Less Can Definitely Be More… Space Saving Solutions For Your Bathroom, Kitchen or Laundry

Bathroom with white vanity and gold tapware

Space saving solutions aren’t only about fitting your big ideas into a small room. Creating more space can be important for care or assisted living, or for large families with busy bathrooms. You might like the minimalist look, or just prefer the illusion of more space.

Regardless, there are endless ways to turn less into more for your build or reno. Read about these space saving solutions for your bathroom, kitchen or laundry…

Bathroom with small sink and black tapware and bathroom accessories

Space Saving In Bathrooms

If you’re going to run into space constraints in your build or reno, it will probably be in your bathroom. There’s so much you need to squeeze in!

Before we continue, have you seen our buying guide on space saving solutions? It provides great ideas for maximising space and style in your bathroom. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Wall-hung vanities help create the illusion of more space without losing storage.
  • A mirror and shaving cabinet combination lets you reduce your vanity size – and recessing them means one less thing to bump your head on.
  • A narrow vanity with a semi-recessed basin buys you more floor space.
  • Wall mounted tapware and undermount basins will free up room on the bench, but note that undermount basins require a stone or solid countertop to support them.
  • Back-to-wall baths have the freestanding look without the big footprint.
  • A shower over the bath is still an option.
  • Concealed, in-wall or short-range toilets are modern and compact.
  • Robe hooks and towel ladders are a great alternative to large towel rails.
  • Corner showers, vanities, basins and baths can be tucked away easily.
  • Sliding doors or no doors for your shower mean less swing room is needed.

You can find all these options in Tradelink’s extensive bathroom products range, including:

Small sink and chrome tapware and accessories in a white bathroom

When it comes to styling, design experts always say to stick to light, neutral tones with splashes of colour. For example, timber highlights and a touch of gold are classic ways to get big impact without overwhelming.

Find inspiration in our Shop The Look guides for bathrooms where you’ll see plenty of ideas like how to Bathe in the Beauty of Brushed Nickel or Play Up a Classic White Bathroom.

Designers also say to introduce more natural light where possible. Try to increase your window size or add a highlight window up high. If you can’t, consider a skylight instead. Shutters, blinds and curtains can clutter your space, but frosted glass still lets the light in without leaving you exposed.

This might seem strange, but don’t over do it with the space saving. You might end up feeling underwhelmed and frustrated if you opted for something smaller than it needed to be.

Single bowl stainless steel sink and chrome kitchen mixer

Space Saving In Kitchens

If you turn back to our handy buying guide on space saving solutions, you’ll see the main ways to save space in the kitchen are:

If a single bowl sink really won’t wash with you, there’s also the option of one and a half bowls with or without a drainer. And if you want to create space, try some clever kitchen accessories. You can turn your kitchen sink into a food preparation area with chopping boards designed to perfectly fit over the sink bowl. You can also get custom colanders and drainers. Our Tradelink showroom consultants can let you know which sinks come with accessories included, or which accessories will be compatible with your sink of choice.

But another hot tip for saving space in the kitchen is with smart appliance choices. Tradelink has a growing range of kitchen appliances, including dishwashers, stoves, ovens and rangehoods.

If you were worried you couldn’t fit a dishwasher in your tiny kitchen, never fear. Slimline dishwashers are 45cm compared to the standard 60cm. These are perfect for apartments and studios, where you often don’t have to run a full 12 or 14-plate load anyway. Check out this 45cm Euro Appliances dishwasher.

Undermount white sink and gold kitchen mixer

If you’re not much of a chef, you could opt for smaller cooktops with only two elements or burners, or a combination oven and microwave.

You could also ditch the rangehood and shop around for integrated cooktop ventilation instead.

And some more space-saving tips you could ask your cabinetmaker about include:

  • Carousel units for corner cupboards
  • Pull-out pantries
  • Draws instead of cupboards, including deep draws for pots and pans, and shallow draws for chopping boards.

These ideas will make it easier to store more without struggling to find things.

Finally, for kitchens, the same style tips apply as those we talked about for bathrooms. Keep it light and bright with neutral tones and subtle accents.

slimline laundry sink with chrome mixer

Space Saving In Laundries

The laundry is one room where you could really save space. You don’t even need to have a room if you’re happy to opt for a laundry cupboard instead. An all-in-one laundry unit like the Nugleam Laundry Unit by Everhard would be perfect for that.

Even so, smaller and undermount sinks as well as wall mounted tapware, will once again be key to creating more bench space in your laundry room.

Plus, like kitchens, smart appliance choices can be a big laundry space saver. A combination washer dryer is a perfect example.

But if you prefer to keep your washer and dryer separate so you can wash and dry at the same time (weekend fun times, right?) a front loader washer is a smarter space saving solution because you can install it under a bench to optimise your folding and storage space.

Use clever storage ideas like hangers and floating shelves, collapsible laundry baskets and even a concealed ironing board to help reduce clutter in your laundry and improve its overall functionality.


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