Whether you’re planning your dream bathroom renovation or just thinking of making a few changes, it all begins with your budget. With so many design and style choices available, knowing what you want and what you want to spend will help with making all those big decisions. It will also help with making the small decisions too.
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“Don’t just guess what things will cost. Run your budget past the experts, including your tradies. That way, you can be sure you know what you’ll be up for and there is less chance of costs getting out of hand.”

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[first-block-title] Plan to budget
You know what you want your finished bathroom renovation to look like, and while you might feel inclined to dive in, it pays to budget time in your schedule upfront, to pause… and to understand the costs of bringing that dream to life.
Will your renovated bathroom have a freestanding bath or the more affordable back-to-wall option? It might not be either if you haven’t budgeted for them! A heated towel rail might be a must, but does your budget allow for the expense of bringing in an electrician?
You need to get detailed with your budget. Get quotes and itemise the cost of every item before you pick up that sledgehammer. Our showroom consultants can help you to seek the level of detail you need for your budget.
Plus, you must budget for unexpected costs that will likely occur, just because they always do.
As a guide, if you’re planning a low-cost bathroom, plan to spend $5,000 to $15,000. Standard bathrooms generally come in at $15,000 to $30,000. If you want the world, then $30,000+ is what you’ll need.
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[second-block-title] Budget range

The total cost of your renovation will depend on how much work you plan to do. Changing tapware and bathroom accessories will obviously cost a whole lot less than a full refit. When setting your budget, don’t lose sight of the reasons for the renovation. Are you dressing things up to improve
your sale price or are you designing the bathroom of your dreams?

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[section_1_heading] Choose products that suit your budget
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When it comes to picking products to suit your budget, there is a lot to consider. Here are some
thoughts to get you started – for more ideas, explore our buying guides here.

One piece Corner Vanity


The bathroom vanity might be the most expensive item in your bathroom, or it might not. A ready-made vanity can cost as little as $500, while a designer made-to-order vanity can cost $5000+. It’s worth splurging on a good vanity as it’s the focal point of your bathroom and can really set the
tone and style of the room.


All in one bathroom vanity combo icon 


Basins don’t just come in different shapes and sizes, they come in a huge variety of costs. A wood basin might be eye-catching and the price eye-opening, but you can find style can cost a whole lot less.

Bathroom mixer tap icon 

Basin tapware

Stepping away from chrome tapware into black, rose gold, brushed metal and even copper finishes will mean you need to step up your budget. Chrome is generally the most affordable

Built in bath icon


Drop-in baths are cheaper than freestanding baths, but drops-ins need to have framing and tiling added. Be sure to take these into account when comparing costs.

Wall mounted shower icon 

Showerhead and tapware 

Whether it starts or ends your day, splashing out on a large shower head can give you the kind of luxurious and immersive experience you deserve.

Dual shower icon   

Shower screen or enclosure

Save on tiling and installation time with a once-piece shower enclosure.

 Wall hung toilet icon


Close-coupled toilets aren’t just the most common, they’re the most affordable.

 Robe hook icon  

Bathroom accessories 

Don’t run the risk over over-accessorising! Wait to buy your accessories until your bathroom has taken shape.

[section_3_heading] More tips to get you going
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Make a plan and plan to stick to it
You set your path and your budget at the start of your renovation project. Don’t be tempted to deviate from it mid-way through – it could cost you dearly if you do.

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Try to work with the layout you have
This can save you big dollars. Once you start to move plumbing and power, it can cost you the earth.

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Be a one-stop shopper
Find a bathroom supplier you trust and choose everything from them. It not only ensures all your products come together to create the look you want, it can offer you the opportunity to save on costs. Choose us, and our showroom consultants can also help you to effectively manage your budget, minimising the risk of blowing it mid-renovation!

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A safer and more sensible alternative to DIY is DI(WYC)Y – in other words, Do It (What You Can) Yourself. However, there are always things that are best left to licenced tradies, otherwise you risk breaking local building laws and voiding your warranty… and no one wants that.

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Get the right tradies for your job
There’s nothing like a recommendation when it comes to choosing your tradies for your bathroom renovation, but make sure you shop around. You’ll find it pays to get more than one quote – and that’s not to say the cheapest is the one you should go with – check their credentials too. The right decisions at the beginning will preserve your budget and save you in the end.

Can I improve my dated bathroom on a budget of $5000?

Yes. Absolutely. If everything in your bathroom is functioning perfectly well and it’s just about looks, new taps and a new vanity, and possibly even a new toilet will fit into your budget, and can make a world of difference to how your bathroom looks.

How do I choose a look that I won’t need to budget to change anytime soon?

Keep things simple and choose traditional styles over on-trend pieces. This decision will probably be easier on your budget now and will keep your ‘look’ current for longer.

How long will I wait if a product is out of stock?

It depends on the product and whether it’s a standard line or made to order. However, our established relationships with leading Australian and global suppliers means it happens in the shortest possible time. For example, Raymor and Oliveri products are generally delivered within 3 days (metro) or 7 days (regional) as part of our Showroom Customer Service promises.

Can I view my products before purchasing?

With over 100 showrooms Australia wide, we have thousands of products on display and our showroom consultants are here to inspire your product selection.

Planning Your Bathroom Renovation Budget Products

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Planning Your Bathroom Renovation Budget | Buying Guide
Planning Your Bathroom Renovation Budget