Modern Bathroom Ideas To Get Your Build Or Reno Moving

Whether you’re a splash and dash kind of person or someone who likes to linger longer in the bathroom, the time you spend there can really add up. Thirty minutes a day soon becomes 182 hours a year! And in a lifetime, you could spend as much as 16,000 hours in the bathroom.

So, if a brand-new bathroom, bathroom renovation or just a bathroom makeover is on your to-do list, it’s only right that you create the kind of modern bathroom space that you’ll love to spend time in. It’s what you deserve!

Here’s some tips to help get you moving on creating the modern bathroom design you long for.

Keep it clean

Modern bathrooms are defined by sharp symmetrical lines and elegant minimalist style. In other words, their look is ‘clean’. Check out photo galleries of modern bathroom designs and you’ll notice they all have one thing in common – the use of bold and clean lines.

It means you should minimise the use of curves on your mirrors, benchtops, basins and bathroom fixtures. Instead, replace the curves with bold and neat horizontal lines.

A Dash of Colour

Modern bathroom designs tend to have a chic monochrome base. However, introducing pops of colour through fixtures and fittings will add to the luxury and elegance and will help to make your bathroom uniquely yours.


If monochrome is what you prefer, matte black accessories will help to create the starkness you desire, but still with the pop. Matte black is durable and especially complementary to marble, stone and timber.


If you’re looking for something more reserved, then nickel could be for you. It takes a backseat and leaves other elements in your design to shine. It’s extremely durable, doesn’t show fingerprints and is easy to clean.


Brushed brass comes with personality and brings life and warmth into your bathroom space. It works well against black and with soft pastels.


If you’re looking for a similar tone to chrome but with a touch of the boldness that black brings, then gunmetal ticks all the boxes. It offers a stripped-back industrial look, and won’t show fingerprints, or soap and water marks.


Once upon a time, it was chrome, chrome or chrome! Chrome is loved for its versatility and durability, but it’s not generally a staple in modern bathroom designs. But if you can’t go past it, make sure it delivers the sharp symmetrical lines your modern bathroom demands.

You know you want a modern bathroom style, but it doesn’t end there. Do you prefer modern minimalist? Or modern luxury?


With modern minimalist styling, less is definitely more. Simple lines, uncluttered spaces, smooth (and not decorative) surfaces are what you are aiming for. Slimline fixtures and fittings and open spaces are key in creating a modern minimalist bathroom suite.


A modern luxury bathroom suite is a place for indulgence and relaxation. Create a luxury look with inclusions such as marble, terrazzo and brassware. Treat yourself with heated towel rails and under-floor heating. A double sink, rain shower, and a scaled-up mirror are important too.

Know what’s trending

If it’s a modern look you seek, then it’s important to keep up with what’s trending in modern bathroom designs. Search photo galleries for modern bathroom styles and for inspiration to create the look that’s perfect for you.

Right now, exposed materials, unique bathtub and basin shapes and colours, freestanding baths, and ceiling showers are all trending in modern bathroom designs.

But as you know, trends change. If you want to create the ultimate in modern bathrooms, keep up!

Shop one collection

When it comes to finding fixtures and fittings that complement your modern style and each other, it can be hard work. Unless you shop one range.

Caroma’s Liano Range works harmoniously to create a complete modern bathroom selection, while still affording you design flexibility.

Liano I offers the best of minimalist style and timeless elegance and boasts sharp symmetrical lines in a range that features toilets, basins, baths, taps, showers and accessories. While Liano II offers refined and minimalistic tapware of beauty and durability.

Liano is the perfect foundation to any modern bathroom.

More masterful ideas for your modern bathroom

  • Wall-mounted furnishings – such as vanities and toilet suites – immediately bring a modern look to your bathroom and they also free up floor space.
  • Simplify your colour palette. Modern bathrooms use simple, sleek and stark colour choices. Bright white, black, shades of grey, and brass are all good colours to have in your palette.
  • Keep the space as open as possible. Don’t be tempted to squeeze in a full-size bath when a half-size would not only suit your purpose, it would give the room more ‘space’.
  • Removing window dressings is one way to bring extra light to your modern bathroom and make your space appear and feel much larger than it really is.
  • Making sure your floor space is evenly lit is a key modern bathroom idea. In addition, use ceiling lights to point towards and ‘spotlight’ important focal points in your space.
  • Geometric-shaped tiles bring a naturally modern touch to your bathroom. Tile from floor to ceiling for that ultra-modern look.
  • Add a statement mirror with lighting and you’ll automatically be adding to the modern style of your bathroom.
  • Personalise the accessories to suit you – it makes your bathroom your own. However, don’t overdo it if you want to keep the bathroom modern and minimal.
  • Houseplants in a bathroom not only look great, they’re low maintenance thanks to the light-filled and steamy setting, and they purify the air.
  • Add personality to your modern bathroom with a gallery wall. Display an eclectic combination of photos or pictures.
  • Incorporate technology into your modern bathroom’s design. It doesn’t have to be too advanced, it could be as simple as dimmable lights.

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