Get Inspired by the Matte Black Bathroom Phenomenon

Matte black bathroom with black tapware

Colour trends come and go, but black is a classic proving itself here to stay. Matte black has particularly piqued the interests of designers and homeowners and is a trend that is being incorporated throughout the whole home, especially bathrooms.

We love matte black in bathrooms for so many reasons.

  • It adds a genuine lift to retrofit bathroom upgrades.
  • It’s versatile enough to work well with any bathroom theme or design.
  • Matte black is sophisticated and timeless.
  • Matte finishes hide fingerprints, watermarks and smudges more than gloss finishes.

Read on for inspiration about how you can follow the matte black trend in your bathroom.

Ease Into Matte Black With Decor

Black is a bold colour. We find a lot of customers are inspired by the black bathroom products in our range, but nervous about going the next step.

We’re all for taking things slow.

Rather than making a permanent commitment, test the waters by starting with black décor: a rubbish bin, soap dispenser, towels, plant pots, framed mirror or vanity handles. Probably don’t do them all at once! Select a few accent pieces and see if the balance feels right for you.

Matte Black Tapware

Retrofit Your Tapware, Shower and Accessories

The beauty of black as such a statement colour is that it will completely transform your entire bathroom, even if you only use it lightly. Swap out your old tapware, shower, and accessories with stylish matte black pieces, and you’ll hardly know yourself in your upgraded bathroom.

Our catalogue of matte black tapware and accessories is so extensive that you’ll find a product range that matches your overall style. Matte black lends itself to contemporary style, like the matte black bathroom products by Australian manufacturer Oliveri, with each range named after an iconic city of style (Paris, Rome, Monaco, and a list that goes on…). But the traditional bathroom style is not forgotten. Nero is another Australian designer of tapware products. The Nero York range of tapware and accessories is a stunning example of traditional style with a contemporary touch.

Make a Matte Black Basin your statement piece

Go Big and Bold with a Matte Black Vanity, Basin or Bath

For a big matte black bathroom statement, look no further than the Bahama freestanding cast stone matte black bath by Fienza . Simply, wow. That range also includes an above counter cast stone basin . Just saying.

In fact, there are a few more matte black basins in our range that are sure to impress, including vanities.

If you opt for a matte black vanity, basin or bath, consider a chrome finish for your spout, shower and tapware to keep the emphasis on your hero piece and add a subtle lift from the shine.

Use Timbers and Other Tones or Colours to Keep the Space Warm

The tradition with matte black bathroom tapware and accessories is to create a minimalist monochrome look. That seems logical with bathrooms typically being very white spaces. However, at the same time that matte black is finding its voice, stark white is exiting stage left.

To be really on trend, incorporate your matte black accessories with other tones and colours. Moody and colourful bathrooms have gained popularity in the 2020s with people seeking to create more ambience and spa-feel.

Timber flooring as well as timber vanities, and mirror and window frames will beautifully soften black and white bathrooms which can feel stark and cold if not balanced well.

Other on-trend colours like green, clay, teal and blush also work well with matte black accents in bathrooms. Marble and stone are great matches for matte black as well. In fact, matte black is so versatile it will contrast nicely with any colour.

balance Matte Black Tapware with timber

Be Mindful of the Overall Balance in Monochrome Bathrooms

Don’t get us wrong. Just because we suggested timber and colours, doesn’t mean we’re against black and white monochrome. We love it.

We especially love white bathrooms with thin matte black shower frames like the Manhattan shower screens by Decina . A frame like this is complemented well with thin black towel rails and a mirror with a thin black frame. A black shower and tapware as well might tip the matte black balance in the wrong direction and it may be safer to go with chrome instead.

The trick is not to go too heavy. Matte black will attract the eye. If you have too many matte black hero pieces in your bathroom it will start to feel confusing and cluttered.

Caring For Your Matte Black Tapware and Accessories

Another beautiful thing about matte black is how low maintenance it is. A good quality product will bring you long-lasting happiness. Like anything in the bathroom, it will be exposed to fingerprints, watermarks, soap, shaving cream, toothpaste and more. However, it’s good at masking these, and a quick wipe down with a microfibre cloth will get it back to looking new.

It always helps to make sure you get a product with a quality finish. A double-coat electroplated finish is the gold standard of matte black finishes. This will be the most resistant to scratches.

Shop The Range At Tradelink

At Tradelink, we have an extensive collection of matte black bathroom products. We sell all the popular brands known for style and quality, including Raymor, Phoenix, Nero, Methven, Fienza, and Oliveri.

Given that so many brands are on the matte black bandwagon, you can be assured that matte black is not just a fad, but a classic option that is here to stay.

Browse online or shop the range in store where you can gain inspiration from our showroom displays plus advice from our knowledgeable showroom consultants.

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