As well as being a main statement piece in your bathroom, vanities are also the most functional piece. You have to get this right. They can be great space savers and storage places. They can be a battle ground if you’re sharing bench space. Our advice: plan, plan, plan.

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“Think about your vanity early and put your order in early. Don’t leave it to the last minute because you need time to get it in. If it’s late, it could hold up your whole project.”

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[first-block-title] It’s not vanity. It’s style.
First things first when choosing a bathroom vanity. How much space do you have and what’s your budget? With so many vanities on offer, these are the things you need to know to narrow down your options.
Then – and we probably sound like a broken record when we say this – what plumbing or structures are you limited by? If you’re renovating, your new vanity might need to fit existing plumbing. If you want a wall-hung vanity, you may need to get a stylish bottle trap if your plumbing goes through the floor. And it’s really important to secure your wall-hung vanity to your studs, otherwise it could fall off!
After that, you can finally hone-in on your style. Stone or timber? Single or double bowl? Tell us what you like. Put no vanity aside…
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[second-block-title] Bathroom vanities product range
Ask our showroom consultants about vanities and their eyes light up. We have such a large range covering different styles, materials, shapes and functionality. You can really get creative and we love helping you find the right vanity to bring your bathroom vision to life. We even like to share a few tricks we have up our sleeve, like how you can hide your power points for a sleek, finished look.
Storage space
Don’t make the mistake of choosing a stunning looking vanity that doesn’t meet your needs! In a family bathroom, you may need a lot of storage space for toiletries and cleaning supplies. There are many different varieties offering different amounts of storage, including all-in-one or wall-hung vanities. A shaving cabinet or a corner vanity may be an option if you’re short of space.
If you’re deciding between draws and cupboards, measure to make sure you have room in your
bathroom layout to open them.
The buying process
Some brands have a great mix-and-match range that allows you to tailor your vanity. You get to choose your countertop, finish and storage space in different stages. Marquis is one example of a great Australian-owned brand that gives you this flexibility – plus a lifetime guarantee on components!
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[section_1_heading] Product variations
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Floating/wall hung

These are secured to your wall and don’t touch the floor. They are modern and fresh and really
open-up your space.

Freestanding vanities icon

These can be supported by a kick board or mounted on legs. They usually give you the best storage space and can come in either a traditional or contemporary look.

One piece Corner Vanity

Space savers and corner vanities
The perfect compromise for fitting a vanity into a very small bathroom. They still offer ample


moulded top vanity icon

Moulded tops
Many vanities are already fitted with moulded tops. They come in a range of stylish materials and
designs. The most popular is reliable polymarble acrylic, followed by stone and tempered glass.

One Piece Vanities Icon

One-piece vanity
Many customers choose to buy a vanity with a basin already included. See our extensive vanity

 Bathroom cabinet icon

Shaving cabinets on the wall may be a good addition above your vanity for style and practicality.

[section_3_heading] More tips to get you going
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Remember the primary functions
Wash, clean, store. Of course you want a stylish vanity, but make sure you have enough storage for your toiletries and cleaning products. Will you need to store towels or a laundry hamper as well?

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Make sure it’s comfortable to use
There are different heights to suit taller people and for assisted living. An above-counter basin usually needs a lower bench.

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Plan for plumbing as well as electrics
Adjusting these takes time and money. You may need your new vanity to fit around existing pipes or power points. Or, consult with your plumber and electrician about moving them.

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If you have children or wear makeup
A marble surface may not be ideal for you. Choose something glossy that cleans better and won’t show up fingerprints or marks.

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If it’s out with the old, in with the new
Finer details like handles and curved or square edges will affect the cohesiveness of your bathroom style. Think about how you can match your new vanity with the rest of your bathroom.

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If you’re doing a full reno or new build
You’ve probably chosen your tiles first. Look at vanities alongside colour swatches if you can. Also think how your vanity affects things like mirror, tapware and spout choices. You may need a conversation with your builder or plumber.

Lightbulb With Checkmark Symbol Icon  Think about the surrounding space
Will you be able to open all draws and cupboards fully? Including the shower and entranceway.
How much do vanities cost?

We have to be honest, this is one of the bigger budget items in your bathroom. Our showroom consultants find that a lot of people underestimate the price.

If you’re really focused on style, be prepared to set aside anywhere between $1000 and $4000. But we CAN help you find a product to suit your budget. Just ask.

How long will it take to arrive?

Vanities can take three to five weeks to arrive, even up to seven. The longer lead time is for vanities that are built to order, whereas ready-made options can arrive a bit quicker. Either way, we advise you to choose as early as possible.

Do they come with a warranty?

Yes, and it’s important! Warranty times and inclusions vary depending on your brand and product. You’ll be pleased to know that selected brands have a lifetime warranty. That’s right – a whole lifetime!

Bathroom Vanity Buying Guide

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