Scared of Using Colour?

It’s easy to stick to “safer” colours when designing your home due to a fear of making the wrong choice, however this can be a lost opportunity. Add a degree of vibrancy, contrast and visual harmony which may be lacking in your home. While unfortunately large pastel kitchen appliances have fallen out of fashion since the 50s, any modern home can benefit from a pop of colour.

The colour of a person’s surroundings can have a marked effect on their mood, which has given rise to the growing movement of “colour therapy”, focusing on the relation between colour and emotion. So just like you design your home to be comfortable, plan your colour scheme in a way that will suit the look and mood of your space.

Interior design is an effective way to create a sense of balance in your home, green being a colour commonly associated with renewal. Working effectively as both an accent of colour in bathroom fixtures, and as the primary colour in a room when used on cabinets. The versatility of this colour comes from the wide variety of greens we see every day in the natural world, which makes it especially effective for creating a sense of nature within your home. The use of plants (real or fake) helps enhance this look, bringing in an element of the outdoors.

The colour red is most commonly associated with passion, an eye-catching colour with strong associations, it commonly works best as an accent colour which serves to give a spark of life to the room. A basin or mixer are fantastic options for incorporating red into your room, providing that small yet eye-catching flash of colour.

To establish a sense of calm and tranquillity, blue is an obvious choice due to its association with water. As the most popular colour in many countries across the world, blue is a fantastic choice as the primary colour for decorating your space. Not only does blue create a calming environment but works well as a more reserved base colour which you can build upon by adding stronger accents.

While we hope this advice helps you, the most important part of choosing your home’s colour scheme is deciding on something you are happy with. We recommend looking at our wide range of colourful options available for showers, taps, basins and more. You might just find something that sparks your creativity and gives you an idea for how to add that flash of colour.