How To Be Water-Aware And Eco-Friendly With Taps And Mixers

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Tackling water waste is one of the main ways to improve the eco-friendliness of your home.

You can start by changing your water-use habits. Then, even take it up a notch by upgrading to water-efficient taps and mixers.

Great steps, but still a small drop in the ocean of eco-friendliness.

Some manufacturers are committed to eco-friendly actions in every stage of their product lifecycle, from design to disposal. This is especially true for the new Enviro316 range of showers, taps and accessories by Phoenix.

So, let's start with how to be more water-aware. Then we’ll open the floodgates on how to make truly eco-friendly choices for taps and mixers in your bathroom, kitchen and laundry.

5 Ways To Be More Water Aware In The Home

Do you know the highest water users in the home? Before pointing the finger at your significant other, we’ll just give you the answer… it’s washing machines, showers, taps and toilets, according to That’s basically everything, so, no surprises there.

Be more water-aware with these appliances by:

  1. Only using your washing machine and dishwasher for full loads. If anything, this is reducing your housework load!
  2. Timing your showers. Even dermatologists say shorter showers are better for your skin. They say 5-10 minutes, but to save water, showering in less than 5 minutes is even better.
  3. Fixing that leaky tap. Chances are you have one. You’d be surprised how every little, annoying drip, drip, drip really adds up.
  4. Installing water-efficient shower heads and taps. We’re here to guide you on this one. Keep reading.
  5. Being a mindful flusher. Use the toilet’s dual flush system correctly: half flush is for liquid waste, and full flush is for solid waste.

How To Select A Water-Efficient Tap Or Mixer

Look for low-flow or aerated taps

Water efficient taps use low-flow technology where air is mixed into a lower water volume to give the impression of a fuller flow. For taps, water usage can plummet from 15-18L/min to as little as 2L/min when you switch to the water-efficient option.

Check and compare the WELS labels

In Australia, certain plumbing fixtures and water-using white goods are regulated under the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme. The products must meet water efficiency requirements and be sold with labels to help you make informed decisions. The labels show a star rating out of 6 and the amount of water used. You can find out more at

For tapware, a 5 and 6-star rating should be your benchmark. Fortunately, they’re easy to come by, so you’re sure to find an eco-friendly look you really love.

Choose Taps And Mixers That Are Sustainably Made

Australian manufacturer Phoenix is setting a great example in this field.

The newest Phoenix range to hit our shelves is the Enviro316 complete collection of taps, showers and accessories. These products set a new standard in responsible design.

Greentag certified

Global Greentag provides this certification only for products that have been made in the most planet-friendly way possible.

Lead-free composition

By May 2026, all Australian plumbing products used for drinking water need to have lead-free brass content. In the interest of public health, Phoenix started this transition back in March 2023. The Enviro316 range of mixers all have lead-free composition.

Water efficiency

Enviro316 mixers have impressive 6-star WELS ratings.

Responsible disposal

Phoenix sends all its brass and metal waste to be recycled. Enviro316 products have a lifetime warranty on finishes. Nonetheless, if you no longer want your Enviro316 product, Phoenix will arrange for it to be expertly removed, disassembled, and the parts sent for recycling. The stainless-steel tapware is melted down and reused for a variety of purposes.

‘Greener’ materials

For all its product ranges, Phoenix uses ‘greener’ stainless steel that uses less energy to manufacture, and in turn, requires less energy to operate. Enviro316 is made of premium marine grade 316 stainless steel. As well as being more resilient than 304 stainless steel, it doesn’t produce potentially harmful VOC (volatile organic compound) gas emissions.

Eco-friendly manufacturing

The Phoenix head office uses solar energy to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. Enviro316 products were already a responsible choice even while they were being designed!

And of course, Phoenix is also committed to stylish design to elevate Australian homes. So as well as doing good, you’re Enviro316 product will look amazing too. You can get a consistent style with matching towel and toilet roll holders, soap dishes and shower shelves.

Even if you consider other Phoenix products, you can be confident of making a responsible choice while getting the look you love most.

Ask For Eco-Friendly Advice And Products At Your Local Tradelink

Browse the Phoenix Enviro316 range of showers, taps and accessories online. If you have any questions about the eco-friendliness of these or any other products, feel free to pop into one of our 100+ showrooms around the country, or even book an appointment .

We stock only the best quality products for kitchens, bathrooms and laundries, making it easier for you to make a conscious choice for a better future.

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