Sunmaster 200L Close Coupled Electric Booster Solar Water Heater 2.4kW 1 x Enduro Collector

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Product Information

Product Information

A roof mounted solar system is where the storage tank and the Solar Collectors are coupled together and the installation is on the roof. Rinnai Sunmaster roof mounted Solar Systems use the thermo-syphoning principle (i.e. hot water rises because it is less dense) to circulate the water through the collectors and then to the storage cylinder without the need for a pump. Supplementary heat is available from an electric element or a Rinnai gas booster if insufficient heat is available from the sun (such as during cloudy or rainy weather or during winter months).

Features and benefits

  • 200 or 330L capacity storage
  • Available with electric boost or continuous flow gas boost
  • Enduro collectors use aluminium fin solar absorber to maximise efficiency
  • Sophisticated thermal arrestor valve controlling the tank temperature
  • A sacrificial anode is provided in the tank for added protection
  • Suitable for high wind areas to classification region D in accordance with AS/NZS1170.2:2011 using our additional cyclone frame
  • Warranty: 5 year on the tanks and 7 year on the collectors
Product Specification
  • Warranty

    5 year cylinder 3 year labour cylinder 7 year collector 1 year parts 1 year labour. Please refer to for more information

  • Maintenance and Care Instructions

    Recommended service at least every 3 Years. 1st Care is our registered service provider.Ph: 13 43 73.Web:

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    Close Coupled Electric Solar Hot Water System 1 X Enduro VE 2.4kW 200l

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