Kitchen Trends: 4 Hot Looks To Inspire The Heart Of Your Home

Kitchen Trends

Kitchen trends are heading in exciting new directions. From subtle to bold, there is something for everyone in these four new looks popping up in the latest new and updated kitchens.

  1. Feature Walls
  2. Minimal Luxe
  3. Bold and Bright
  4. Classy Curves

Feature wall kitchen

Feature Walls

The beauty about a feature wall is it can be used in any style. Whether you want farmhouse, mid-century or contemporary - really, any style at all! - a feature wall can cement the look while adding depth and interest to your kitchen.

But we’re not just talking about any standard painted feature wall. The look we’re really loving is splashback tiles stretching up to the ceiling. Especially with the growing interest in handmade artisan tiles. These bring individuality to the space, which is definitely the goal for home styling in 2024 and beyond.

Minimal Lux Kitchen

Minimal Luxe

This look is for those of you who love a calm and clutter-free kitchen, but also like things to be a little bit fancy!

Achieve minimalist luxury in the kitchen by selecting a few very nice, quality pieces to feature. Cabinets, splashbacks and walls tend to be softer and warmer colours with smooth surfaces and flat profiles. The fanciness comes in with accents. Woods, brushed metallics and stone are the keys to taking the minimalist look from stark to welcoming.

Tapware and sinks with a brushed metal finish are luxurious and sophisticated – perfect for a minimal luxe style. Brushed brass, brushed gold and brushed bronze work well to make a simple statement of luxury. Brushed chrome and brushed nickel are more subtle and elegant. They blend in to let other features shine.

What other features could shine? We quite like the idea of a built-in wine fridge! Statement art, vases, and pendant lights are also great feature choices.

Bold and Bright Kitchen

Bold and Bright

You’re in luck if the bright white kitchens of last decade never truly inspired you. Personality is on trend, and with that comes the freedom to be bold and bright.

Appliances are a distinctive way to inject colour-loads of drama into the kitchen. This burgundy oven by Euro Appliances will be sure to heat things up. If the budget doesn’t stretch to ovens and fridges, smaller appliances like kettles, toasters and coffee machines in bright bold colours will also do the trick.

Kitchen tapware also comes in an expanding range of bright and bold colours. There’s the Zimi sink mixer range by Phoenix , which includes interchangeable mixer handles in nine different colours to suit any modern kitchen design. There’s also the Kaya sink mixers by Fienza: beautiful gooseneck mixers in stunning colours like matte autumn as well as two-tone options like matte black with urban brass. These literally bring boldness on tap to any kitchen.

If you want a bold bright kitchen but don’t know where to start, take inspiration from trending colours for kitchens, bathrooms and laundries and have some fun!

Kitchen with Classy Curves

Classy Curves

Today’s kitchens have curves and are proud of it! For a space commonly described as the heart of the home, kitchens still tend to be rigid functional spaces. Curves come in like a soft warm hug to make everything feel more cozy.

Curves can be introduced through architectural features like arched windows and doorways. Even island benches and cabinets can have curved shapes and rounded edges.

For a cohesive and calm look, curves should be carried through to the finer details as well, including handles, lighting features, sinks and taps. This includes curved sink mixers, like the classy gooseneck style, and even round sinks. If a round sink is taking things too far, there are heaps of quality sink designs that have softer corners to take the edge off. The Soneto range by Oliveri is a classy example.

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