Do Your Reno For Less - Bathrooms Under $3,000

Yes, you can get a fresh-looking bathroom for under $3,000.

However, set realistic expectations. This low-cost bathroom budget won’t be the bathroom of your dreams - it’s more of a bathroom facelift. It assumes everything in your bathroom is functioning well and the layout stays the same. 

Even so, you’ll be rushing to your rejuvenated bathroom every morning with a new spring in your step, knowing you never have to see those musty old surfaces and mottled taps ever again.

So, here’s how to do your reno for less and get a bathroom for under $3,000.

  1. Work with the layout you have.
  2. Choose one or two main pieces to replace.
  3. Upgrade your tapware and accessories.
  4. Resurface or paint instead of getting new tiles.
  5. Budget precisely using this helpful guide.
  6. Treat yourself to new homewares with your leftover budget.

1. Work With The Layout You Have

Even if it’s not perfect, keeping the existing layout saves the cost of structural changes as well as moving any plumbing and electrical wires etc. That in itself could chew up your whole $3,000.

2. Choose One Main Piece To Replace

Replace either your vanity, toilet, bathtub or shower screen as your main expense.


The vanity is generally the main feature and replacing it is likely to have the biggest design impact. A ready-to-go vanity like the  Raymor Ascot range is a super stylish, easy option. With 45mm, 600mm, 750mm, 900mm and 1200mm options, you have a great chance of fitting it exactly where you need. They cost between $559 and $1052, plus installation of around $500 by a contractor, including removing and disposing of your old vanity.

However, if you want to spread your dollars across more pain points, you could freshen up your existing vanity with just a coat of paint or a new basin.


A modern new toilet will also make a huge difference in your bathroom. A close-coupled, back-to-wall, rimless toilet offers the best balance of style, affordability and sustainability. With these starting around $361 for this Essentials white suite , and a similar installation cost to your vanity, you could get the best of both worlds: a new toilet and a rejuvenated vanity for the same cost as the new vanity alone.

Shower screen

A framed shower screen is generally the cheaper option and is a look that is coming back in style since frameless shower screens took over. If you want to create a whole new shower, factor in tiling and drain changes as well.

A complete shower enclosure could be the most affordable and simple option – and these days they come in more modern and stylish designs.


As much as you want a gorgeous free-standing tub, the easiest and most affordable thing to do is replace same for same. If you want to try for something different, do your maths carefully. You may have to change the structure, tiling and plumbing, and it could easily blow your budget.

3. Upgrade Your Tapware And Accessories

Chrome is generally the most affordable and still has a modern look that will stand the test of time. Make sure you choose the right products to fit your existing setup. Yes, the rainwater shower would be amazing, but the cost of redirecting your water flow to come from the ceiling is not. You can get the luxury feel with a dual option like this Winton Compact Dual Round Shower Head with Hand Held attachment by Raymor .

If your existing vanity taps are a three-piece, this is definitely a good time to upgrade to a more convenient mixer – especially if you choose a premade vanity with one tap hole.

Look for accessories like towel rails at the same time as your tapware to guarantee a cohesive look. However, hold off buying your accessories until last, just to avoid going over budget.

4. Resurface Or Paint Instead Of Getting New Tiles

Paint over your floor and wall tiles to save a lot of money. The results actually look really amazing. You could do it yourself or engage a contractor, but either way it’s cheaper than buying new tiles and paying a tiler. If you take the DIY road, remember to prepare properly, and apply a primer plus two coats.

You can resurface almost anything in your bathroom, including a chipped or damaged bathtub or basin to give it a shiny new look. There’s also laminate paint that will spruce up old cupboards.

Give any painted walls a fresh new coat and don’t forget to repaint your ceiling to brighten up the whole space. Talk to your paint supplier to make sure you get proper 'wet area' paint.

5. Budget Precisely Starting With This Helpful Guide

Obviously your budget will vary depending on how much you can or are willing to do yourself (or how generous your tradie friends and family are). The cost of your trades will vary greatly depending on where you live. It pays to shop around. You don’t even have to go with the cheapest quote. Paying a little more might cost less in the long run if you’re confident you’re getting better quality work.

This basic budget breakdown will get you started. It’s based on a standard 3m x 2m bathroom and factors in changing the vanity tapware from three-piece to mixer.

Gather all your quotes from your tradies and bathroom supplier (pick us, pick us!) and calculate your final figure precisely BEFORE you make any purchases or start attacking your old bathroom with a sledgehammer.

Contingency budget (10%) $300
Ready-to-go vanity
Raymor Hampton Vanity Kick 2 Door 2 Drawer 900mm Lamwood
Vanity installation $500
Basin mixer
Raymor Projix Fixed Spout Pin Lever Basin Mixer Chrome 5Star
Raymor Winton Compact Dual Shower Chrome
Shower taps
Raymor Projix Wall Tap Assembly Chrome
Shower and tapware installation $300
Painting/resurfacing tiles $250
Raymor Projix Hand Towel Ring Chrome
Raymor Projix Toilet Roll Holder Chrome
Raymor Projix Single Towel Rail 630mm Chrome
Total $2,961

Find more budget advice in our article on planning your bathroom renovation budget .

6. Treat Yourself To New Homewares With Your Leftover Budget

If all went well, you’ll still have your $300 contingency budget left to spend on some lush new towels, soap dispensers and maybe even some plants or candles to put the finishing touches on your modern new bathroom.

Job well done.

For advice about any new bathroom products and prices, including plumbing supplies and homewares, talk to one of our Tradelink Showroom Consultants. You’ll find them and an impressive range of bathroom displays in our showrooms across Australia .