Unlocking Bathroom Design: Mood Matters

Unlocking Bathroom Design - Mood Matters

When it comes to bathroom design, function is no longer the sole focus.

People are inspired to actually design and enjoy their bathrooms. This is something we began to see after COVID lockdowns when we found ourselves more aware of our home spaces.

Newer bathroom designs tend to reflect more personality. They used to be simple, practical spaces, but now they are places to retreat to and relax in.

From design features like playful wallpaper, textured stones and curved fixtures to an overall shift toward health and wellness with steam showers, saunas and even cold plunges, these are some of the ideas supporting the shifting focus of bathroom designs.

11 ideas to shift the focus and blend mood with function in bathroom designs

1) Ambient Lighting

Dictate the mood of your bathroom with adjustable creative lighting. Strip lights, feature lights and LED mood lights can be used to create a relaxing ambience. Take things one step further with a colour therapy shower to stimulate the mind and senses.

Make sure there is still good overhead task lighting and lighting around mirrors.

Bathroom with a design feature

2) Statement Design Features

The best way to create the mood you want in the bathroom is to inject your own personality. A popular way to light your own spark in the bathroom is with patterns, graphics and bold colours. Mosaic tiles, custom wallpaper, coloured baths and basins, patterned tiles, and wall art are just a few ideas to get started.

3) Stylish Fittings For A Luxurious Feel

This is particularly important in small bathrooms where every little detail needs to be exact to create the sense of luxury that would usually come with space. Chrome tapware and accessories are classic and safe, but brushed gold and elegant curved contemporary designs will lift your spirits while you brush your teeth.

4) Somewhere To Sit And Pamper Yourself

A built-in bench seat in the shower is a spa-like luxury that isn’t too hard to achieve. If space allows, a cozy seating area for moisturising and applying nail polish is another fancy touch.

bathroom with a view

5) Raised Baths

Stepping up into the bath allows a wonderful sense of ceremony. Create a statement platform with a feature tile and position a freestanding bathtub proudly on top. You’ll feel like royalty.

6) Steam Showers For Wellness

The goal of a steam shower is to harness the wellness effects of steam. As well as being incredibly relaxing, steam showers can help ease dry skin, congestion and aching muscles. A steam shower requires an enclosed space and a steam generator. They can be for steam alone, or work at the same time as your usual shower for a completely enveloping experience.

7) Saunas For Rejuvenation

Saunas are another wellness dream that might be easier to realise than you thought. Kits and custom designs are available to create a sauna space in your own bathroom so you can relax and rejuvenate in comfortable heat and step into the shower to cool down, all without the awkwardness of being around strangers at the gym. Obviously, there is a lot to consider in terms of power, size, safety and cost. But hey, it’s not necessarily out of the question.

8) Cold Plunges For Muscle Relief

A very different wellness and relaxation feature in the bathroom is a cold plunge tub. Said to relax the muscles, the intense cold could be achieved by throwing some ice in your bathtub. Or you could purchase a specific cold plunge tub with an integrated chiller and special features to make it a truly beneficial experience.

Plants in the bathroom

9) Plants To Purify

Plants are the affordable, essential wellness feature. They are calming and help to purify the air. Read up on the 10 best plants for your bathroom.

10) Scented Oils And Candles

Essential oils and candles can be used as a spa-like decorative feature. But to enjoy the scented benefit, add a few drops of your favourite oil on a wet washcloth and allow the water and humidity to carry the delicious aromas over you while you shower.

Scented candles and oils should also have their own dedicated space, like a decorative stool, floating shelf, or niche shelf. Otherwise, the clutter they cause only serves to work against your relaxation goals.

11) Music For Relaxation

Soaking in a hot bubble bath surrounded by scented candles can be made even better with soft relaxation music strumming from your very own moisture-resistant ceiling speaker. Or maybe you’re more of a heavy metal, growl-your-heart-out-in-the-shower kind of person.

Whatever floats your boat, a bathroom speaker is definite proof that the new focus for bathrooms is to create a room to enjoy, not just a functional hub.

Make it a smart speaker (and upgrade to a digital shower or tub) so Alexa can even run the bath for you. This is the ultimate luxury.

For a simpler option, look into mirrors with Bluetooth speakers.

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