220L Heat Pump 1.43kW

by Stiebel Eltron

Product Code: 138796

220L Heat Pump 1.43kW [138796]
  • 220L Heat Pump 1.43kW [138796]
  • 220L Heat Pump 1.43kW [138796]

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Product Information

Product Information

The WWK 222 is a compact air water heat pump designed specifically for outdoor installation (heat pump unit and cylinder made from steel, with a special enamel coating on the inside, and installed in one casing) for supplying DHW to several draw-off points (detached or two-family houses). Naturally, it can also be used for indoor installation. Attractive design, cylinder with high grade thermal insulation and outstanding efficiency/COP values. Compressor sound-insulated from the air stream for very quiet operation. This heat pump is also equipped as standard with an integral emergency booster heater. Very compact and space efficient design. It meets the requirements of the very demanding XL draw-off profile to EN 16147 and achieves top ratings according to the energy efficiency classes for DHW heat pumps applicable from September 2015. DHW temperature preset to 62 degree C in efficient heat pump operation. Highest quality standard. Use of particularly high quality components, such as a Rollbond safety condenser for maximum reliability and permanently high efficiency, and a maintenance-free impressed current anode, likewise for maximum reliability and cost savings for users due to elimination of the need for regular anode checks/replacement. The appliances are also equipped as standard with a battery buffer for the impressed current anode in the case of unplanned power outages in the public supply network.

Features and benefits

  • DHW heat pump
  • Suitable for outdoor installation (from -5 deg C up to 42 deg C)
  • High DHW convenience combined with smallest appliance dimensions
  • Hygienic DHW temperature of > 60 deg C in efficient heat pump mode only
  • Quiet compressor, sound-isolated from the air flow
  • Heat content control via integral sensor
  • Rollbond safety condenser for maximum security and consistently high efficiency
  • Maintenance-free impressed current anode (saves costs for anode checking/replacement otherwise required regularly), as well as integral electric emergency/booster heater included as standard
Product Specification
  • Width


  • Height


  • Power Requirements

    220-240V 1.43kW 50/60Hz

  • OHS


  • Manufacturer Part Number (MPN)



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