Whether you’re renovating an ensuite in a rental, a powder room in your weekender or a grand master bathroom in your family home, first and foremost, understand the space you have to work with work and get up close and personal with its constraints – and your budget. While they’ll
influence which bathroom products you choose, they don’t have to hold you back!

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“When it comes to a bathroom reno, it doesn’t just have to be about swapping what you have for a new and updated version. Get your key trades – your plumber, tiler and electrician – and us involved early and you might be surprised by the possibilities.”

[green-block-author] Lucy Trewin | Tradelink Marketing
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[first-block-title] Bathroom products to get your reno right
Before you pick up that sledgehammer, make sure you’re clear on your end game. Has your old bathroom had its day? Or does it just need a facelift? It’s essential to decide up front whether it’s out with everything, or just a couple of things.
Know what you like and don’t like. Are you traditional? Or on-trend? What can your budget afford? (Yes, budget again – we know we’re hammering that home!) Research the latest bathroom product trends online and in magazines to help you decide. Once you know what you’re aiming for, stick with it. We’ll help you to pick products that suit the look you’re looking to create and suit your budget!
Plan to plan! Have you measured up your space? What about the products you already have in place? Knowing what you’re working with will help you to know you’re choosing the right bathroom products.
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[second-block-title] Bathroom product range
Whether you’re looking to update products that are decades old, or only reasonably new but are just not you, know that we will have a product in our range to suit. We have thousands of beautiful designs to choose from and our showroom consultants will save you time by finding that perfect product fast. We only stock leading Australian and global brands, so you can rest assured that quality, functionality and style will still be yours.
Plus, as bathroom experts, we have the answers to all those tricky reno questions you are almost tooafraid to ask.
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[section_1_heading] Know what you need to know
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Anything might be possible when selecting products for your bathroom reno, but it also might not be. Here are some thoughts to get you started – and you can explore our buying guides here.

One Piece Vanities Icon


Got a free-standing vanity but want to switch it for a modern wall-hung version? It might mean you need to switch old floor for new floor too.


 Inset wash basin icon


Want to install a bigger basin in an existing vanity? It could work. It could also mean you need to move your taps.


Single lever wash basin mixer icon

Basin tapware

Feel like three’s a crowd? Switching from a three-piece tapware set to a mixer will require a plumbing rejig.


Island bath icon   


Dreaming of a divinely deep bath to replace your small and shallow shell? Before you dive in, make sure your hot water system has what it takes to fill it to the brim.

 Wall spout icon  

Bath tapware

Simply swapping old taps for new? Know the size of your fixtures so you are confident your new tapware will fit.

 Wall mounted shower icon  

Showerhead and tapware 

Want to add a hand shower to your overhead set up? You’ll want to talk to your plumber first about the added plumbing you’ll need.

One piece shower screen icon   

Shower screen or enclosure

Thinking of switching from a framed to a frameless shower screen? Then think about strengthening the wall support too.

Back to wall toilet icon


Love the easy-clean features of a back-to-wall toilet but live with a close coupled toilet now? Know your set out and you’ll know if it’s possible to make the change.


Soap dish icon   

Bathroom accessories

Thinking of swapping regular towel rails for the heated variety? An early conversation with your electrician can help guide your product choice.

[section_3_heading] Some tips to get you going
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If you have kids
You may want a hob – a raised edge – in the shower to prevent water flooding the bathroom if kids cover or block the drain. If you’ve opted for an above-counter basin, be mindful of how high it will sit when combined with your benchtop or vanity. You don’t want it too high for shorter users.


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If you want to save on cleaning (and who doesn’t?!)
Back-to-wall toilets are easy to clean around, and those with a rimless design are easy to clean all round. Shower screens with add-on glass protection reduce the appearance of soap scum to make glass easier to clean.


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Check and measure your space
We know we’re starting to sound like a broken record, but it really does pay to check and measure, and then to re-check and re-measure.
A bulkhead in the bathroom lowers the ceiling height. Make sure your shower or frame will fit. Plus, a bulkhead can limit your ability to choose an overhead shower. Measure your wastewater pipe and tap configurations if you’re changing your vanity or taps.


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Match your colours
We recommend you choose all colour products from the same supplier to be certain the colours will match. One supplier’s matte black or brushed nickel finish can be very different to another’s, just as one white can be very different to the next.


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Think big picture
If you want a consistent look throughout your house, consider matching your bathroom tapware to
your kitchen and laundry as well. Many of our suppliers offer similar shaped products across their kitchen, bathroom and laundry ranges.

Can I install it myself?

For all plumbing products, we always advise you to use a licensed plumber.

Can I choose products now that will serve me into my old age?

Yes. And you can wash that stark, institutional look from your mind’s eye. For example, extended lever taps come in sleek and modern designs. In fact, many care products are available in trending colours, including stunning matte black.

How long does delivery take?

We offer a takeaway-today guarantee on a huge range of products and can arrange immediate delivery on these. Outside of this range, we guarantee delivery on Raymor and Oliveri products within 3 days (metro) or 7 days (regional).

How can I keep my bathroom products clean?

Avoid abrasive cleaners. A soft cloth and soapy water are always best! Or follow the product-specific cleaning instructions as advised by the manufacturer.

Can I view my products before purchasing?

With over 100 showrooms Australia wide, we have thousands of products on display and our showroom consultants are here to inspire your product selection. We can either meet you in person in the showroom or meet you for a virtual consultation online.

What To Consider With a Bathroom Reno Products

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What To Consider With a Bathroom Reno | Buying Guide
What To Consider With a Bathroom Reno