Dare we say it, toilets these days are pretty trendy. With a wide range of designs and options to choose from, the toilet you get could make or break your bathroom look.

However, you also need to factor in details about plumbing, use and available space.

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“If you’ve got small kids or tall teenagers, you might need to think about the height of your toilet. Also think about longevity in the home, like toilets suited for aged care.“

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[first-block-title] Around the bend with toilets
You probably haven’t spent a lot of time talking about the ins and outs of toilets, but our showroom consultants have. Their engaging toilet conversation covers things like: is your toilet a S-trap or P- trap? Or, do you want a linked or close-couple suite? And, who uses your toilet? That one seems obvious, but tall users might want an Easy Height toilet. It’s a thing.
These are the details that matter, because of course you want a good-looking toilet and cistern, but it needs to be compatible with your space and your needs. P.S. Who cleans your toilet? Give them a say. They’ll want a rimless pan which is easy to wipe over. Or, you could clean it for them. Either way, read on for more information about Cleanflush® technology.
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[second-block-title] Toilet product range

Our modern toilet range is bound to have something to suit your style and your needs. We have toilets that are designed for assisted living and we have toilets that offer rimless technology for easier cleaning. We only stock quality brands that you can be confident in.

We have such a big range that our showroom consultants are asked a lot of questions about what’s the best style. Apart from knowing what set-out you need, they will recommend toilet suite that fits the bill with your plumbing.

Rimless/Cleanflush® technology and cleaning
Clever new toilet designs no longer have a rim around the top of the bowl where germs tend to hide. So, not only is there less to clean, it’s easier to do so without having to scrub up and under that tricky space. Cleanflush® technology is available in many of our Caroma toilets. As well as a rimless pan, it offers a more powerful, controlled and precise flush for cleaner results, whilst still being water efficient.

Back-to-wall or wall-hung toilets are also great options to reduce cleaning efforts. They’re easy to wipe around and there’s no visible dust collecting on visible pipes.

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[section_1_heading] Product variations
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Back to wall toilet icon

Back-to-wall (BTW)
These toilets sit flush to the wall, concealing the inlet and waste pipes. This makes cleaning around the toilet much easier.


Close Coupled Toilet Icon

Close coupled (C/C)
The most common and affordable toilet. The cistern sits near the wall and the rear of the pan is
offset from the wall.


Wall hung toilet icon

Only the toilet pan is visible, and the cistern is concealed behind the wall. Perfect for small
bathrooms. Wall-hung toilets have space underneath giving an ultra-minimalist or modern appearance.


Confort height suite icon  

Comfort/Easy Height suites
These have an increased pan height for your comfort.

[section_3_heading] More tips to get you going
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Tick Icon

Try before you buy
Well, not really. But if possible, sit on the toilet and test how the lid and seat lift. Know what you’re getting.


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Keep a record of what you’ve bought
Just in case you need to replace any parts, it always helps if you’ve kept the receipt or noted down the toilet brand and design so that you can replace it with a like-for-like swap-out.

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Know your set-out measurements
This is the distance from your wall or floor to the centre of the wastepipe in your floor, depending on the type of toilet you have. You must know this figure. Without it, your toilet might not fit.

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Think about the space around you
When planning the position of your toilet, allow at least 20cm on either side for elbow room.

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If you’re replacing an existing toilet
Always check with your plumber about your options first. There will be specs that suit your existing bathroom best. With our range, you’re sure to meet these needs with a style you like.

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If you’re doing a full reno or new build
Our showroom consultants always suggest tucking the toilet away so it’s not the first thing you see in the room.

Get in early and choose your toilet first so you can have it plumbed accordingly, but always stay in touch with your plumber regarding your decisions.

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Some councils have water efficiency rules
Toilets come with WELS ratings according to their water efficiency. Some councils require a minimum WELS rating for your toilet, so be sure to check this first.

What is a WELS rating?

This refers to the water efficiency of your toilet. The higher the WELS rating, the less water is used to flush the toilet.

What is the toilet pan?

Essentially the bowl.

What is the toilet trap?

The curved channel that goes from the bottom of the toilet bowl to the drainpipe. S-trap waste pipes connect to the floor and P-traps connect to the wall.

Can you get soft closing toilet seats and lids?

Just like draws, most new toilets have these.

What is the best toilet for a small space?

Wall-hung or wall-faced toilets can save space and make a small room appear more spacious. Some people are deterred because it may seem difficult to access the cistern for repairs, but you can actually do so from the hole behind the flush plate.

Can I change where the toilet goes?

Tough one. It’s best to talk to your plumber. You probably can, but there might be extra costs involved.

Toilet Buying Guide

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