Less can definitely be more, and there are certainly many amazing and functional space-saving solutions suited to bathrooms, kitchens and laundries that mean this is the case.
However, when browsing products, saving space shouldn’t be the only thing on your mind. Make sure any space saver is more than just a gimmick, and won’t leave you feeling disappointed because all it has done is leave an empty space in your wallet!
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“Big and bold isn’t the only way to make a grand impression. If you need to save space, consider combining a wall-hung vanity with an undermount basin and wall mixer – and you’ll end up with a modern look that doesn’t ask you to compromise on storage or bench space.”

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[green-block-img] Space-saving floating sink with taps and a convenient towel holder on the side
[first-block-title] The big and the small of space saving solutions
Big can be beautiful, but good things also come in small packages. Whether you are working with a small space or wanting to create the illusion that your space is larger than it appears, space saving solutions have a place in any bathroom, kitchen or laundry.
Dreaming of a freestanding bath? It will take up a lot of space, but you can achieve the same look with a more compact back-to-wall bath. Don’t want to give too much room to your toilet? Wall- faced and wall-hung toilets, where only the toilet pan is visible, are perfect for small bathrooms and give an ultra-modern feel. Plus, some brands like Oliveri have compact toilets that are smaller and more compact than your typical bulky suite.
Regardless of the size of your space, knowing who is going to use it is the perfect place to start when considering space savers. Even if your room is reasonably large, if it’s meant for a crowd, it could mean that space will be at a premium, making space savers super important. Or if it’s just meant for you, you might love the feel of wide-open spaces and added convenience, so space savers can be just as important.
[first-block-image1] Space-saving floating sink with taps and a convenient towel holder on the side
[first-block-image2] Wall hung bathroom stainless steel sink unit
[first-block-image3] Space-saving stainless steel wall-hung bathroom sink unit with convenient soap dispenser
[second-block-title] Space saving solutions product range

Our range of space savers is big on looks, quality, durability and functionality – so you won’t feel like you’re sacrificing a thing. In fact, our showroom consultants are experienced problem solvers, so talk
to them about the constraints you’re working with and they’ll recommend something to suit you perfectly.

Our range of space savers includes baths, vanities, basins, toilets, tapware, basins, showers and more – we have everything covered.

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[section_1_heading] Product variations
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Freestanding Bath Icon


Don’t have room for a bath in your bathroom? Baths come in a variety of sizes so you might be
surprised to find you have space for a bath. You could even consider having a bath/shower combo. It’ll save a world of space meaning you can still have the best of both worlds.

A standard bath is 1500mm in length and is often the biggest item in your bathroom. If you are dead set on having a bath in a small bathroom, we have a few speciality baths that are 1200mm in length.
Search the bath section for more information.

When it comes to showers, are you wrestling with limited wall-space for fixtures? Choose a fixed overhead shower instead. We can also have shower screen options and shower configurations to suit a small space.

No room for a vanity? No problem, a mirror and shaving cabinet combo can offer great storage.
However, we do have a variety of vanity sizes available, and some are small enough to suit a powder room or super-small bathroom. Other options include wall-hung vanities that free up floor space and create the illusion there is more space, and wall basins with a shelf that solve all sorts of space problems.

Struggling to find room for a towel rail? A robe hook doubles as a great towel holder in your
bathroom or powder room, and towel ladders provide plenty of space vertically in one location.


Undermount sinks icon


Want to maximise your bench space? An undermount basin which sits just below the benchtop can help.

Choose wall-mounted mixer taps instead of traditional bench-set fixtures to free up even more bench space.

 Laundry tub cabinet unit icon



Limited room for taps around your tubs? Choose a wall mixer in place around of a bench-mounted version.

Do you really need a large 70 L tub? Opt for a smaller 45 L option to give you more room on your benchtop.

[section_3_heading] Some tips to get you going
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Lightbulb With Checkmark Symbol Icon

Colours count
Make your bathroom, kitchen and laundry feel open and bright by picking white or neutral tiles and fixtures.

Tick Icon

Does my bathroom look big in this?
Choose large tiles, these not only make the space feel bigger, it means you will need less grout.

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Open sesame!
If you have a choice, be careful about where you place the door and the type of door you choose, so that it doesn’t impact your available space. Sliding doors and doorless or open showers are space- saving options.

Tick Icon

Choose the right scale
Select products that fit the scale of the room and match the scale of other items you’ve chosen. A
tall goose-neck spout over the kitchen sink can make a big impression, but it will look like a big
mistake if you’ve chosen a smaller, space-saving kitchen sink.

Lightbulb With Checkmark Symbol Icon

Corner the corner!
With corner options now available for showers, vanities, basins, baths and more, you no longer need to reserve the corner of your bathroom for the laundry basket. It’s easy to make better use of the

Tick Icon 

Too much, can be too much
It can be tempting to squeeze as many things as possible into a small space. But sometimes, too much really is too much. Maybe you don’t need that double-bowl kitchen sink after all. A compact undermount sink creates a more streamlined look and more bench space.

Are space savers more expensive than regular products?

They don’t need to be. We stock quality space savers, but they aren’t necessarily expensive. Plus, you can actually save money when you buy a space saver, because it might mean you can use one product in place of two – for example, a basin with an in-built shelf instead of a basin and a separate shelf.

Do you have it in stock?

We try to keep as much of our current range in stock as possible. But if not, with over 200 branches nationally, we’ll do our best to get it for you as soon as possible.

Can I install it myself?

We always advise you use a licensed plumber to protect yourself and your warranty.

Space-Saving Solutions Products

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