What Is The Buzz About Smart Toilets?

Smart toilet in modern bathroom of white with wood accents

Could you be doing things better in the bathroom? Let’s talk about smart toilets.

‘It’d be nice to have’, you mumble awkwardly. Maybe you’ve given them more than a passing thought. Maybe even tried one. Wherever you sit on the smart toilet spectrum, we’re here to tell you there is a lot to love in a smart toilet.

We certainly love them. Here’s what the buzz is all about.

Smart Bidet Toilets & Toilet Seats Are A Great Addition To Your Smart Home

No room needs to be left behind in your smart home quest, including the powder room. If you’re not quite on board with smart home tech yet, then the smart toilet is a great place to start. That’s because smart toilets aren’t just about convenience. Smart toilets offer serious and luxurious functionality.

  • Bidet features with gender-specific spray washes
  • Deodorises and drying options
  • Seat warming
  • Automatic or hands-free flushing
  • Automatic lid-opening and closing
  • Water efficiency
  • Customisable settings for different users
  • Remote or voice-activated controls
  • Health monitoring
  • Night and ambient lighting
  • Music. That’s right. Music. To enhance your toilet experience.


That’s an impressive list, isn’t it? Want to know more about any of these features? Of course you do! That’s why you’re here! Most customers usually start by asking about bidet features….


Bidet Features Promote Better Cleanliness

There’s only so much that toilet paper can do. A little spray of water can perform far better at personal cleaning, whether it’s a posterior clean or a feminine clean. And it’s a lot more comfortable. Enjoyable, some might say. Especially when you can control the direction, force and temperature of the water spray, and finish things off with a quick drying function. But enough about that.


Fancy Seats And Automation Make Life More Comfortable And Convenient

Fancy toilet seat for the bathroom

If you’re off to sit on the throne, you may as well be treated like a king or a queen. The smart toilet lid senses you approaching and gently opens for you. You could warm the seat a little, if that’s to your liking. When you’re done, you can walk away and let the lid softly close itself behind you. Auto-flushing means you don’t even have to trouble yourself to press the button. Imagine then not having to constantly remind your children to flush the toilet! Lifechanging.


Customisation Is, To Put It Simply, Very Cool

Toilet seats with remotes that can customise features

Imagine a smart toilet that knows exactly what you want without you having to tell it. Some smart toilets detect who is walking towards them. They’ll make sure the temperature and spray settings are just the way you like them, and maybe even play your favourite tunes.


Bidets and Automations Help With Assisted Living

Elderly people and those living with disability can genuinely benefit from the easier and hygienic cleansing that bidet features offer. Removing the need to bend down to lift the seat or twist to reach the toilet paper can enhance independence and safety for some users.


While Not A Common Smart Toilet Feature, Health Monitoring Can Be A Valuable Early Detection Tool

Some smart toilet seats have sensors to monitor your heart rate and temperature. Some toilets can even analyse urine for dehydration. The health industry can see the benefit of smart toilets that automatically analyse excretions for things like bowel cancer screening. However, there is still a lot of ethical and technical questions to unravel in this field before these become normal in the market.


Water Efficiency Is An Important Benefit Of Smart Technology

Toilet with black tapware

Smart toilets aren’t just about the bells and whistles. Modern technology allows manufacturers to make flushing systems that require less water while still keeping your toilet as clean and hygienic as ever, if not better. And while your bidet feature might mean you use more water, you’ll also be using less toilet paper, so you’re still looking out for the environment.


Is There Anything Not To Love About A Smart Toilet?

One thing customers hesitate about is the price of a smart toilet. As can be expected, they do come at a higher cost than the old toilets of yesteryear. After all, advanced features and technologies don’t come for free.

Fortunately, it’s possible to buy just a smart toilet seat. You have to check whether your toilet pan is compatible. If it is, these can still offer a long list of smart toilet benefits. Our product range at Tradelink includes the Livewell electronic bidet seat by Caroma . It offers washing and drying features all controlled by an intuitive remote control and it’s compatible with several toilet pans by Caroma and its sister brands – even some in the broader market.

Some customers also worry about the cost of installing smart toilets and repairing them if something goes wrong. Do you need an electrician or a plumber? Ultimately, it might be something you have to organise directly with the manufacturer. With a good warranty, you might not be left out of pocket if things don’t work as well as intended. This is one area where it really pays to do your research. Find out as much as you can from online reviews and try to find out how quickly you can access replacement parts in your local area, just in case.

If you want a toilet with a high IQ, then look no further than our range of smart toilets and smart toilet seats.

Now you see what the buzz is all about, don’t you? If you’re ready to take the plunge into smart toilets, we are ready to help. Some people find it uncomfortable, but our Tradelink showroom consultants really don’t mind discussing toilets with you.

We offer a growing number of smart toilets and toilet seats for residential and commercial use. You can browse them online and explore the displays in one of our 200+ showrooms across Australia.

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