water pressure.

Chilled sparkling filtered icon

Chilled, sparkling and filtered water filter system
This system delivers a choice of sparkling, chilled and filtered water from a compact system that fits neatly under your sink.

Three-way taps water filter icon

Three-way filter taps
With this system, a three-in-one mixer tap gives you the option of choosing when you want to filter your water through a second mixer. One side of the mixer delivers unfiltered hot and ambient water, while the other side delivers cold filtered water. The filter is installed under your sink.

Satellite-tap water filter icon

Satellite filter taps
A satellite filter tap sits separately to your main kitchen mixer and the water filter cartridge is linked up to it. These are often a cost-effective solution, but you will require a second taphole in your sink or benchtop. You also get high-end versions that deliver boiling, chilled and even sparking water.

Water whole house filter icon

Whole house filter
Installed at the point your mains water reaches your house, these systems allow you to enjoy pure, clean and healthy drinking water from every tap in your home, as well as chlorine-free water for washing clothes, showering and bathing.

What contaminants can I filter?

Filters in our range filter contaminants including chlorine, chemicals and sediment from your water.

Why should I change my filter regularly?

Many filters have pores or media which trap the bacteria and sediments you’re filtering for. As your filter ages, it ‘fills’ with these contaminants leaving your water struggling to get through and contaminants not being effectively captured.

How often will I need to change my filter?

It depends on the water filter you’ve chosen, what you’re filtering for and the volume of water you use. For some people, it will be once a month. For most, it will be every 6 to 12 months or when taste or odour returns.

Rainwater is pure. Why does it need to be filtered?

As rain falls, it picks up dust particles from the air, and sometimes other pollutants. After it has fallen, it picks up further contaminants from the roofs and gutters it flows over before reaching your rainwater tank. A water filter removes these contaminants and turns it into safe drinking water.

Can I install a water filter myself?

While we’re not doubting that your talents are many and varied, your water filter should only be installed by a licenced plumber, otherwise you risk voiding your warranty.

Can it be retrofitted?

Yes. Probably. That’s what our under-bench mount filter-only system is designed for. But it does still depend. There’s a chance you might need to rejig your tapware. Talk to one of our showroom consultants about your options and seek the advice of a licenced plumber.

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