Basins can be a stunning feature in your bathroom. They’re also a practical necessity – something you look at and use multiple times a day. You might be surprised by the number of styles and features to choose from in basins. Choose wisely. The small details make a big difference.

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Going with a particular style? Be mindful of matching styles and shapes. No-one likes a mismatched bathroom! 

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[first-block-title] Everything including the bathroom basin
We asked our showroom consultants what they needed to know to help customers find the perfect basin. They gave us 14 points. Fourteen! This goes to show how important a decision your bathroom basin is. We won’t go through all 14 now (sorry to disappoint), but if we picked the most important ones, it would be: know your style, know your measurements, know your tap configuration, know what you’re coordinating it with, and know who’s using it to do what.
Makeup can stain basins. Kids struggle to reach high basins. Your favourite basin and favourite tapware aren’t always a match made in heaven. These things can affect your decision. On the bright side, basins are a real statement piece in bathrooms. Finding the right one is very satisfying.
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[first-block-image2] White wall-hung rectangle wash basin with ample counter space
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[second-block-title] Basin product range
Our basin range gives you a selection of shapes, colours, sizes, materials and types, all with their own pros and cons. If you’re going for a certain theme, or if you’re limited by space, you won’t be short of options.
Countertop basins are very popular these days. Many customers ask if they can replace their inset basin with a countertop one. They are both very different styles and it might not be that simple. Basins and vanities go hand-in-hand and you get the best results when you buy them in partnership. With our range, you’re sure to find the right fit.
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[section_1_heading] Know what you need
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One Piece Countertop Basin Icon

Boldly positioned above the counter or vanity, these create a wonderful centrepiece or statement in your bathroom. This style of basin will need wall-mounted or tall/tower basin mixers. Be mindful of how the basin would sit when combined with your benchtop or vanity. You don’t want it too high for
shorter users.


Undermount bathroom sink icon

This is a basin that is installed under a countertop for a very neat, classic look. It can be easy to wipe down the bench with undermount basins, but some users find the silicone seal hard to keep clean – especially if not properly installed. You will need to work with your tradies to cut the exact shape out
from your countertop. Undermount basins are usually only supported by stone or solid countertops, not laminate.

Self-rimming bathroom sink icon 


Similar to the undercounter, self-rimming basins will be installed into the countertop. The key
difference is the higher profile rim along the top. Self-rimming basins are also installed from above, as opposed to the under-counter, which is installed from below. This style of basin is easier than the under-counter basin to change without causing issues for the countertop.

Semi recessed bathroom sink icon 

Semi-recessed basins are installed partly into the counter with part of the basin protruding to the
front of the benchtop. This is a good solution where you have limited bench space, allowing a
relatively large basin to be installed on a smaller counter. Like the self-rimming and under-counter, a space will need to be cut out from the counter to the exact dimensions of the basin.

Inset wash basin icon   


Inset basins are partially mounted into the counter with the majority visible at the top. This allows
space for storage under the counter or vanity.

 Wall Hung Basin Icon  

These basins hang off the wall in your bathroom. This works well with minimalist style or smaller bathrooms. Just keep in mind, you will likely need additional structural support in the wall to hold the weight of the basin. They also work best if your wastewater goes to the wall, not the floor.

Pedestal bathroom sink icon   

This style of basin is perfect for smaller bathrooms where there is no need for storage. The plumbing is concealed in the pedestal.

 All in one bathroom vanity combo icon

Many customers choose to buy a vanity with a basin already included. See our extensive vanity

[section_3_heading] Some tips to get you going
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Choose the right material for you
Most basins are made from china, cast bronze, brass, glass, composite stone, and quarry cast. These days even timber basins are available. Ceramic and acrylic are inexpensive and practical. There are pros and cons for each material. For example, makeup can stain some basins. Others may give you a contemporary look but are not durable. Research your options against your needs.

For a quick bathroom makeover
The most important thing is to know the size of the cut-out in your vanity and the location of your
wastewater pipe and tap configurations.

Also, get the proportions right. You don’t want an enormous basin on a small vanity. You also don’t want a tiny basin on a large vanity.


Lightbulb With Checkmark Symbol Icon

For a renovation
This may be an opportunity to change things around – to switch from an inset basin with three-piece tapware to a countertop vessel with wall-mounted tapware. Talk to your plumber about your options as you may need to change some plumbing at a cost.

If you’re building
It’s tempting to search wide and pick only the things you like best. But, aim to match your basin with your bath or other features. When it comes to colour, one supplier’s shade of white is different to another supplier’s. If they’re different, they can look very strange (and disappointing) when side by side in the one room. That’s why we recommend sticking with the same manufacturer.

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If you want more bench space
Consider positioning your basin to the side rather than putting it right in the centre - subject to your
vanity and plumbing.


Match your waste to your taps
You get a waste fitting as standard with most basins, but it may not match your taps. This small attention to detail can make a big difference to the cohesive design of your bathroom colouring.
Wastes, traps and overflow rings are available with different finishes and colours.

Can I install a new basin myself?

People try, especially with above-counter basins. To avoid any DIY disasters, we always recommend you use a licensed plumber.

What is the most durable material?

Basins can suffer a lot of wear and tear. Ceramic, porcelain and virtuous china will withstand the most and are easy to clean.

Do I have to replace my whole vanity for a new basin?

There are lots of variables here. You may be able to replace just the basin. If you have an all-in-one sink and vanity, you may need to replace the whole lot, but that doesn’t mean you need to choose another all-in-one. You may want a custom bench and separate basin. You may wish to do away with
a vanity altogether and opt for a wall-mounted basin.

Bathroom Basin Buying Guide

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