Modern Design Ideas for the Perfect Bathroom Shower

When it comes to choosing the right shower for your bathroom, you’ll find the market awash with options. That’s good, isn’t it? Or maybe not! Not all showers are equal, neither will all serve your purpose, so you might just find yourself drowning in the confusion of it all.

It doesn’t have to be like that! The first important step to take when choosing the right shower for you should be understanding your needs now, and then knowing how those needs are likely to grow and change in the future.

Your nearest Tradelink showroom is overflowing with great bathroom shower options, and the Tradelink team is ready to help you navigate what’s available and make those all-important decisions. Find a store here.

Let’s look at some of your options.

The bath and shower combo

You get the gift of choice when you get a bath and shower combo. Yes, the choice of a slow and relaxing bath soak, or a quick dash and shower splash! The combo definitely gives you everything a family could want and need, even if your bathroom space is limited.

Bath and shower combos usually require separate bath and shower tapware, so that’s twice the opportunity to add a splash of colour to your space. Caroma Liano II tapware offers a great range of possibilities as does Hansa.

A bath and shower combo makes cleaning relatively easy – the smooth surface of a bath is typically easier to clean than floor tiles – and who wouldn’t want that. Floor tiles introduce cracks, grouting and uneven surfaces that can require scrubbing. The Raymor Aruba Back-to-Wall Freestanding Bath and Raymor Sigma Inset Bath are both great options for a bath and shower combo.

However, a bath and shower combo can be harder for little legs and older family members to step into. Plus, the bath size dictates the size and shape of your shower. If you choose a freestanding bath, your positioning possibilities may be limited.

The shower recess

Don’t need a bath? You don’t need to have one. A shower recess could be the right choice for you. It comes with the freedom to design your shower to suit your needs and style. Size your shower recess to suit the proportions of your bathroom, and with an almost limitless range of tiles available, you can get as creative as you want.

Choose a square drain for a timeless look in a modern bathroom, or make a statement with a channel drain, which also allows for a more open shower design as it ensures all water is easily caught without the need for sloped floors. Check out the Radiant Australia square shower floor grates and the Phoenix channel drain options.

Make the shower recess easily accessible to children and older people by opting for no hob.

There’s a beautiful range of shower screens on offer. Glass panels are on trend, but many forgo the door for a more open shower design with just a separator screen. A more open shower design also helps with accessibility.

Finding the right shower head

The decisions don’t end once you’ve settled on your shower’s design. What type of shower head will deliver the functionality and aesthetic you’re dreaming of?


An overhead shower is the perfect luxury option. These shower heads are typically large and maximise coverage. However, an overhead shower does not allow you to change the direction or angle of the water. Explore the beautiful Caroma Luna overhead shower range.


A handheld shower is all about versatility. It’s great for kids and older family members. The shower head is typically placed lower on the wall than fixed showers and offers the added bonus of being able to use it to clean the bath or water plants! Nero has a sleek and modern range of handheld showers.


Could this be the best of all options? It is if you want the luxury of an overhead shower and the versatility of the handheld. Raymor has some beautiful dual shower options to choose from. The shower rail provides the flexibility to adjust the height, making it possible to perfectly position the shower head for every member of the family.


This traditional option remains popular and much loved for its ability to provide a large outlet while giving some flexibility to change the height and the angle. It’s hard to go past Caroma’s fixed shower range .

Sometimes it’s the little extras that can make the biggest difference

With your shower design set, turn your attention to adding some extra utility to your bathroom with these top ideas.

  • A shelf is a must-have in every bathroom. Available in a huge range of colours, sizes and styles, go bold to make it a focus, or choose sleek and slimline for a modern and functional addition.
  • Towel holders have come a long way. Choose from traditional rails, low profile hooks and swivelling heated racks! There’s one to suit every bathroom setting, budget, and need.
  • A folding seat is an important addition for older family members, but it also provides great utility and the perfect footrest for shaving.
  • Add a niche to your shower to store soap, shampoo, and other products, but ensure it’s sized to suit your needs.

Some final considerations

  • Place your shower head opposite the taps so you can reach in and turn on the shower without getting wet.
  • If you’re opting for shower doors, check you have sufficient space for the door swing. Doors can open outward to a 90-degree angle; they can also swing inward but only if they’re not impeded by other elements in your shower or bathroom.
  • The texture and type of glass you choose contributes to the character of your bathroom. Transparent glass gives the most emphasis to the room, while smoked glass and frosted glass provide higher levels of privacy.

Remember, you can see the products you’re thinking of in your nearest Tradelink showroom. Got a question or concern? Get a Tradelink expert to help. Find a store here.

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