Creating A Soft, Simple And Stylish Bathroom

Soft, Simple Stylish Bathroom

As far as trends go, now is the perfect time to build or refresh your bathroom with a soft and simple style. It’s a look and feel consistent with the move towards relaxing bathrooms: a private place to retreat to.

With an eye for the organic, this bathroom trend can be easily achieved through the careful curation of wall tiles, floor covering, and choice of bathroom accessories.

Put on some calming music while you explore the following ways to create a soft, simple and stylish bathroom.

Curves and Arches

Elegant curves have gained popularity in bathroom designs. They allow for a softer, more organic feel and bring a sense of calm and relaxation to the space.

Curves can be introduced in a subtle way to maintain simplicity. Arch and pill-shape mirrors and shaving cabinets are a stunning – and trending – example.

Other ways to incorporate the arch shape include an arched niche, arched shower screen, pill-shaped basin or curved vanity. Look to the beautiful Santos Vanity by Timberline or the Pill Oval basins by Nood Co for inspiration.

Selecting only one or two feature arches ensures that simplicity is maintained for the soft, simple style.

Neutral toned bathroom with soft curves

Soft Greys and Blues, Neutral Tones and Blush Colours

In the latest designs, bathrooms are being brought to life with colour. The right colours can take the starkness off traditional white bathrooms to enhance the soft and simple look. Soft greys and blues, neutral tones and blush colours will do the trick nicely.

Different layers of colour will add interest to the space.

Soft grey tiles on the wall and floor add warmth to the white tiles in this bathroom. The cohesive look created by the soft grey basin and vanity top ensures a sense of calm, while the soft blue vanity is a simple, yet interesting feature point.

If you look to the trending colours of kitchens, bathrooms and laundries , you’ll see that nature hues are enjoying their time in the sun. In particular, green, calico and yellow can be used in soft shades for a very stylish bathroom colour scheme.

Sleek and Minimalistic Tapware and Accessories

Combining soft colour choices with sleek and minimalistic tapware and accessories creates a simple yet stylish space in which to relax.

The Phoenix Teel tapware range offers the perfect addition to this style with its timeless shape and form with various finishes. It showcases thin, arched handles with sleek spouts and squareline mixers. Finishes include matte black, gunmetal and chrome, but it’s the brushed nickel that is most suited to a soft, simple space. The low maintenance and durable finish of brushed nickel has a softer look than chrome and is versatile enough to complement any colour scheme.

Brushed nickel is a popular colour choice offered by most tapware brands, so you’re sure to find a shape you love.

Sleek Brushed Nickel Tapware from one collection

Keep To One Collection

When it comes to tapware and accessories, we recommend choosing accessories last, as well as keeping to one collection and finishing. Most brands have accessories that match their shower and tapware ranges, which not only saves you from decision fatigue, but helps to create a sense of symmetry and simplicity in the space.

Buying accessories last keeps your needs in check. Too many accessories will clutter the space. Selecting them after everything else has fallen into place ensures they’re the right size and won’t disrupt the simple look you’re going for.

Consider The Natural Environment

When it comes to finalising your design, consider the natural environment and utilise plants and organic items to complete the look. Nature is one of the surest ways to add a softening touch to harsh tiled spaces like bathrooms. A draping plant on a floating shelf or an unimposing plant in the corner also aligns nicely with the organic and sustainable trend of bathroom designs.

Light timber accents around the mirror or with home décor will tie the look together.

While finding the right balance is tricky, the goal is to keep it minimal and uncluttered. Shaving cabinets are a perfect way to add storage and reduce bathroom clutter.

Visit The Displays In A Tradelink Showroom For More Inspiration

Tradelink has over 100 showroom stores across Australia with many different displays to inspire you. Our Tradelink showroom consultants are there to guide you through our extensive range of bathroom products and help you find the look you love. Virtual appointments are available as well.

Our website also has the interactive Style Sourcebook Moodboard Tool where you can mix and match an extensive range of different products to create the look you love.

While creating your new bathroom might not be the most relaxing experience, the soft, simple and stylish look you achieve at the end will be well worth the effort.

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