You might already be able to picture yourself opening the door to your dreamy new bathroom, but before you go ahead and pick that enormous freestanding bath you’ve seen in all the magazines, you need to plan to get things right.

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“When picking products, looks are important but so is existing plumbing, available space and your budget. What’s most important? Always do your research and don’t ever rush in.”

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[first-block-title] How to make a splash with your bathroom picks
When Julie Andrews sang ‘Do-Re-Mi’ in The Sound of Music and suggested we ‘start at the very beginning’, she was right, of course! When it comes to the ‘beginning’ of picking products for your bathroom, our showroom consultants agree, you start with ‘budget’.
Timeframe is right up there on the list too, as some products are available now and others need to be ordered. Do you have a couple of days? A few weeks? Or many months to get the bathroom finished?
Who will use the space? Is it young children? Teenagers? Grandparents Everyone! Picking products is about looks, but it’s also about functionality for your users – not just now, but in the future too.
What’s your style? Are you Hamptons, Heritage or something else completely? Knowing your style up front can help to narrow your product choices and make the picking process easier. Plus sticking to one style with all your picks will result in a beautiful looking bathroom.
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[second-block-title] Bathroom product range

We have a huge range of bathroom products to pick from – they’re all proven performers and leading Australian and global brands. We’ve done all the hard work so you can pick bathroom products from us with confidence, knowing they will deliver on their promises.

Our showroom consultants are here to make the picking process easy. They know everything there is to know and will happily answer every question. It means you don’t need to ponder on your own whether a back-to-wall or close coupled toilet is for you, or a tile insert or linear shower grate is

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[section_1_heading] Know what you need
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Know what you need

When it comes to picking products for your bathroom, there is a lot to consider. That’s why we’ve developed a range of buying guides and filled them with handy tips and fresh new ideas.
Here are some thoughts to get you started – and you can explore our buying guides here.

One Piece Vanities Icon


Want lots of storage? Then you want a free-standing vanity.

 One Piece Countertop Basin Icon



Does my basin look big in this? It’s important to get the proportions right. 

 Wall Hung Basin Icon

Basin tapware

Black, rose gold, copper, brushed metal, they’re all beautiful but which one is easiest to keep clean?

Freestanding Bath Icon   


Want a freestanding bath but don’t want it to be a mould trap? You need 100 mm minimum around the bath to clean it.

 Bathroom 3 Piece Tap Icon  

Bath tapware

Check and double check your measurements. Bath spouts that don’t reach the bath can be tricky to use!

 Rail Shower Icon  

Showerhead and tapware 

A twin shower sure sounds nice, but can your hot water system service

Overhead Shower Icon 

Shower screen or enclosure 

Have no time to scrub soap scum off the glass? We can help with that.

 Close Coupled Toilet Icon


Need a toilet for a small space? We’re flush with options.

Toilet Roll Holder Icon

Bathroom accessories 

Towel rails proving troublesome to choose? Take five and wait until the tiling is done. With a better idea of what the finished room will look like, it’s often easier to decide.


[section_3_heading] Some tips to get you going
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How much should I budget to spend?
If you’re planning a low-cost bathroom, plan to spend $5,000 to $15,000. Standard bathrooms
generally come in at $15,000 to $30,000. If you want the world, then $30,000+ is what you’ll need.

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A picture is worth a thousand words
Whether it’s pics snipped from magazines or a curated Pinterest board, create your very own mood board that reflects your vision for your bathroom. Then use that ‘look’ to guide your bathroom product selections.

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Get back to the future
It can be difficult to know what tomorrow will bring, let alone the next five years. If you have plans
to live with your bathroom long term, think about what your future self might need. Space-saving toilets leave more space for manoeuvring around. Mixer taps are easier to turn on and off. Hobless
showers make for seamless entry into the shower space. Remember, our showroom consultants are
here to help with every decision – big or small.

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Avoid the waiting game
While we have thousands of products in stock, if the bathroom product you pick isn’t amongst them,
or you need something custom made, you’ll be glad you got in early and made your selection. Don’t put off until tomorrow what can be done today!

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Say what?
It’s easy to get confused with bathroom product terminology if you’re not a tradie! Don’t sweat it.
Our showroom consultants are expert interpreters and love plain speakin’!

My budget is small – how can I invest wisely?

Tapware is the most frequently used item in your bathroom, so choose a quality product to enjoy years of trouble-free use. Showers are not only frequently used, the perfect showerhead can perfectly start or finish your day, so see the advice of our showroom consultants before you buy to be sure you’re making a wise investment.

How long does delivery take?

We offer a takeaway-today guarantee on a huge range of products and can arrange immediate delivery on these. Outside of this range, we guarantee delivery on Raymor and Oliveri products within 3 days (metro) or 7 days (regional).

How can I keep my bathroom products clean?

Avoid abrasive cleaners. A soft cloth and soapy water are always best! Or follow the product-specific cleaning instructions as advised by the manufacturer.

Do I need to have my bathroom products installed by a plumber?

For all plumbing products, we always advise you to use a licensed plumber.

Can I view my products before purchasing?

With over 100 showrooms Australia wide, we have thousands of products on display and our showroom consultants are here to inspire your product selection. We can either meet you in person in the showroom or complete a virtual consultation online.

Where To Start With Your Bathroom Products

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Where To Start With Your Bathroom | Buying Guide
Where To Start With Your Bathroom