Bathroom accessories are the pièce de résistance of your bathroom. The important finishing touch. That might sound OTT, but no bathroom looks good with towels on the floor. These finishing touches are the final link between function and form in your bathroom.

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“If you have a large family, you’ll need multiple towel rails. Style them up and stagger them to create a feature on your wall. And make sure the colour matches with other products displayed in your bathroom, like tapware for example.”

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[first-block-title] How to complete the look with accessories

Now that you’re down to the finishing touches of bathroom accessories, it’s no time to drop the towel. These are still important decisions. Let’s start with this: what do you need and where do you need it?

The easiest thing is to choose your accessories last and buy from one range. Most brands have accessories that match their shower and tapware ranges, which saves you from decision fatigue.

If you dare to be different, our showroom consultants still recommend you aim to keep a consistent look with colours and shapes that match your other bathroom products.

They might also ask you what size towel you use. It’s not a weird competitive thing, it’s just that a large towel deserves a large towel rail, so it can be aired and dried more efficiently.

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[second-block-title] Bathroom accessories product range

Our bathroom range is intended to improve your bathroom in both style and use. We have traditional curvy accessories with chrome finishes, through to contemporary straight-line accessories in matte black. Choose a thick, solid look or a slimline appeal. Go for round or square or that softened in-between look. With a huge range, we will have something to perfectly go with your bathroom theme.

Colours and finishes
Most bathroom accessories have a stainless steel or solid metal construction with different finishes, like polished chrome (most common), brushed nickel (luxurious) and matte black (bold and contemporary). Plastic accessories are available but won’t last long and will quickly look dated or tacky. Some accessories, like shelves, might have glass for a fresh modern look.

Do your research about quality. You’d be surprised how sturdy your bathroom accessories need to be – they’re a high-use item, often being pulled at, bumped and leant on. But, that doesn’t mean you have to pay more. Feel free to ask our showroom consultants if you want more advice on
choosing quality accessories within your budget.

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[section_1_heading] Product Variations
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Towel rail icon
Towel rails
Available in single or double style and heated or non-heated.
Double towel racks jut out further than single towel rails, so make sure they won’t get in the way.
Heated towel rails can come with timers for the most optimal use. They can either be hardwired in or just plugged into a power point.
Don’t forget hand towel rails, especially for bathrooms which are used by guests.



Soap dish icon
Soap dishes or recesses
Recessed soap dishes/shelves are built into your wall and you will need to plan ahead and let your builder and/or tiler know.
Other soap dishes can be easily added after the tiling or painting.
Some are even built into the groove of a basin, meaning there’s no need to buy one!


Robe hook icon
Robe hooks
Don’t be limited by the name. These can also double as towel hooks if you’re limited for space. Make sure you consider the placement of your robe hooks to be close to the shower or bath so you’re not running across your bathroom to get to your towel.


Tissue Roll Holder icon
Toilet roll holders
Toilet roll holders are real workhorses so don’t be tempted to cut corners here – choose one that is designed to securely hold your roll and is constructed well to deliver a lifetime of trouble-free service.


Drains wastes vent icon
Tap drains and wastes (for basins and showers)
These are often overlooked but are an important bathroom accessory. Upgrade standard inclusions for something that matches your other accessories and completes the look.
Bottle traps also come in a range of stylish colours and designs – important for a finished look with wall basins.


[section_3_heading] More tips to get you going
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Know what you need
Before you start shopping, know what you need. The robe hooks that match the towel rail you love might look great, but do you have room for them?
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Think about the surrounding space
Will you be able to open all draws and cupboards on your vanity if you put your towel rail there? How about the shower door – will it swing open without bumping the soap dish?
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Remember the primary functions
Whether it’s meant to hang something or hold something, make sure the bathroom accessories you choose not only look great, they adequately perform the function they’re intended for.


Lightbulb With Checkmark Symbol Icon
Quality counts
Bathroom accessories are the workhorse of your bathroom so check you are buying from a quality manufacturer if you want your accessories to reward you with a long life. Look out for how many fixing points an accessory has to fix it to the wall. The more fixing points, the sturdier the accessory will hold to the wall.


Tick Icon
If you’re renovating
Even just upgrading accessories is a great makeover for your bathroom. Make sure your new accessories utilise existing screws or at least cover existing holes or marks.


Do I have to screw towel rails and toilet roll holders into the wall?

Most likely. You may have heard of accessories with suction caps, which are convenient; however, for the best quality and the neatest look, we sell accessories that should be permanently secured.

Do accessories come with a warranty?

Yes. Warranty terms and conditions will vary between brands and products.

Do you have it in stock?

We try to keep as much of our current range in stock as possible. But if not, with over 200 branches
nationally, we’ll do our best to get it for you as soon as possible.

Bathroom Accessory Buying Guide

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