​Up Your Bathroom Game With Raymor Vanities

Tackling a bathroom design? Your reno or new build means you finally get the bathroom you’ve been waiting for. You want value, function and style, of course.

But where to begin?

Our Raymor range is a great start. Here’s why:

  1. You get a beautiful space with ready-to-go style.
  2. You get great features from a quality brand.
  3. You save with easy installation.

Let’s break it down…

Ready-to-go style

Less is more. ‘Yeah, yeah’ we hear you say. Look, it’s a cliché, we know. But, when you’re designing a bathroom, you don’t have to spend all your time and money on fancy customised cabinetry.

Ready-to-go vanities look good! It’s true, they do!

And… they’re so easy. Don’t you want that?

We’ll get to how easy they are later, but for now, let’s splash some colour on this topic and talk design. Raymor has three ranges for you to love.


Hampton is such a classic style, and a Hampton-inspired vanity will add warmth to any bathroom. Mix and match your tapware and accessories to bring your space to life.


If you like the sleek and minimalist style, then the Eco range will win you over with a fresh white finish and fingerpull draws and cupboard.


Originality is the essence of Brighton style. Go bold with the black walnut cabinet finish or stick to tradition with crisp white. Either way, you can create stunning contrasts with your tiles to really make your own design mark.

Pick it up off the floor!

You say it to the kids all the time. Why not say it to your bathroom-designing self?

Wall-mounted vanities are super sleek and immediately add a contemporary feel to your bathroom. They also free up floor space, which can be handy, particularly in smaller bathrooms. (Are you thinking of the bathroom scales? We are.)

The Raymor vanities can all be wall-mounted; but hey, if that’s not your thing, Eco and Hampton also have the plinth option. The added base around the bottom hides existing plumbing that might be going through the floor.

When size matters

Some bathrooms are tiny, some are generous. Some bathrooms have to be shared by the whole family. Some are for one lucky user alone. The shape, size and use of your bathroom will dictate how much room you can spare for your vanity. Raymor’s Eco and Hampton vanities come in a range of sizes, bringing you so much flexibility – especially if you want that consistent look across more than one bathroom in your house.

The choice of 600 mm, 750 mm, 900 mm or 1200 mm means you can slot in neatly or spread out grandly, however you want or need.

Are you left- or right-handed?

Which side do you want the draws on? With Raymor, you get the option of left-hand or right-hand vanities. It’s customising, without the hassle.

Raymor features and benefits

Raymor is an old-favourite Australian brand with a long-standing and trusted place in homewares. It’s been around for 70 years. Raymor is probably in many of the bathrooms you’ve used before. Have you been to Warner Brothers at the Gold Coast? Raymor. Homebush Athletic/Aquatic Olympic Centres, Sydney? Raymor. The Convention and Exhibition Centres in Adelaide and Melbourne? Yep, Raymor. Any house you’ve ever lived in? Well, we can’t say for sure - but chances are they could have had Raymor products.

10-year warranty

Raymor vanities are backed by an excellent 10-year warranty on cabinets and tops, door handles, hinges, and draw runners.

Modern functionality

Raymor vanities include moulded polymarble tops. This is one of the best for bathroom vanities because it’s stain resistant, durable and easy to clean, not to mention a clean seam-free look.

They also come with soft-close metal slide draws to make your bathroom experience so much more calming. No stuck draws you have to yank out or bang shut.

Ease of buying and installing

Ready, set, install.

The quicker you plan and design your stunning new bathroom, the quicker you get to enjoy it. Ready-to-go vanities are so easy to buy and install. No need for lengthy design consultations and drawn-out installation from your cabinetmaker.

Visit a showroom to see and trial the finished product in person so you know exactly what you’re buying. No surprises. No disappointment.

You can even order online.

Easy swap out

Changing your bathroom vanity is a simple and affordable way to give your whole bathroom a fresh new look and feel. Any vanity in the Raymor Hampton, Brighton or Eco range is designed to take the hassle out of vanity swap outs.

Create a consistent look by pairing your vanity with other Raymor products

If there is one thing we always stress in our design advice, this is it: shop from the same collection for your bathroom products.

White isn’t always white, and chrome doesn’t always shine the same way. A sophisticated design is one where consistency rules. Chances are, a tub and toilet from the same brand will complement your vanity choice the best.

Tapware and accessories might also look similar enough, but subtle differences in shapes and finishes might stand out like a sore thumb when you use mis-matching products in the same space. If you want a sophisticated bathroom, opt for consistency across the board.

Raymor vanities are designed to be mixed and matched with a wide choice of bathroom products, including baths, toilets, taps and accessories, all with different styles, colours and finishes. Explore everything here.

Other design tips

Did we mention we love bathrooms?

Like anyone with a passion, we have heaps of advice to share. You can search for inspiration from our buying guides, blogs and features here.

Where to from here?

Shop the way you want by visiting us in person or browsing and ordering online.

Our showrooms have Raymor vanities on display for you to touch, feel and admire. You can also get a great idea for what tapware you want to pair with your vanity of choice. Our experts are also ready to answer your questions and offer any guidance for your new build or reno.

Find a store here.