How To Get Your Kitchen And Laundry Appliance Choices Right

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When it comes to kitchen and laundry design, planning is key. Plan to make the most of your available space, plan for your needs now and your likely future needs – and don’t forget to carefully plan for your kitchen and laundry appliance choices!

Appliances can really change the look of a room, and their functionality can have an enormous impact on the way you live day to day. So, it’s important to get your appliance planning right.

These days, you have more choice than ever when it comes to kitchen and laundry appliances. Style, quality, features, size, technology, and price are all part of it. Now you can find appliances that not only look amazing, they work like a dream.

At, Tradelink, you know us for our kitchen, laundry, and bathroom prowess, but did you know our expertise extends to kitchen and laundry appliances? Check out what we have in our appliance range.

Our team is always available for advice when it comes to kitchen and laundry appliance choices, and use the following top tips to help you with your appliance planning and your kitchen and laundry room design.

Top loader vs front loader – how do these two machines come out in the wash?

Top loaders like the Euro Appliances 7kg Top loader washing machine are a traditional choice and remain popular in households Australia wide, for a whole range of reasons.

  • Top loaders usually have faster cycle times and don’t require special detergents.
  • You can add clothes at any stage during the washing cycle.
  • They don’t require you to crouch down to load and unload clothes.
  • Top loaders are generally cheaper to buy than front loaders.

Front loaders like the Euro Appliances 7.5 Kg Washer / 1400rpm are modern by design, and that generally means they come with added features.

  • Front loaders are usually more water efficient and require less detergent.
  • They are also smaller, so require less space.
  • Front loaders are often gentler on clothes and have a greater washing capacity because they don’t have an agitator in the bowl like top loaders do.
  • They are typically much quieter during the wash cycle.

Turn up the heat in the kitchen with the right cooktop choice – gas vs induction vs ceramic

Gas cooktops give you instant heat, great control and don’t require you to buy any speciality cookware. They can include features such as wok burners, which are great for cooking stir-fries, just like the Kleenmaid 90cm Gas Cooktop with Wok Stainless Steel in Stainless Steel . The burners on gas cooktops are connected directly to the main gas supply in your house and an electronic ignition system lights the gas and creates the blue flame.

Looking for something freestanding in gas? Check out the retro Euro Appliances 90cm Freestanding Dual Royal Chiantishire Oven or the modern Euro Appliances 90cm Freestanding Electric Oven & Gas hob + Cast Iron Trivets + FFD .

Induction cooktops are known for their superior performance and stylish design, just like the Euro Appliances 30cm INDUCTION Touch control ceran glass FULL FLEXI ZONE . Induction is the fastest cooking method as the electromagnetic field heats the pan instantly, but special cookware is required. These cooktops offer just as much control as gas and have a continuous, smooth cooking surface with almost no residue traps, so they’re very easy to clean.

Ceramic cooktops also offer a smooth surface that complements a modern kitchen design and offers easy cleaning. They have coiled metal elements under the glass surface and are particularly useful for cooking foods that require very low temperatures, like melting chocolate. The Kleenmaid 60cm Ceramic Cooktop Black in Black is a real stand out in the ceramic cooktop appliances space.

Wrangling rangehoods – should you go canopy or concealed?

Canopy rangehoods like the Euro Appliances 60cm Canopy-Straight 3 Speed ,1150m3/hr High Extraction , LED Lights Baffle filters are well known for their superior extraction capabilities, but that’s not all.

  • They make a stylish and bold addition to any kitchen as they have no kitchen cabinetry above.
  • They are great at mitigating cooking odours and heat.
  • They are very easy to clean.

While the concealed rangehoods like the Kleenmaid 60cm Concealed Slideout Rangehood Stainless Steel in Stainless Steel seamlessly integrate into your kitchen design and offer a minimalist aesthetic.

  • They are simple, cost effective and compact.
  • They work with every design style – from country to Scandi, traditional and modern.
  • They too offer excellent extraction capabilities.

Stand out with stand-out extras that add to your kitchen’s function and design

Not all kitchens are equal, so neither should all appliance lists be the same. Some kitchens are designed for hosting grand events, while others might have a big heart, but a small footprint.

At Tradelink, our people are leaders in thinking differently, and helping you to achieve your dream regardless of the constraints or possibilities you’re working with.

You might like to consider these additions:

Make your home your own with the right appliances

Your home is always yours to make our own. So, it’s important not to rush your decision. Consider the layout of your room carefully, and other features and elements you wish to include. Think about who’s going to be using the space and know their needs. Settle on a design style that suits your personal tastes.

Still not sure what you need? Visit your nearest Tradelink store.

There’s no need to make your final appliance decisions on your own. If you can, visit a Tradelink showroom to get up close and personal with the kitchen and laundry appliances you’re considering. Our team is ready to help with their advice and expertise. Find a store here.

Your appliances choice is ultimately yours. But with the best information and well considered decisions, you’ll make a choice that will serve you well for many years.