Irresistible Winter Warmers

Irresistible Winter Warmers for the bathroom

In the cold months (or days if you’re in the hottest parts of our vast country!), you deserve a bathroom that keeps you cosy and warm. When it comes to retaining heat, not all baths and showers are equal. There’s also no fun in stepping out of a nice hot shower or bath only to be standing in a cold bathroom drying off with a damp towel.

If you’re looking for ways to warm your bathroom for winter, we have some answers.

  • 1.Choose a bathtub that retains heat well
  • 2.Enclose the shower
  • 3.Invest in a heated towel rail
  • 4.Check your hot water supply
  • 5.Fix draughty windows
  • 6.Heat the whole room
  • 7.Decorate with warm tones

Choose A Bathtub That Retains Heat Well

Some tubs keep the water hotter for longer than others. It depends on the material they’re made from. Sturdy and non-porous materials provide the best heat retention. The benchmark material for long, luxurious baths is enamel-coated cast iron. Copper, stone resin, acrylic, concrete, and composite baths also retain heat well. Fiberglass and ceramic-coated baths are the least likely to keep you warmer for longer.

Our range of baths come in acrylic, enamelled steel, marble, steel and stone. We have every style you need to create the bathroom of your dreams.

Enclosed shower

Enclose The Shower

A walk-in shower is a beautiful, luxurious, and contemporary bathroom feature. It’s also easier to clean and better for accessibility. However, it doesn’t offer as much warmth as an enclosed shower. It can be draughty while you shower, and when you’re done, the humidity circulating around the bathroom can make the room cold.

Fortunately, there are many options for stylish enclosed showers that will still be a beautiful and warm feature in the bathroom. We sell a selection of shower doors and screens that slide and pivot, in everything from frameless to designer panels. The Manhattan range by Decina with a left or right sliding door is one of our favourite examples.

Heated Towel Rails

Invest In A Heated Towel Rail

Wrapping up in a warm towel after a bath or shower is one of the best winter comforts. Warm towels are hygienic and cozy because their dryness prevents bacteria growth. Fortunately, a heated towel rail is a surprisingly affordable luxury. It can be bought and installed at a relatively low price and doesn’t cost much to run, especially if it’s on a timer.

We have a huge range of heated towel rails , from single horizontal or vertical bars to large floor-to-ceiling ladders—even freestanding and swiveling. Choose from wider or narrower options and many different styles and finishes to match your bathroom style.

Check Your Hot Water Supply

Hot water systems and pipes have to be up to the task of cold winters. A well-serviced hot water system with the right capacity for household uses is essential to winter warmth in the bathroom. If the hot water is running out, it might be time to upgrade hot water systems , or at least change to a low-pressure shower head that preserves the stored hot water. Clogged pipes can also be an issue. If the hot water system is a long way from the taps, heat might be lost as the water travels the distance. These are all things that a plumber can help with.

Well sealed bathroom windows

Fix Draughty Windows

Bathroom windows are tricky. A nice big, uncovered window can let natural light in to warm a winter's day. But then, of course, it also lets the neighbours peep in. Frosted windows could be a good compromise. Windows should also be well-sealed to keep the warmth in and the cold out.

Heat The Whole Room

We’re talking underfloor heating. This is the ultimate luxury, and we acknowledge it’s not the most affordable recommendation we could make, but how nice does it sound? Electric or hydraulic heating systems installed under the floor evenly distribute heat through the whole room for a very effective warm, toasty feel.

If that’s absolutely not an option, but there’s still room for a little splurge in the budget, a bathroom heat lamp is a great alternative. It will shine its warm light down on you and take the edge off the cold bathroom routine. They range in price depending on whether they are single heat lights or combined with other lighting and/or exhaust.

Decorate With Warm Tones

Sometimes there’s nothing a little careful styling can’t fix. Simply finishing the bathroom in warm tones like deep earthy colours and timber will add some actual warmth to the space. It doesn’t mean a whole bathroom facelift with new tiles and paint. Swapping out a white vanity for a timber-look or warm colour can be done at a relatively low cost. New plush towels and décor in warm oranges, yellows and pinks can make a dramatic difference. Plants too can add a level of insulation and cosiness. Don’t forget warm lighting instead of cool white lights as well.

A few little changes can be enough to transform any cold bathroom into a warm retreat for the winter with options stretching as far as the budget allows. At Tradelink, we can help with bathroom products including vanities, baths, showers, shower screens and heated towel rails that bring warmth to your bathroom. We also sell a range of hot water systems and room heaters from leading manufacturers.

Drop into one of our showroom stores in over 100 Australian locations to see our impressive bathroom displays and talk to our knowledgeable showroom consultants about your dreams for a warm winter bathroom.

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