Transform Your Laundry Room with These Trendy Ideas

Laundries have come a long way. And it’s no wonder! If you think about how much time you spend in there… well… actually, it’s best not to think about that.

The point is: a beautiful and functional laundry brings a little extra sunshine to washing day.  Freshen up your laundry with ideas from these laundry room trends…

Interior Design Theme

Laundry rooms have often been overlooked in the grand scheme of home styling. But putting the effort into a beautiful laundry room is a trend in itself. Just like kitchens and bathrooms, laundries are shutting the door on the cool white theme and taking on more creative colours. Dress up the laundry with stylish cabinets and a wall colour that makes you smile. Our article on trending colours for kitchens, bathrooms and laundries is a great place to start. Create consistency by carrying through some elements from the rest of your home, like the same finish for sinks and tapware.


Laundry room trends are consistent with broader home trends, which are reflecting nature and sustainability. Earthy tones and organic textures are in. Stone and slate tiles have been a popular choice for laundries. Timber finishes have also been popular, including hardwood, engineered timber, and vinyl planks. When deciding on flooring, remember that laundry rooms require durable flooring to withstand heavy foot traffic and water.


Laundry room splashbacks are important for protecting the walls from water. Their importance doesn’t mean they have to be dull. Artisan tiles in bold colours, mosaics and creative shapes are trending. Create a stunning splashback with shapes and patterns like herringbone, kit kat, fan fish, hexagon, subway, lantern and penny round tiles. Extend the beauty beyond the splashback to make a whole feature wall that really lifts the mood of the room.


Looks aren’t everything in the laundry. At the end of the day, it has to be an organised space that suits its purpose and the household’s needs. A laundry room that makes life easier is just as pleasing as a laundry room packed with style. The biggest trend for laundry room functionality is to place the washer and dryer side by side rather than having the dryer stacked or mounted. This makes better use of the bench, wall and overhead space. If the washer and dryer doors open away from each other, shifting the washed load to the dryer becomes a whole lot easier.

With energy costs soaring, it’s great to look for innovative ways to hang and air dry clothes in the laundry room, like retractable wall-mounted clothes racks. Even hanging rails can be stylish laundry room feature with beautiful finishes, including timber and brushed gold. Instagram will show you that options are limited!

Sink location is important in a laundry

Utility Sink

Many trending laundries double as a mudroom, especially in homes with pets. One differentiating feature between the laundry room and mudroom is the utility sink. It’s larger than a standard laundry tub, which makes it great for bathing the dog and cleaning outdoor equipment. The utility sink can take the place of the laundry tub, or be a separate sink if space allows. Either way, think about the most appropriate finish for your laundry tub and the type of tapware to go with it. Check out our buying guide for laundry tubs and taps .


Ambient and task-orientated lighting will make laundry chores less gloomy. Cool white light will brighten the room, especially if natural light is limited or non-existent, which is often the case in laundry rooms. Stylish wall scones and pendant lights can spruce the space up. LED strip lighting can be used to create ambience, but most importantly, to cast more light on work areas. Run LED strips along the bottom of overhead cabinets or even clothes rails to reach into the dark corners of the benchtop area. For even more laundry room fun, get LED lights that change colours!

Laundry storage options


Storage is definitely in style. Shelves, cupboards and drawers are obvious inclusions. Squeeze in as many storage options as possible to organise the space and make laundry tasks as efficient as they can be. Find or create a place for absolutely everything from washing baskets to dog leads. Seriously, find a nice big cupboard to stash the baskets in. Otherwise, they’re always in the way! Or better yet, invest in some collapsible washing baskets, one of this century’s greatest inventions. For a storage feature that will really make your friends jealous, include pullout laundry baskets and wall hooks.

If washing seems like a never-ending chore (because it is), we hope that elevating your space with any of these laundry trends helps to lighten the load.

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