Electric Solar Bottom Element with 25 Tubes Vitreous Enamel Tank 250L 3.6kW

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Product Information

Product Information

Evacuated Tube Solar Systems consist of a ground mounted storage tank that is installed separately to the tubes mounted on the roof. A solar control unit ensures water circulates between the tank and the header across the top of the tubes.

Features and benefits

  • A range of storage capacities from 175L to 315L|Available with electric boost or continuous flow gas boost|Minimal impact on the aesthetics of your roofline|No need to reinforce the roof structure|Frost tolerant for temperatures down to -12 deg C|Solar collectors available in 20, 25 or 30 tube configurations|A sacrificial anode is provided in the tank for added protection|15 year warranty on the solar collectors|5 year warranty on the storage tanks
Product Specification
  • Warranty

    10 Years cylinder 3 Years labour cylinder 15 Years collector 1 Year parts 1 Year labour Please refer to for more information

  • Maintenance and Care Instructions

    Recommended service at least every 3 Years. 1st Care is our registered service provider.Ph: 13 43 73.Web:

  • Weight


  • Product Capacity Size


  • Element Size


  • Inclusions

    25 Tubes

  • SEO Description

    Electric Solar Bottom Element with 25 Tubes Vitreous Enamel Tank 250L 3.6kW

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