If you enjoy luxurious showers, put the effort in now. There’s more to a shower than running water. You want it to be warm, watertight and easy to clean, as well as being a nice feature in your bathroom. Consider every little detail. It will be worth it.

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“A lot of people think of form over function - how it looks, not how it works. But showers are a personal choice, you have to be able to enjoy it.”

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[first-block-title] No pressure in choosing showers
Something a lot of customers want from their new shower is better water pressure. Nobody deserves a weak shower! Fortunately, there’s no pressure in getting it right if you know what you like. That is, what do you like the look of and what do you like the feel of? With our range and advice, you can get a shower that washes away any shower-time blues.
Like most things in your bathroom, there are some determining factors. Most importantly: where does your water come from? Also, what’s your ceiling height? If you want a double shower, can your hot water system service it? Do you have enough drainage? Do you really like scrubbing soap scum off the glass? No? We didn’t think so. We offer special glass treatments to help with that.
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[first-block-image3] Rail shower with floating soap rack on the side
[second-block-title] Shower product range

We really want to help you have a good shower. That’s why we have a great product range. Our shower range covers tapware, grates, screens and enclosures. We did say there was a lot to consider! All these things work together to create a perfect showering experience.

Clever choices mean you can have a shower that looks stunning and is hassle free. The right grates can reduce water pooling. Special glass treatments can minimise soap scum. Frameless screens can
unclutter your space, and stylish tapware can make your bathroom a place you look forward to visiting every day.

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[section_1_heading] Know what you need
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Overhead Shower Icon

Overhead shower
These make your shower experience feel like you’re bathing in summer rain. The water falls directly from above (no angle), providing a luxurious and immersive experience. With this type of shower, we say the bigger the shower rose, the better!

Rail Shower Icon 

Rail showers
Ideal for families, rail showers are easily adjustable for both height and angle. This is also an ideal option for people whose abilities may mean they need a lower shower height.

Hand shower icon

Hand shower
Hand showers can be installed either at a fixed height or on a rail. The shower head is on a hose and can be detached, making it easy to clean the shower. Hand showers tend to be more affordable than fixed shower heads and are usually more water efficient.

 Wall mounted shower icon

Wall-mounted shower
Perfect for small bathrooms, wall-mounted shower heads are compact.

 Dual shower icon

Dual showers
These give you the flexibility to switch between an overhead shower and a hand shower. It’s the best of both worlds.

 frameless shower screen icon

Frameless shower screen
Having no visible frames makes these a very clean, sleek and expensive-looking option – without actually being expensive. They create space and simplicity against a tiled wall.

framed shower screen icon

Framed shower screen
Framed shower screens define the shower space with their slim, modern frame. With the option to choose from a sliding door or pivot door, they bring real flexibility to any bathroom, including small spaces.

 One piece shower screen icon

These are more slimline and stylish than ever before. Available in flat, side and corner contours, they give you a seamless acrylic wall lining for easy cleaning and a neat look. Choose from many different door options, like sliding, open-in or open-out, depending on your space and who will be using it.

 linear shower grate icon

These fit long drains and can go along walls or can even separate wet and dry areas in your bathroom. They can drain larger volumes of water faster, which makes them great for dual or large showers. Linear grates can come in a range of colours and patterns.

 point shower grate icon

More of an older style, these are a straight down small point in the middle of your shower floor.

 tile inset shower grate icon
Tile insert
Inserting your tile into your grate makes for a seamless look. Linear and point drains can have tile inserts.
[section_3_heading] More tips to get you going
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Lightbulb With Checkmark Symbol Icon

If you have kids
You may want a hob – a raised edge – to prevent water flooding the bathroom if kids cover or block the drain.

Tick Icon

If you want a dual or twin shower
You may need to run more pipes from the hot water system to the showers if you plan on using two at the same time without reduced pressure. One thing to consider is whether your hot water unit can service two showers at once.

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If you need grab rails or a ledge
Even if you don’t need these now, you might need them later. They’re great for kids and for people who require assisted living.

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Make sure there is a good water seal
Better quality shower screens will provide a better quality water seal. Frameless showers may leak water through the gaps between the glass and tiles unless a drip strip is added. High tile tray lips provide a good water seal.

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Check and measure your space
Some bathrooms, particularly in apartments, have a bulkhead, which lowers the ceiling height. Make
sure the shower or frame will fit.

Also make sure your shower screen is the correct size to ensure water doesn’t go everywhere. For example, single panel screens may be too short, so you may need an option that incorporates a door.

 Tick Icon

Incorporate glass protection
Some shower screens have add-on glass protection to reduce the build-up of soap scum and to make glass easier to clean. Some glass already has it incorporated. This is a worthwhile investment,
especially if you have hard water, because the extra minerals can build up on the screen. We also
recommend house filters, which provide filtered water for the whole house..

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Involve your tiler for frameless screens
Shower glass can be concealed directly into the wall without brackets, which looks great. The
fixtures that are required to do this, must be provided to your tiler before the tiling starts

Will a new shower head improve my shower pressure?

Gosh, where do we start? There are a few misconceptions about water pressure, and this is one of them. Pressure could be affected by anything from your tapware to a blocked drain to the vintage of your home and your plumbing. Sorry, it’s not a yes or no answer here.

If you’re having problems with water pressure, check in with your local plumber who can help identify the problem.

Can I have a tiled recess for soaps and shampoos?

Not for a one-piece enclosure, but otherwise, yes. As long as you consider it before the lining goes in. It will be too late once the walls are tiled.

Shower Buying Guide

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