Choosing the Right Bath for Your Design Goals

A bath is one of the largest decisions when choosing bathroom products, not just in terms of comfort, but also because it will be the centrepiece of your bathroom design. Not only does a bath help dictate the layout of your space but will also have a primary role in influencing the colour palette of your bathroom. Due to this, your choice in bath commonly helps guide your selection of other fixtures, such as tapware, sinks and vanities.

The single most recognisable bathtub design would have to be the high-gloss white porcelain freestanding bath, this timeless style has remained iconic for good reason. A freestanding bath is fantastic to keep an open feeling bathroom layout and can be positioned to take advantage of the natural lighting for a bright, open-air environment. Choosing a white porcelain finish will naturally pair with any coloured bathroom fixtures or accessories. An Australian classic, white porcelain products give you the freedom to experiment with different design elements, including flooring, tiling, textures and colours, to craft your perfect bathroom.

However, there is no need to restrict yourself to timeless, familiar styles if you are looking for a freestanding bath to make a bold statement. Choosing a simple high-gloss black exterior can transform your bath into a modern, contemporary centrepiece. Black pairs beautifully with brushed brass fixtures to create a luxurious cool-toned refuge or can be contrasted against white tiles and vanities to establish a striking monochrome colour scheme.

If a freestanding bath isn’t the right choice for your space, a back-to-wall bath is a fantastic option which fits perfectly into almost any floorplan. Allowing the exposed bath exterior to remain a distinctive feature of your bathroom aesthetic. This design also provides the versatility to use either a freestanding or wall-mounted bath tap mixer, giving you complete freedom to mix-and-match, creating a tailored bathing experience.

However, it may just be you have a unique look in mind? In that case, you will need a bath which can help to facilitate your design goals without dominating the tone of your room. An in-set bath is the perfect choice for expressing your interior design creativity, allowing you to sculpt your bath exterior in any way you see fit. Ideal for pairing colour, material and shape, an in-set bath creates a distinctive aesthetic, such as utilizing white marble to create a stark, luxurious appearance or hard-wood timber for a warm, rustic look. By building your bathroom around an in-set bath, you can be even more creative with ideas such as incorporating storage space, ledges and finishes. Experiment with wood, pebbles, marble, tile, stone and more.