Let’s Talk Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom accessories: the quiet achievers. Where would you be without them? Probably stuck on the loo without toilet paper.

No longer do they deserve to be an afterthought. Let’s give this team of hardworking bathroom essentials the honour of talking all things bathroom accessories!

What are bathroom accessories?

To put it simply, bathroom accessories are the things that hold things in the bathroom. Things like toilet roll holders, towel holders, soap holders. As well as grab rails to hold onto, there are also shelves, caddies and cabinets that, um, hold things. Mirrors that, errr, hold your image, maybe? Tap drains and wastes for basins and showers (sorry, this ‘hold’ thing isn’t working anymore)...

What are the essentials?

You absolutely must have towel holders and a toilet roll holder. When these are thoughtfully chosen, your bathroom routine will run like a dream. When not so thoughtfully chosen, they can put a real dampener on things. You know you don’t want damp towels or toilet paper.

Your bath towel holder could be a towel rail, towel rack, towel ladder, heated towel rail or robe hooks if space is limited. You need sufficient towel holders to dry everyone’s towels properly, but you don’t want them too bulky and getting in the way so that you constantly bump into them and get bruises that your colleagues ask you about.

You also need a hand towel holder or towel ring. How awkward is it when you’re a guest in someone else’s bathroom and you don’t know what towel to dry your hands on, but you don’t want to use your jeans? Anyway…

A sturdy, well-placed toilet roll holder is also very important so you don’t have to twist and put your back out or scramble to catch a runaway roll.

For some people, grab rails are, or will be, essential. Of course, every bathroom needs a mirror. And the often forgotten drains and wastes are actually essential, so it’s good to plan ahead to cohesively incorporate them rather than have them sticking out like a sore thumb. This includes bottle traps for wall-hung vanities, and grates and floor wastes such as tile insert floor wastes.

Read our bathroom buying guide on bathroom accessories and our helpful bathroom accessories products page for more detailed information about all your options.

What are the nice-to-haves?

While all accessories add value and function, you don’t want to overcrowd your bathroom. Soap holders, shelves, caddies and cabinets are great if you have space and budget. Recessed options are super sleek, but accessories that can be added after tiling and painting can still be a stylish inclusion.

New accessories are a makeover hack to instantly transform the look of your bathroom

Do your bathroom renovation goals feel out of reach? If your bathroom is in good condition with a practical layout and no leaks, a little facelift might be all you need.

A fresh coat of paint and a swap-out of bathroom accessories will do wonders.

If budget permits, grab some new homewares and upgrade your other fittings like matching bathroom tapware at the same time for consistent style.

Plan ahead to perfectly accessorise your new or renovated bathroom

Heated towel rails . Need we say more? These are a luxurious addition to your bathroom, but you have to plan ahead. They can be hardwired for the most streamlined look, or simply plugged in. Either way, you need to allow space for one, and you need to engage an electrician.

That’s just one example.

Think about each accessory, where it will go and how you want it to look and work.

Do you need to cut concrete for linear waste in the shower? Grab rails may need noggs or bracing built in the walls. Mirrors with smart technology may also need to be connected to power. Do you need to frame-in a recessed shelf? Tile in a soap dish?

As you can see, the intricate details of thoughtfully considered accessories need to be nutted out early in your project planning.

You will be well rewarded for your effort with a beautifully complete and relaxing bathroom.

How to incorporate your accessories with style today and beyond

Our customers are definitely seeking wellness and spa feels for their bathrooms. The right accessories can really enhance that experience. Think about a stylish shelf above your towel rails to store your clean, rolled towels.

Colour is still in. At first, people were branching out with bold tapware and accessories, particularly in matte black. Now, colour is being incorporated in big ways for tiles, baths, vanities and even toilets. Be careful how you’re using colour with your accessories because you don’t want too many feature points stealing attention from each other. If you have a coloured wall tile, consider accessories that blend in rather than stand out. The colour range for accessories is astounding. Matte black and brushed metallics are right on point. You can find these and so many more beautiful options in our bathroom accessories range, including:

Brushed gold           Brushed nickel
Brushed brass           Brushed bronze
Gunmetal           Glass
Stainless steel           Chrome
Graphite           Polished rose gold
Nickel           Timber look

We always recommend matching your bathroom accessories with your tapware for the most sophisticated look. That includes colour as well as shape and style. Try to keep to the same brand and range if you can for the most perfect match.

Need more help accessorising?

When you say accessories, we see exclamation points! For our Tradelink showroom consultants, helping you choose accessories is like putting the decorations on your Christmas tree. They’ll give you practical advice about installation as well as style.

Make their day by finding a Tradelink showroom near you and heading in for a chat and a look at our extensive range.