Care Products For Seniors Ageing In Place

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There are many benefits to ageing in place (or should we say: thriving at home for longer). But if there’s one that really washes with us, it’s the chance for a bathroom upgrade – and it doesn’t have to be boring and institutional. At Tradelink, we have a stylish range (and even some stylish ideas) for getting your bathroom ageing-in-place ready.

Here are some of our must-have care products for seniors ageing in place:

Shower Products

If possible, a walk-in shower is essential. Not only for reducing the risk of falling when stepping into a bath or over a ledge, but also to allow room for a walker frame or wheelchair, if necessary in the future.

Even still, for someone who’s feeling a little unsteady on their feet, the shower can be a tricky space. Two essential products to make showering more comfortable include:

  • Shower seat
  • Grab rails

Shower seats reduce fatigue and the risk of slips. You can choose from a free-standing, wall-mounted or fold-down shower seat, and they come in a range of colours and styles. For example, the Caroma Opal Support Folding Shower Seat is available in white, brushed nickel/white, and matte black. Or, depending on the extent of your bathroom upgrade and budget, you could consider a stylish built-in shower seat.

Grab rail shower sets are another great bathroom care product. These have sliders to adjust the shower head height and flexi hoses for easier reach when showering and cleaning.


Toilet Suites

Upgrading the toilet isn’t just about installing grab rails. If you have budget to replace your toilet, here are some considerations:

Toilet Height               Reaching the Toilet Paper
Arm RestsEase of Cleaning
VisibilitySurrounding Space

Comfort height toilet suites are popular for people with reduced mobility. They are slightly taller and make it easier to sit down and stand up. These may not suit a multigenerational home with young children, so consider the whole family before making a decision.

Toilets can also have arm rests with built-in toilet roll holders and coloured seats, like this Caroma Caravelle Support Close Coupled Suite. The coloured seat provides a helpful contrast if you have vision impairment while the armrests save you from making structural changes to the wall for grab rails. You can choose between single or double flap designs (meaning with or without a lid).

Many assisted living toilets also have stronger supports and buffers to prevent the toilet seat slipping sideways when transitioning from a wheelchair. Speaking of wheelchairs, if you’re renovating your space, make sure there is plenty of room around the toilet for manoeuvrability.

Finally, while nobody likes cleaning toilets, it becomes even more of a burden as you get older and your mobility reduces. Back-to-wall toilets and rimless toilets, like this Raymor Suite Edge II have fewer crevices in and around the toilet, taking most of the hassle out of cleaning.


Vanities and Basins

Bending over gets harder. Opt for a vanity with draws so you won’t have to kneel down and rummage through cupboards. If arthritis becomes a problem, bar handles will be easier to use than knobs or finger-pull designs. Think about the bench height, too. An above-counter basin might be more accessible, especially a shallow option; however, these might require a lower benchtop for storing and using your personal products.

If you want to allow plenty of mobility space, a basin mounted to the wall is a great option as it leaves more room for manoeuvring wheelchairs and walker frames underneath. Something like the Basin Wall Delta Care Left Hand Bowl by Fienza is a stylish choice.

A vanity or basin with curved rather than sharp edges is also safer – hurting less if you bump into it, no matter what your age!

You could also consider adding shelving of various heights around the basin or vanity to make it easier to store and grab things as your needs change over time.

Grab Rails

Grab rails help with balance and movement around the bathroom. They come in many shapes and sizes, including angled and corner bars. These days you also have the choice of stainless steel, chrome, white, matte black and other colours.

We recommend you consult a trained health professional for the use and positioning of support rails. You may also need to consult a builder about safe installation.


When it comes to tapware, arthritis may be something to think about. Tapware needs to be easy to reach and to turn on. Colour and contrast will also help with vision impairment.

Unless you have extra room in your budget for plumbing works, your tapware needs to match your existing plumbing. If possible, try to choose a mixer to the side of your basin so you don’t have to reach as far for it or use as much force. Raymor lever mixer handles are stylish, come in different lengths and colours, and have hot and cold indicators for safety. If this isn’t an option, there are lots of stylish assemblies in our care product range as well to suit different plumbing configurations.

Best Brands For Assisted Living Products

At Tradelink we stock brands that are leaders in both function and style. Our bathroom assisted living range includes quality care products from Raymor, Caroma, Fienza, and Oliveri, all of which will give you peace of mind.

Shop the full range by browsing our Tradelink bathroom assisted living range online.

Better yet, find a store and visit your nearest Tradelink showroom so you can explore the range in person and bounce questions off a Tradelink showroom consultant.

There are lots of things to look forward to about ageing in place and thriving in your home for longer. In our opinion, a new bathroom look is definitely one of them. For more inspiration and advice about ageing-in-place updates for your bathroom, explore our care products buying guide, or shop the look .

Then when you’re ready, you can also explore our range of assisted living products for the kitchen and assisted living products for the laundry.

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