Family-Friendly Bathrooms

Family bathroom with dad and child

Your family bathroom has to meet the needs of your family now and down the track. Children grow into teenagers, and sometimes older relatives have to move in.

There’s actually a lot to consider.

Whether you’re building, renovating or giving your bathroom a little makeover, try some of these family-friendly bathroom ideas.


1) Undermount or Moulded Double Basins

Raymor Ascot Vanity with double moulded basins

While your busy bathroom deserves to look beautiful, it ultimately needs to be practical. Vessel basins that sit above your bathroom vanity are incredibly popular and stylish. However, when it comes to young children, they aren’t the most practical.

An undermount basin or moulded basin makes it so much easier to wipe down the countertop when the children have finished splashing water and toothpaste all over the place. It’s also easier for children to reach the taps without having to stretch over a raised basin.

Ready-to-go vanities like those in our Raymor range have moulded polymarble tops. They’re the perfect package of affordable style, convenience and practicality.

Make it a double basin, too, so you can all keep out of each other’s way.


2) Wall-Hung Vanity

Timberline wall hung vanity in dark woodgrain with undermount basins

Family bathrooms can still ooze style. Wall-hung vanities are a case in point.

We must sound like a broken record, always telling customers that wall-hung vanities create the illusion of more space, without actually compromising on storage. Well, we’re saying it again.

If your family bathroom is going to get crowded, you’ll want it to feel spacious and comfortable. You’ll also want more space to store things like a step stool for children and bath-toy baskets.

How do you achieve this? You got it: wall-hung vanities.

They’re also great for family members who might need more room to manoeuvre walking aids or wheelchairs.


3) Large Mirrors

Large arch smart mirrors in white and black bathroom

Remember being a teenager, peering into the mirror all the time? It’s awkward. We don’t have to talk about it. But you should still think about it for your family bathroom.

Make sure there is plenty of mirror space for everyone to get ready at once. Mirrors that pivot or are positioned low are a nice touch too, so children can see them.

Nowadays you can also buy smart mirrors with built-in demisters, so you can always get a clear view, no matter who’s in the shower, steaming up the room.


4) Create A Wet Zone

Black and white bathroom with wet zone sections

Wet zones are in. This is great for you because wet zones are also a practical design for family bathrooms.

If space permits, tuck your shower and bath down one end of the room, neatly guarded by a stylish shower screen. This keeps the wet area away from the getting-ready area, making life easier for all users (and cleaners).

The bathtub does not have to be big in the family bathroom. It probably won’t get much use once the children outgrow it, but it’s still nice to have one. If space is tight, don’t discount the shower over bath option – just keep in mind that this can be difficult for some people to climb in and out of.


5) Robe Hooks For Towels

Bathroom with robe hooks

Don’t ask why, but children are more inclined to hang their towels on a robe hook rather than the towel rail. Try it and see.

You can still have towel rails. In fact, heated towel rails are a smart choice when towels are fighting for drying space in high-use bathrooms.


6) Easy-To-Use Tapware

Easy to use black tapware

If helping kids wash their hands is something you want to wash your hands of, make sure the taps are easy for them to use.

If your vanity design allows it, position the tap to the side of the basin for children to reach it more easily.

Levers and mixer taps tend to be easier to operate for all generations. If you search our bathroom tapware range for assisted living suitability, you’ll also see plenty of options for contemporary tapware with hot/cold indicators – great for young and older users.


7) Rail Shower

Chrome tapware and rail shower

Family bathrooms need to cater for people of all shapes and sizes. A rail or dual shower typically has a handheld shower attached to a sliding rail, so you can adjust the height of the shower.

Having a handheld shower also makes it easier to assist people with showering if needed, and to clean the area.


8) Take Any Opportunity For Storage

Wood bathroom vanity with extra storage underneath

With every bathroom user comes a whole lot more stuff to store. Toothbrushes, razors, makeup, hair dryers, bath toys, different shampoos and personal products… It all has to be stored somewhere.

Try to accommodate everybody’s different storage needs. An open shelf in the vanity or a basket helps children reach their bath toys. Drawers are easier to rummage through than cupboards. High shelves and mirrored cabinets are convenient to keep razors and medications out of reach of children.

Niche shelves are a very clever way to increase your bathroom storage capacity. You could add a recessed shelf in your shower, or a built-in ledge alongside the bath. If you do decide to add a niche, don’t skimp on size. Make sure it will fit large family-sized shampoos and shower gels.


9) Soft-Close Toilet Seat

Soft close toilet seat

Children and some adults, let’s be honest, are forever banging the toilet seat. Of course you will be grateful that they actually close the seat or lid, but if you hear it one more time, you will want to bang your head against the wall.

Buy a soft-close toilet seat. Or a helmet. But we recommend the toilet seat.

In many cases, your family bathroom is also the bathroom your guests use. You can still create a beautiful, safe and functional family bathroom that you will be proud to show your guests to.

Once you’ve thought about all the family-friendly factors, visit our shop the look guides for style inspiration.

Our Tradelink showroom consultants will also be happy to guide you through the latest trends and features for all bathroom products, including bathroom tapware, bathtubs, showers, vanities, basins, toilets, bathroom accessories and bathroom homewares. With 120+ stores in Australia, there’s sure to be a Tradelink showroom near you.

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