How To Select The Right Shower Screen

At Tradelink, we’re always saying there’s more to a shower than running water. The shower screen is just one of the many details to consider for the perfect shower experience.

Obviously, the shower screen has to be practical – to contain the water spray. In most bathrooms, the shower is the largest feature, so the shower screen can make or break your bathroom style. And with glass shower screens, we literally mean break it.

Whether you want your shower screen to stand out or blend in, here are our tips on how to select the right shower screen – or bath screen – for your new or renovated bathroom.


Three things to consider when selecting a shower screen:

Before we continue, let’s get one thing clear. This is not a debate about shower screens vs shower curtains. There’s simply no debate.

Moving on… Let’s assume you’ve already gotten the tape measure out and recorded the dimensions for your new shower screen. If not, do so.

If you have a shower base, your shower screen dimensions are pre-determined. Same if you’re just looking to replace an old or damaged shower screen.

If you are creating a walk-in or custom shower, you may need to check with your plumber and/or tiler. There are regulations about floor slopes required for water waste runoff. This could impact the size of your shower or wet room space and therefore your shower screen.

Don’t forget to measure the height – some bathrooms may have a bulkhead or high window that will affect how high your shower screen can be.

So, that being done, you can visit your shower screen supplier armed with your dimensions and some thoughts about what you want for:

  1. The type of frame (if any)
  2. The type of door (if any)
  3. The type of glass


How to select the right frame for your shower screen

Our Tradelink bathroom buying guide on showers describes these main shower types:

  • Framed – either fully or semi-framed
  • Frameless
  • One-piece

Let’s bring you in on a couple of steamy hot styling tips: while frameless shower screens are a trend not likely to wash down the drain any time soon, feature frames are in. Also, one-piece shower screens actually do look good these days and are an excellent, affordable option.

Framed or semi-framed shower screens

Framed shower screens are more rigid, which can make them longer-lasting. They can also offer a better water seal, tend to be cheaper, and allow you the option of a sliding or pivot door.

Plus, they can be a very striking feature for your modern bathroom. There is no better example than the Manhattan Framed Shower Screen by Decina with its matte black aluminium frame and unique black panels.

Frameless shower screens

The more sleek and streamlined frameless shower screen is a lasting, contemporary style. They’re a great option when you have feature tiles that you don’t want to detract from. They may cost a little more, particularly as they need to be precisely installed by a professional to avoid leaky gaps. Your tiler also has to have the fixtures to conceal it in the wall before they start.

For the ultimate modern frameless look, turn to the Decina M-series – a freestanding panel that is secured with braces that can be cut to size.


For a stylish range of shapes and sizes, check out the Raymor Trinidad shower systems and enclosures .


How to select the right door for your shower screen

  • Fixed (no door)
  • Hinged or pivot
  • Sliding


A spa experience and the wet bathroom layout have been two big bathroom goals for a lot of our customers this year. For these, the fixed panel is perfect. Just make sure you choose the correct size so water doesn’t splash where you don’t want it to splash. It may mean a longer frame, narrowing the entry space.

Hinged and pivot

The swinging shower door is a simple and practical option for containing water spray. Pivot doors can swing in or out to suit your bathroom space. At Tradelink, we have plenty of options for pivot shower screens and bath screens in both frameless and semi-frameless styles.

A hinged screen will offer a slightly tighter seal than a pivot door.


This is the best space-saving option for small bathrooms and the Johnson Suisse Daintree curved shower screens are right on point with emerging bathroom trends. We’re talking curves.

Whether swinging or sliding, look for a door with a magnetic or soft-close feature. This will obviously protect your shower screen while adding a more quality feel and providing a better water seal.


How to select the right glass for your shower screen

Glass shower screens in Australia must meet specific safety standards. They must be toughened glass, which doesn’t crack or break unless under extreme force. If it does break, it will break in chunks rather than dangerous shards.

Despite this requirement, your shower screen glass can come in different thicknesses, generally between 6mm and 10mm. Typically, the thicker the glass, the more rigid it is. That’s why frameless shower screens tend to have thicker, 10mm glass. Also, for things like shower doors, a thicker, heavier glass feels better quality.

In some cases, you can also get Perspex or acrylic shower and bath screens.

Aside from a classic, clear glass shower screen, other glass options include:

  • Tinted/frosted
  • Patterned
  • Smart


As well as adding to the style of your bathroom, a tinted or frosted screen offers an extra layer of privacy for busy family bathrooms or shared households.


Curved and fluted shower screens are definitely trending. Something to consider if you want to get creative with a custom shower screen.


Smart homes are the way of the future. You can even shop around for smart glass shower screens that can switch from transparent to opaque with the flick of a switch. They will also have antifog properties.

Something else to look for is glass with an easy-clean or protection coating incorporated. This will drastically reduce soap scum and build-up from extra minerals in hard water supplies. Whoever cleans your bathroom will thank you for it. Tradelink Decina shower screens have EZI Clean coating.

If the screen you like doesn’t have it, you may be able to add it aftermarket.

With a surprising amount of detail to consider for your shower screen, it might help to talk to the experts. Tradelink showroom consultants practically bathe in bathroom knowledge. Talk to them at your closest Tradelink showroom, or arrange a virtual consultation.