Create A True-Blue Beautiful Bathroom With An Australian-Made Bath

Searching for an Aussie, Aussie, Aussie-made… bath, bath, bath?

Look no further than our quality Raymor inset and island bath ranges. They’re made by Australian manufacturers, and there’s nothing more true blue than buying Australian made!

Plus, the Raymor inset and island bath ranges are just what you need to create a beautiful bathroom, with the bath as your centrepiece. Check out our range of Raymor of baths here.

The ins and outs of inset baths

Raymor inset baths are built into a surround or hob and are set against a wall. They can be installed next to a shower enclosure or vanity, but when given plenty of space they make a bold statement in your bathroom and become a central feature.

Raymor inset baths come with many great advantages:

  • The surrounding edge makes it easy for the smallest members of your family to climb into and out of the bath. It also gives you a ledge to perch on while you supervise bath time.
  • The ledge comes in handy as a place to store things like soap and shampoo. It also makes a perfect shelf for bathroom plants and styling additions.
  • Inset baths make cleaning a breeze. As they stand directly on the floor, there is nowhere for dust to hide underneath or behind.

Inset baths perfectly suit bathrooms where a shower-in-bath option is needed, and they are one of the most affordable bath options on the market.

Browse our baths to discover the Raymor inset bath options we have on offer.

They include the Raymor Sigma, Projix, Aruba and Recline II. The Sigma offers a traditional shape, the Projix is more contemporary, while the Aruba comes with a moulded headrest and the Recline II is made for relaxing.

The Raymor inset baths range in size from 1525mm to 1675mm, making them suited to bathrooms of all sizes.

Live the island life with an island bath

Island baths are also built into a surround or hob, but they can be set away from walls and are tile rimmed on all four sides. They create an island-style focal point that naturally draws the eye and brings a sense of luxury to the bathroom.

They share the same advantages as inset baths with some added extras:

  • The island baths’ ability to be positioned away from walls allows added creativity when it comes to bathroom design.
  • Island baths provide ample room to relax and an increased level of comfort – usually offering more room than a regular bathtub.
  • Due to their larger size, and once the tiled surround or hob is added, island baths make a grand impression.

Island baths are a modern addition to any bathroom. They are on trend and not only add value to your life but to your home.

Browse our baths to discover the Raymor island baths we have on offer.

Stretching to 1675mm and with its traditional shaping, the Raymor Sigma island bath will make the beautiful impression you seek. While the Winton gives you even more space, at 1700mm.

How to choose the right bath for you

With a massive range of bathtub options available today, knowing what to buy can be overwhelming. But if Australian made tops your list, then the Raymor inset and island baths should top your list too.

Other things to consider include:


A good bath can last forever. Raymor is a longstanding and trusted brand built on quality, so when you choose a Raymor bath, you can rest easy knowing your bath will be around for a very long time.


Just as bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes, so too do baths. Know the space you have available to work with and all the elements you want to include. It will help you to know how much space you have to dedicate to your bath and what size bath to choose.


Not all baths are equal, especially when it comes to shape. Sloping backrests, deep sides, curved corners, sharp edges – all these things contribute to the look of the bath, as well as its comfort. Consider how you’ll use your bath and the features that will help you make the most of you time in it.

Our bath buying guide offers more tips and ideas to help you with your decision – so be sure to take a look.

Raymor features and benefits

Raymor is an old-favourite Australian brand with a long-standing and trusted place in homewares. It’s been around for 70 years. Raymor is probably in many of the bathrooms you’ve used before. Have you been to Warner Brothers at the Gold Coast? Raymor. Homebush Athletic/Aquatic Olympic Centres, Sydney? Raymor. The Convention and Exhibition Centres in Adelaide and Melbourne? Yep, Raymor. Any house you’ve ever lived in? Well, we can’t say for sure - but chances are they could have had Raymor products.

15-year warranty

Raymor acrylic inset and island baths are backed by a 15-year replacement product or parts warranty, and a 1-year parts and labour warranty. That adds up to real peace of mind.

A final word…

While we love a DIY project, when it comes to baths, we recommend you have yours installed by a licensed plumber to protect your warranty.

If you’re building brand new, you’ll have more flexibility regarding bath style and bathroom position. If you’re renovating, we like to help you to realise your dreams, but we’re also realistic about the cost of moving plumbing and replacing tiles. It’s important to consider all the costs, not just the cost of the bath.

Weight is another consideration. How much will your bath weigh when it’s filled? Is your bathroom floor designed to take that weight, or will structural changes need to be made?

Where to from here?

We offer you the choice to shop with us in person or browse our bath range online and order for quick delivery.

If you choose to visit our showrooms, expect a warm welcome from our team and the opportunity to get up close with the Australian made Raymor inset and island baths we have on offer.

We can also help you to pair other bathroom items like toilets, sinks, shower screens, tapware and accessories with the bath you choose.

We’re here to answer all your questions.

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