Smart Bathrooms Explained – And Why They’re A Smart Choice

White bathroom with wood accents, white vanity, basins, toilet and free standing bath

Smartening up a bathroom once meant giving it a tidy up, or maybe even making a few small changes. These days smartening up your bathroom has taken on a whole new meaning. It involves introducing smart bathroom technology, and plenty of homeowners are getting on board with it – and who can blame them!

black and white bathroom with white herringbone subway tiles and marble accents, chrome tapware and rimless toilet

What is a smart bathroom?

Smart bathrooms feature advanced technology designed to make your bathroom routine easier. They typically use a range of smart devices and systems controlled through a mobile app, voice commands and sensor technologies.

Smart bathrooms are all about added convenience, comfort, and accessibility, and they present you with a unique opportunity to truly make your bathroom space your own.

What’s available in smart bathrooms?

Almost everything you’ve dreamed of, and other things you haven’t thought of yet, is available for your smart bathroom.

Think video wall in the shower area, innovative lighting control systems, sensor-controlled tapware, programmable shower experiences, self-cleaning toilets, adjustable privacy glass and more.

But right now, here’s what people are buying and loving in their smart bathrooms!

1.Smart toilets – you’ll find you’re flushed with options

The use of smart toilets is on the rise in Australia, and while different smart toilets have different capabilities, common features include:

  • Self-cleaning
  • Automatic flushing
  • Water saving
  • Temperature controlled seat

We know, we had you at self-cleaning! We immediately fell in love with it too.

We’ve also fallen in love with the Caroma smart toilet range, including their Urbane II Cleanflush Bidet Series that offers the ultimate in convenience and control with its heated seat, auto open/closure, auto flush, water spray cleaning, and bidet.

We also love the space-saving capabilities of the Caroma Cleanflush Invisi Series wall-hung smart toilet designs which have been styled to impress and are hard to go past.

Light and dark coloured bathroom with white basins and white rimless toilet

2.Sensor tapware – it’s spouting up in lots of homes

Sensor taps are automatic taps that allow the water to flow when your hands are near them. They remove the need for the manual turn-on and turn-off that we’re all used to, and with that comes many great advantages.

  • Improved hygiene – since there’s no need to touch levers to operate the taps, there’s no risk of being exposed to germs from previous users.
  • Water conservation – because the water flows when your hands are directly in front of the sensor, sensor taps save on water. In some settings, the water savings have been as high as 60%.
  • Accessibility – anyone with limitations with movement can benefit from not having to reach and manually operate taps.

And just because you’re choosing a sensor tap doesn’t mean you’ll have to compromise on style. There’s an incredibly large range of sensor taps available today in chrome, matte black, matte white, brushed bronze, gunmetal, and brushed nickel finishes. And you can opt for basin mounted or wall mounted sensor tap.

Amongst our favourites are the on-trend Oliveri Venice Gooseneck Sensor Tap, or for something a little more edgy, the Caroma Urbane II Sensor Tap.

Marble effect bathroom wall with wood vanity and grey basins with black tapware

3.Sensor mirrors – yes, they’re definitely the fairest of all

Sensor mirrors elevate your everyday routine. When you pause in front of them to ask the age-old question, ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?’ the LED lighting that surrounds them or is mounted behind them automatically turns on.

What are some of the other advantages of sensor mirrors?

  • They give everyone quick and easy access to light, at any time of the day or night.
  • They gently illuminate a room rather than flooding it with light.
  • They create a beautiful ambiance.
  • They are great for using when doing your make-up.

If you’re looking to make a big impression, you might like to consider the Aulic Canterbury Arch LED Mirror, which comes complete with demister and dimmable LED lighting, which is perfect for setting the mood.

Or if you want something to suit a smaller space, the Fienza Kaya Round LED Mirror is beautiful, with its frosted glass frame. It also comes with a demister as standard.

Pink herringbone tile feature wall with round smart mirror, white basin and bath with gold tapware and shower


Why it pays to get smart about your bathroom.

A smart bathroom is a great investment. It not only adds value to your home, it brings independence, and it elevates the pleasure you get from your bathroom space when you’re in it.

Smart bathrooms also help:

  • improve bathroom safety – you can use smart bathroom tech to do things like limit hot water temperatures to prevent accidental scalding or burns, and to turn on lights in the dark to prevent slips, trips, and falls.
  • reduce the amount of water you use – a sensor tap on the basin used in combination with a smart shower timer can reduce water consumption and save you money.
  • reduce the amount of power you use – instead of leaving a light on all night so your smallest members of the family can find the bathroom, use a sensor light that turns on when needed, to save costs.
  • keep you in touch with the world around you – some smart mirrors can display information such as weather forecasts, news updates, and even your health status. Those smart mirrors with integrated sound systems even let you listen to news.

Nero black tapware product image

Be smart and take the right next step.

When it comes to smart bathrooms, there’s a lot to navigate and understand. The smart thing to do is to get an expert on your side.

The Tradelink team have the smarts you need when it comes to smart bathrooms. Connect with them in our showrooms, where you’ll also find a huge range of smart products on display. You could also book a virtual appointment.

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