How To Create A Mood Board For Your Project

Mood board with various bathroom images and colours

So you’re in the mood to build or renovate…

Can we suggest you create a mood board as your first step?

It’s a fantastic way to hone your vision for your new kitchen, bathroom or laundry so you end up with a space you really love. It could also save you a lot of time and energy (and probably arguments) when it comes to actually making decisions and purchases.

Here’s how to create a mood board for your next project.


1. Collect Images, Even If They Don’t Relate Directly To The Room You’re Creating

We certainly live in a digital world, but your mood board doesn’t have to. You can make it physical or digital. Either way, start by getting a wide collection of images or cuttings that evoke the look and feel you want for your new room.

Flip through magazines, visit display homes and showrooms, browse online stores as well as image galleries. Cut out, copy, photograph, download and save anything that inspires you.

If you’re creating a new bathroom, you don’t just have to look for bathroom images. It could be anything at all. Get a mixture of things like:

Colours Patters
Textures Scenery
Plants Artwork
Illustrations Settings/Scenes
Complete Rooms           Specific Products
Storage Ideas Words and Phrases

Don’t be fussy at this stage. Just have some fun! If you like it, collect it. You’re going for quantity, not quality.

Keep everything stored together in one file or place.

Mood board with various bathroom images and colours

2. Set Up Your Mood Board

If you’re going hands-on, then grab a big piece of board and lots of space to work with. Maybe not too big if you plan to cart it around with you on your shopping journeys.

If you’re going digital, work with whatever application you’re most comfortable with. It could be something like PowerPoint, or a specific mood board application.

If you’ve been browsing around our Tradelink website, you might already have stumbled across the Style Sourcebook Moodboard Tool. Online applications like this can be really handy for creating a mood board because they often give you the option to start with a template rather than a blank canvas. For example, Style Sourcebook Moodboard Tool has bathroom mood board templates for tropical and Palm Springs style bathrooms.

There are plenty of other free and subscription applications you can try if you search for them.

3. Start Collating Your Images

Throw as much on your mood board to begin with as possible. Then, start getting fussy to select the things you like most. You should start to see a cohesive theme coming together.

  • Try to narrow your colours down to three or four categories:
  • Primary colours – shades that would be good for your walls.
  • Secondary colours – colours that could be your main feature, be it your floors, a feature wall or a main item like your cabinetry.
  • Accent colours – one or two colours that will guide your tapware and accessory or décor choices.
  • If you’re including words on your mood board, try to choose 4 or 5 that reflect your end goal. For example:
  • Relax
  • Tropical
  • Light and bright
  • Elegant
  • Smart home

Add some of your more specific images, like tapware, sinks, furnishing, tiles and décor items you like. It doesn’t mean they are the products you will purchase. You’re putting them on the mood board to see if you like how everything looks together. The images will then guide your decisions when you actually do start shopping.

Keep in mind that mood boards – like your mood when you’re building or renovating – are forever evolving. You don’t have to stick to the colours you first chose. If you add something new and decide it clashes with something else, then swap things out until you’re happy. Just try to be as happy as you can before the next stage.

4. Collaborate

Chances are you won’t be the only person using the room you’re creating. Get buy-in from other key people involved in the project. Show them your mood board and ask for their feedback. You might need to go back and forth a few times, swapping out colours or products until you have something you all agree on.

Show it to your builder, designer and tradies so they have a clearer idea of what you’re trying to achieve.

Take it with you when you go shopping and show your salesperson so they know how to guide you. Before you buy anything, check your mood board to make sure your style and vision are still coming through.

Start creating with our interactive mood board creation tool

Our Style Sourcebook Moodboard Tool is free for you to use now. It features all our Raymor bathroom, kitchen and laundry products, along with an extensive range of other images to inspire. While it offers some bathroom templates, you can use it to start bringing your vision to life for any project.

Whether you’re building a home for the first time, or you’re an experienced renovator, jump in and give it a try!

If you do, we’d love to see your kitchen, bathroom and laundry inspirations. Tag @tradelinkshowrooms and @raymorau on your socials or bring your mood board along to one of our 120+ showrooms across Australia where an experienced showroom consultant can help you take the next step in your build or renovation journey.

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