Add Colour To Your Kitchen

Chrome or plain stainless-steel kitchen fixtures are colour choices many naturally gravitate towards due to their familiarity and timelessness. However, with a wide range of metallic colour schemes now available, shaking up those traditional styles can be the perfect way to add an understated spark of vibrancy to your home. 

Adding some colour to your tapware is an easy way to transform a mixer into an eye-catching feature on your kitchen benchtop. A brushed gold mixer is an excellent option for adding a cool-toned highlight which plays wonderfully against darker colours or can work to enhance softer tones such as muted pastels. Pairing brushed gold with a black granite sink will provide a muted backdrop ensuring the colour will really pop and stand the test of time.

If you are more interested in adding some contrast to your kitchen, a natural pairing is a black stainless-steel sink with a white chrome-highlighted mixer. This monochrome option is fantastic for adding an effortless yet striking colour scheme to your kitchen, while still maintaining those more neutral tones.

It is important to remember, that with a growing range of colours available, there is no need for the kitchen sink to simply play a supporting role to your tapware. This copper-coloured sink from Oliveri provides a touch of contemporary design lacking from most stainless-steel kitchen fixtures. For mixer options, a duller gunmetal colour can assist to highlight the rich metallic copper tones, or a natural brass can add colour harmony, providing an element of interest.

Why restrict yourself to the kitchen when you could be using a colour scheme to create an aesthetic throughout your entire home? Help establish a sense of visual harmony between rooms by maintaining the colour chosen for your kitchen fixtures into your bathroom and laundry is an easy way to extend your chosen palette. An above-counter basin is a fantastic choice to create a point of difference, while also providing the opportunity to make a statement.