There’s More To A Shower Than Running Water

Black bathroom with gold Caroma Urbane II showers

What makes a good shower? Chances are your answer is different to the next person’s, including the people you share your home, and your shower, with.

Whether you’re building, renovating or retrofitting an old shower head, if you want your new shower to really make a splash, there’s no running from the smaller details.

Here are six determining factors for an enjoyable and safe new shower…


1) Budget

Replacing a shower head is potentially a DIY job that could cost as little as $30-$40. That could be a good excuse to spend a little more and freshen up the look and feel of your shower. For another couple hundred you could add a new shower arm and tapware with matching sets for your bath and vanity as well.

At the other end of the spectrum, a whole new shower that features beautifully in your bathroom can wash into the thousands, especially if you add double shower heads or extra framing and tiling for things like bench seats and recesses.

For a complete new or renovated shower, these are some of the costs to prepare for:

  • Building, carpentry or flooring changes
  • Shower screens, pans or enclosures
  • Waterproofing and tiling
  • Re-plumbing and installation
  • Upgrading your hot water system
  • Shower sets, including shower arm, shower rose/head, tapware
  • Floor waste and grates

More about these in the next five factors.


2) Bathroom And Shower Style

Dark grey bathroom with chrome tapware and showers as well as a black freestanding bath

From practical small-space showers to luxurious walk-in spa showers, think about the style that will best suit you, your bathroom and your home.

Some of the latest 2023 trends in showers include rain and dual shower heads, curves, statement tiles and screens, shower seats, double showers, steel frames and metallic elements, and smart tech features. Bathrooms are becoming more about wrapping yourself in comfort, rather than rushing in and out.

Now might be a good time to upgrade your shower to future-proof your home or at least keep it in line with the market.


3) Functional Space And Spray

light grey bathroom with wood vanity and black tapware and shower

The style you want needs to be achieved in a functional way. The good thing is, showers can be customised into so many styles, shapes and sizes that even if you don’t have room for your dream walk-in double rain showers with built in bench seat, you can still come up with a pleasing alternative.

Some tips:

  • Make sure your ceiling is high enough for a rain shower.
  • Make sure your pipes and hot water system can handle a double shower.
  • Think about how to contain water spray and splashes.
  • Make sure you meet the needs of all users and even your future self.
  • Think about ventilation.
  • Aim for at least 900mm x 900mm for a small shower and up to 1800mm length for larger walk-in showers.
  • Where possible, keep the shower head central – even in small showers – so you don’t feel squished up to one side and so even the largest user can move around easily.
  • If you only have a small space, make it stand out with bold finishes like striking tiles, a feature frame, or luxurious tapware.
  • A freestanding seat takes less space than a built-in bench – and can be changed up later!
  • Create a central opening for double showers to minimise splashes and for consistent temperatures.
  • Think about which way your door should pivot, or consider sliding or walk-in options.
  • If you’re moving your shower, include lighting in your plans so you’re not showering in a dark corner.

At Tradelink, we have experts who can guide you. Contact us for advice and also check out our helpful bathroom buying guide on showers.


4) Shower Screens, Bases and Enclosures

Light bathroom with enclosed shower and bath

A shower base or pan is cheaper and easier to install than a customised tiled shower floor. Luckily, there are slimline, stylish options available that will still look luxe in your modern bathroom. They’re generally polymarble and start around 900mm x 900mm, going up to 1200mm x 1200mm. You can find corner, curved corner, square and rectangular shower bases.

Shower screens also come in a wide range, including tinted, frameless, framed, semi-framed, curved, sliding, pivoting, bi-fold and more. Frames and even semi-framed screens, while not as seamless, are more sturdy and easier to install. Frames are typically chrome, but more styles like matte black and brushed gold are becoming increasingly popular. The most minimalistic design is a shower panel, which requires no side walls or doors – it’s an ultra-modern and budget friendly option. Make sure your tiler knows what type of screen you are installing before they start.

Shower screens also come with different coating options to help repel water, soap scum and limestone, making them easier to clean and look sparkling new for longer.

Check out our product range of shower screens, bases and walls for inspiration.


5) Shower Heads And Tapware

Peach coloured shower with gold tapware and fixtures

By far, rain shower heads built into the ceiling are the most popular choice for new showers. Our advice for rain showers is to go square and go big so it really rains all over you! If you’re renovating and want to save costs, an overhead wall shower like the popular Luna shower square in brushed brass by Caroma is a great way to get the rain effect without rerouting your plumbing to the ceiling. If rain showers aren’t your thing, a dual shower like the Winton by Raymor offers you and other users the best of both worlds.

Other options include handheld showers, which are great for pets, kids and people with limited mobility, and adjustable or rail shower options like this Fienza multifunction shower, which offer flexibility and personalisation.

Finally, if you want the luxury of someone preparing the shower for you, try asking an assistant like Google or Alexa. Like most things, shower heads are keeping up with technology. Smart shower heads can also help to avoid scalding and can tailor spray patterns and strengths without old-school fiddling.

At Tradelink, we have a huge range of shower heads and matching tapware in different styles and colours, including everything from classic chrome to contemporary matte black and bold brass. View it all in our showers products range.


6) Floor Waste And Grates

Bathroom floor wastes in chrome, gold, copper and black colours

Plumbing supplies might not be on the top of your shower shopping list but are still a necessity. The most streamlined look for your floor waste and grates is the floor waste tile insert. These come in linear as well as traditional point drain styles, and also many different colours including brass, gold, matte black and stainless-steel edges.

Grates themselves can be quite stylish these days. Our Tradelink range of grates and floor waste products includes something as simple as round, plastic options and even ‘ woven’ or ‘dreamtime’ patterns.

As you can see, asking Tradelink ‘how to choose a shower’ really turns on a faucet of information. Our experts love to help with all things showers, so visit a Tradelink showroom or speak to us online for great personalised advice.

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