HANSA Tapware: German Engineering At Its Finest

With numerous options to choose from, deciding on the right tapware for your bathroom or kitchen can be difficult. It can be hard to determine which faucet is worth the price, as quality is not always easy to see on the surface. Usually, it's underneath the glossy finish, in the materials used to make it, and in the time taken to cast, assemble, and test it.

HANSA's range of tapware and showers are the solution if you are looking for high-quality bathroom and kitchen fittings. Located in Stuttgart, Germany, HANSA has been making faucets for over 100 years. Their focus on performance, design and customer satisfaction is why their products have been voted no. 1 by German plumbers for more than four decades.

Through timeless chrome finishes and sleek German engineering, these taps and showers are built to suit any layout or style of home. They are not only appealing but also make using water each day more straightforward and enjoyable.

Helping customers enjoy water to the fullest

HANSA's goal is to provide innovative tapware solutions that make the use of water more accessible, sustainable, appealing, and enjoyable for customers. They want to inspire individuality with bathroom and kitchen designs, improve the well-being of users, and simplify installation and maintenance for professionals.

They have three fundamental values that they uphold. One, to create products that champion high performance, with advanced features designed to boost quality, sustainability, and ease of use. Two, to create functional and classical designs that are also relevant and competitive according to current industry trends. And three, to form strong connections with customers and partners by offering support throughout the entire purchase, installation and maintenance processes.

HANSA is continually striving to create environmentally friendly taps and shower systems that remain reliable throughout their long lifespan.

Functional and timeless bathroom and kitchen solutions

In Australia, HANSA has a variety of bathroom and kitchen tapware products available, including gooseneck faucets, cascade wall spouts, and eco-friendly shower systems. HANSA's range has a contemporary finish, which integrates seamlessly with any design. All are modern, user-friendly mixer-type faucets with sleek chrome-plating that is highly durable and inexpensive. They also come with a 15-year warranty.

The internal cartridge in HANSA's faucets, which is necessary to control water flow and temperature, is created using ceramic disk valves made from aluminium oxide, one of the world's most durable materials. This dramatically reduces the likelihood of leakages, which can occur in ball or compression valves and metal-based cartridge alternatives. The limescale protection technology that HANSA uses in their shower systems also makes them simpler to maintain.

Faucets built for quality and longevity

To make a high-quality faucet takes numerous hours of designing, casting, sawing, machining, grinding, polishing, chrome plating, assembling, and testing. It is a meticulous process that involves both automated techniques and manual labour to ensure that the final product is in perfect condition for sale. HANSA's manufacturing and quality control procedures are so efficient that out of the 3,000 faucets produced in Rauma's factory each day, only 1% are randomly checked for abnormalities.

The development of HANSA's faucets begins with planning and research, which is then used to formulate a computer-generated design and prototype. However, regardless of how each faucet design may vary, the process and materials used to create it are mostly the same.

The first step in the process is core building, which relates to developing the waterways inside the faucet. Fine sand and a hardening agent are used to make the core, which is heated inside a core box.

The second step is casting, where brass bars are used to make the faucet bodies out of shell moulds, which are an essential component in making HANSA's faucets. The moulds are placed into a casting furnace and filled with molten brass. Dezincification-resistant brass is used to combat the levels of acidity in tap water and guarantee that no matter the environment, HANSA's tapware will last.

The third step involves sawing apart the faucet bodies until only the necessary components of the faucet remain. This leads into step four, which includes machining, grinding and polishing the faucet until it's smooth. The process is done mostly automatically. However, all faucets are still checked manually to ensure that there are no imperfections.

The fifth step is covering the faucet in chrome-plating, which is a delicate procedure that should have minimal human interference. Any errors made during this phase will be accentuated by the plating.

The other faucet elements, including the cartridge, are also built using plastic. There is also a layer of copper and nickel to eliminate the risk of thermal expansion before more chrome plating is added.

After the chrome-plating is complete and the brand logo is added, HANSA moves onto the sixth step, which involves testing each faucet to ensure quality. Through this process, HANSA distinguishes their faucets from other lower-tier products available on the market by testing the sound level of each faucet. They use a sound-proof, floating concrete room to ensure that their product is one of the quietest on offer.

Once the faucets pass all tests and no abnormalities are discovered, the faucets are packaged and sent to revolutionise kitchens and bathrooms all around the globe.

Which HANSA faucet is right for you?

Research is essential if you want to determine which HANSA faucet will suit your needs. Based on your home's current design, some options may work better than others. It may also come down to preference, what you want most out of your new faucet and what styles you like best. Your budget is a crucial factor too and will help you make your final decision.

The Tradelink website has a variety of HANSA products to choose from, with click and collect and delivery options available. You can also see HANSA's high-quality tapware on display in our showrooms.

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