Stepping Beyond the Showroom: Mitch’s Satisfying New Job Direction

[content] Mitch Wright started at Tradelink in 2017, working sales on the showroom floor. Now, as Project Support Officer, part of his role is helping to develop our showrooms of the future. Mitch has progressed his career with us while embracing Tradelink’s core value of being bold. He encourages others to do the same.
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Seizing the opportunity 

When our newest showroom on the central coast NSW is ready to launch, Mitch Wright will have more reason than most to celebrate. Warners Bay will be the first showroom he’s helped us develop and, having cut his Tradelink teeth in the showrooms himself, it’ll be an especially sweet project for him to see completed.

Mitch’s role as part of the Projects team involves developing new branches and upgrading/relocating existing ones across New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory. This means plenty of travel, plus a sizable to-do list for every project. On Mitch’s list at any given point might be items like arranging a scope of works, receiving project tenders and reviewing build costs. It’s a highly varied role and while Mitch has only been in the position since May 2022, he’s quickly found his feet.

I always look to find something to be excited about at work, and I’m already finding the planning of the building and the creating of a space is a lot of fun. I think I’m going to find a lot of fulfillment and satisfaction from seeing projects through in this role.

Mitch is someone who relishes challenging himself, and he’s seized the opportunity to do just that at Tradelink. Within the space of a year, Mitch has been promoted twice. He’s moved from Consultant to Zone Showroom Coordinator - which involved coordinating Consultants across NSW and the ACT - to Project Support Officer. And he’s been able to grow right here, at our Taren Point store in southern Sydney. 

The Project Support Officer role was a position that I was thinking of down the line. I never thought in a million years I’d be offered it so quickly. I’m enjoying the challenge, I’m taking it head-on and I’ll do the best I can.

The path to Tradelink 

Mitch might never have visited one of our stores if his parents hadn’t decided to leave New Zealand when he was 10. Mitch’s parents had run a dairy farm on NZ’s North Island but when they moved to Sydney, they settled their young family here for good. 

Mitch started working in retail at 19 and quickly realised he had a knack for sales. When he felt he’d hit the ceiling selling sneakers and sporting gear, he applied for a Consultant job with us in our Taren Point showroom. 

I must have impressed them because I got the job straight away,” he laughs. “It was good, I could put the skills I’d already developed to use. It was just a matter of moving to a bigger product - so, instead of selling a pair of shoes, I’d be selling a whole bathroom!

As a Consultant, Mitch demonstrated he could out-care and out-work the best of them. He genuinely invested in his customers and loved finding out how their projects progressed. 

I always used to joke with my customers, ‘Please send me photos when you finish your room because it feels like I'm carrying a baby, but I’m not there for the birth! 

Being bold 

Mitch has embraced our core values at Tradelink, and he demonstrates them every day. 

The values that Tradelink have are strong and well defined, and I think subconsciously, they’ve become my values.

One Tradelink value, in particular, resonates with Mitch, and that’s being bold. As Mitch sees it, this means speaking up and sharing your ideas and perspectives, even if you’re worried they might not be well received. 

I think I’ve had more opportunities to be bold at Tradelink than anywhere else I’ve worked. The way I look at it, who knows, you might have a one-in-a-million idea that could make a real impact. We've got a lot of brains and expertise. If everyone at Tradelink shared their ideas, there’s bound to be some great ones in there!

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