Why The Big Fuss About Tiny Houses?

Landscape shot of tiny home kitchen, stairway and living area

When it comes to houses, tiny is the new big thing! People are choosing to live with a whole lot less, for a whole lot of reasons. As the cost of traditional housing rises, so too is the desire to embrace the philosophy of freedom that comes with a tiny house lifestyle and the option to live off grid.

What is a tiny house?

While the name says a lot about what a tiny house is, a tiny house is typically defined as a low-impact scale, fully functioning home. It can be built on foundations or built to be mobile.

In Australia, for a tiny house to be legally towed on public roads, it should not be more than 2.5 metres wide, 4.3 metres high and 8 metres long. It also should not weigh more than 4.5 tonnes.

Does tiny house living ask for compromise?

The good news is that clever design means tiny homeowners are not left feeling like they’re missing out. Tiny houses include all the everyday amenities you need – including kitchen, dining, living, bathroom, bedroom and laundry spaces.

Your tiny house kitchen needs plenty of storage space, a workspace, and room for dining. Opting for smaller appliances, adding shelves in an unused corner, and including overhead cupboards in your design are just some of the things you can do to maximise your design.

When it comes to your tiny house kitchen sink, the Raymor Projix 45L Sink is large enough to deal with all your dirty dishes, and even your large baking trays, but it doesn’t ask for too much space or water. 

Product image of Raymor Projix Stainless Steel Sink

The Raymor sink pairs perfectly with the Raymor Projix Kitchen Mixer , which not only makes a stylish and functional addition to your tiny house kitchen, it comes with a 4-star WELS water rating to help you to minimise your water use.

Product Image of Raymor Projix Kitchen Mixer

Bathrooms are typically a place of beauty, and your tiny house bathroom can be too. The Raymor Austin Vanity with its wall hung design gives you lots of storage and yet creates a sense of space.

Pair your Raymor Vanity with the Raymor Projix Sink Mixer with its 5-star WELS water rating for a modern finish and to conserve water. In your tiny house bathroom, keep your colours light to bring life to your space, and add cabinets and open shelving on the walls too to extend your storage. 

Side by side view of white bathroom with black tapware and kitchen sink with black tapware

What are the benefits of a tiny house?

There are many. Less space means less possessions and this adds up to less waste. Less space also means less energy needed for heating and cooling. These things are all great for the environment.

The smaller size of tiny houses mean they need less building materials, and this saves on building costs. Tiny houses also need much less maintenance than traditional homes. Plus, purchasing smaller reduces the size of your mortgage or possibly means no mortgage at all.

What are tiny houses used for?

Tiny houses help nature lovers and those without affordable access to everyday services to live off-grid. Depending on local council regulations, a tiny house can be added to a residential lot or acreage and used as a granny flat or home office.

Again, depending upon local rules, a tiny house can be rented out as a permanent rental or as a holiday rental via Airbnb.

Importantly, tiny houses can provide temporary accommodation following a natural disaster or significant weather event, or during construction while you’re building your next home.

We’re here to help with all your questions, not just your tiny ones

Whether you have a tiny house question that’s big or small, the Tradelink team is here to help. We’re specialists in everything bathroom, kitchen and laundry, including for tiny houses.

Find the great range of tiny house Raymor products at your nearest Tradelink showroom. You’ll also find the right people to answer all your questions. Find a store here.

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