Prioritise Your Pooch In Your New Build Or Reno – It’s On-trend Architecture

We’ve long loved dogs for being man’s best friend, and the temptation to pamper your pooch has never been greater. A 2022 Australian Dog Lover survey of pet owners estimated Australians are spending over $20 million annually on keeping their dogs fed, healthy and well accessorised.

Perhaps it’s no surprise then that pet parents are not just thinking about the pampering, they’re thinking about the practicalities of pet ownership too. Now, when planning a dream home or renovation, some pet parents are dreaming up purpose-built spaces for their pets.

This new trend is called ‘barkitecture’ or ‘animal-first architecture’. For dog parents it’s about adding a purpose-built washing space for their dog, usually in the laundry.

It means no more lifting heavy dogs in and out of laundry tubs. No more messing up the shower or saturating the bathroom. And no more using the garden hose and standing out in the heat or the cold.

Instead, dog parents are custom designing pooch preening places that are both practical and pretty. Raymor is helping to make it happen, and it all starts with their hand shower range.

The Raymor Sigma hand shower, with its soft square lines, is modern by design. Available in chrome and matte black, it offers three shower functions and comes with the added advantage of a built-in a soap dish.

The Raymor Shay and Projix rail showers offer a more traditional round head, but are still beautifully modern. Shay is available in chrome and matte black, while Projix is available in chrome only.

The Raymor Hay and Armada rail showers offer maximum flexibility, each with a shower head that can be removed and controlled with one hand. Both the Hay and Armada are available in chrome only.

Raymor has made it possible to match your chosen hand shower with a shower mixer – for a perfectly integrated look. And Raymor can take care of the shower base waste too.

Of course, your pampered pooch will need its own towel rail – complete the look from the Raymor range.

The Tradelink team remains available in store to help you with your selection and to answer any questions you may have about your design or the products you’re choosing. Save yourself from making a mistake and ending up with a dog’s breakfast! Find a store here.